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13th June 2019
GMLPC Weekly Highlights
As an LPC we are always working to raise the profile of Community Pharmacy and one such way is actively engaging with local MPs to arrange visits. We are pleased to confirm that this week we were contacted by Kate Green MP and she is keen to come along and visit a pharmacy in the Stretford / Urmston locality in the very near future! If you would like to be involved and are in this locality please let us know at

We have two events running this month via our Greater Manchester Healthcare Academy (GMHCA) we have promoted this event in the GMHCA newsletter (if you haven’t subscribed to this, you need to!) . We can not encourage our Pharmacies enough to engage in these training events. GMHCA runs session for the whole pharmacy team to learn and develop as one, come along, take away some health campaign support materials and resources to help you and then maybe enjoy a buffet!

We have been busy meeting commissioners in Rochdale and Bury this week,  refreshing outdated service specifications  and working on new service opportunities.

In addition we would like to highlight that we have updated both the Salford and Rochdale service areas of the LPC website this week, as part of our website refresh work.

We have had some referrals around potential  Prescription Direction to the LPC this week, we would therefore like to take this opportunity to remind our Pharmacy contractors that we have support materials on this subject matter on our website

PCNs in Greater Manchester –
Our local challenges – Neighbourhood and PCNs – Part 3


With Devolution, Greater Manchester has been given the opportunity to identify its own needs and allocate its own devolved funding and resources to meet the needs of our local population.
Our Healthcare system has become significantly advanced with refreshing new structures and integrated working models being implemented that ensure we really are delivering patient centred care, in the right settings and at the right time. We have seen professions come together to improve patient outcomes and experiences and we have seen some real success stories across Greater Manchester.
Over the past 12 – 18 months we have seen the emergence of ‘Neighbourhood’ working across all our localities. Localities have approached this slightly differently dependent upon demographics etc but on the whole localities have been broken down in to ‘Neighbourhood’ footprints each working to a 30,000 – 50,000 population. To date these Neighbourhoods have been managed by our GP colleagues and in recent months, wider Primary care and community-based services have been integrating within these structures, to create a multi-disciplinary team approach to the delivery of patient care.
As an LPC we have been working hard mapping our Community Pharmacies to existing Neighbourhood structures, and  we are working closely with our GP colleagues to see how these align with the 62 (approximate) Primary Care networks, we want to work with you to ensure Community Pharmacy is in a position to embrace the change by facilitating the formation of Community Pharmacy networks. The importance of this is highlighted in the ‘hot of press’ DES  (Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service) section 8.1
‘PCNs will increasingly need to work with other non-GP providers, as part of collaborative primary care networks, in order to offer their local populations more personalised, coordinated health and social care.
To support this, the Network Contract DES will be amended from 2020/21 to include collaboration with non-GP providers as a requirement. The Network Agreement will be the formal basis for working with other non-GP providers and community based organisations. Commissioners should consider how other services could be aligned with the PCN footprints in future.’

Part 4:Next week we will update you on how we are going to do this!

To see part 1-2 see links below:
Part 1
Part 2

Additional PCN information and support:

NHS England
NHS England is supporting the development of PCNs with a series of webinars. There next webinar  ‘working with pharmacy’ will be held on the  18th June, 3pm-4pm, and we would encourage you to tune in. You can find a full list of all the PCN webinar dates here.

With the emergence and ongoing development of Primary Care Networks, it is increasingly important for GP and community pharmacy teams to understand each other’s profession and the roles they undertake. To support both professions, PSNC has recently updated The community pharmacy – A guide for general practitioners and practice staff­ and is working in collaborating with the British Medical Association’s General Practitioners Committee (BMA GPC) to promote this useful resource among the GP and pharmacy professions. So please do take the time to take a look.
Important Notifications

Epanutin (phenytoin) 30mg/5ml oral suspension

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has advised that Pfizer expect that Epanutin (phenytoin) 30mg/5ml oral suspension will be out of stock from w/c 10th June for 6-8 weeks.

The Canadian brand of Epanutin® ‘Dilantin-30’ is equivalent to Epanutin 30mg/5ml oral suspension and supplies are available on an ‘unlicensed’ basis.
If an unlicensed medicine is being supplied the prescriber must be notified.

Different formulations of phenytoin (other than Dilantin 30mg/5ml oral suspension) are not interchangeable and if patients are switched to anything other than ‘Dilantin (phenytoin) 30mg/5ml oral suspension’ careful management of switching and monitoring is required

NHS Prescription Services Pharmacy Survey 2019/20

NHS Prescription Services are conducting a satisfaction survey seeking feedback from pharmacies on:
- prescriptions and payments
- the Information Services Portal
- Manage Your Service
- webpages information and other forms of communication
- overall satisfaction
Questions in this survey will be relevant to responsible pharmacists and it is important that we receive as many responses as possible so please complete the survey before it closes at 11pm on Monday 24 June 2019.

Click here to start the survey
Locality news: what's happening in your area

Manchester: PNA Survey 

There is still time for Manchester contractors to complete the survey that will inform the locality’s Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment for the next three years by providing information about what services are currently provided where. The survey now closes on 30th June

We would strongly encourage all Manchester contractors to complete the survey, which only takes 10 minutes It’s vital that the PNA is based on accurate information about what pharmacy services are currently available in Manchester, as it will strongly influence commissioning and decisions on pharmacy applications for the next three years.


June Events - Book your place now!

In the month of June the GM Healthcare Academy have organised the following events for our Greater Manchester community pharmacy contractors and their teams. Make the most of these opportunities.

Eye Health – Thursday 20th June

Greater Manchester Healthcare Academy is hosting a session at Hough End, Manchester, for improving your knowledge around eye health and how you can optimise this area within your pharmacy.

We will be covering an update on glaucoma and dry eye disease including recommendation of drops over the counter. This event is open to the whole pharmacy team and will be a great way to upskill yourselves. There will also be information on referral pathways for certain eye conditions that can be used within the pharmacy.
Click here to book.


Your Team - a valuable resource! & Breast Cancer awareness – Wednesday 26th June, The Royal Toby Hotel, Rochdale

This is a double training session. 

One part is for the pharmacist / pharmacy manager and one part is for pharmacy team members. 

 The session “Your team – A Valuable Resource!” for the pharmacist

Pharmacy is changing over the next few years with potentially a new contract, and new ways of working with Primary Care Networks. GMHCA is delivering this session to help you coach and develop your pharmacy team to maximise their potential and enable your pharmacy to excel in the new climate!

 The session will cover

  • Key skills in basic coaching
  • Supporting and developing your team to increase employee satisfaction and retention
  • How good staff retention can drive patient loyalty
  • How to improve workflow
  • Utilising your team within certain activities
  • Models to help you develop your ultimate ‘dream team’
  • Role play opportunities to practice the skills learnt

Recognising the value of your staff and maximising their potential is also good for business and can improve your bottom line!

The Session for wider pharmacy team members - Breast Cancer Campaign Support

There is also a separate session running along side the above for pharmacy team members around breast cancer awareness and looking at how you can support the campaign. 

The training will:

  • Outline how patient can access screening
  • Provide information on self-check assessments to identify
  • Identify signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer
  • Identify risk factors for developing Breast Cancer

You will also be given hints, tips and ideas on how to engage and promote the Breast Cancer campaign, raise awareness of disease and prevalence rate of Breast Cancer in Greater Manchester, and the importance of self-checking, recognising changes and consulting the GP if worried.

Click here to book places for the whole pharmacy team.

Flu Vaccination Training – 12th and 30th June

£95 + VAT including PGD

CPGM Healthcare Ltd (CHL) have arranged a fantastic and competitively priced training package with ECG and PharmDoctor to enable pharmacists in Greater Manchester to provide the NHS national flu service and a private flu service.

There are 2 sessions available:

  • Sunday 30th June 2019, 08:30 - 13:00, Stanley House Function Rooms, Audenshaw, Manchester. Book online
  • Sunday 30th June 2019, 13:30- 18:00, Stanley House Function Rooms, Audenshaw, Manchester. Book online

For more details click here.

External Training, Events and Information

CPPE: Greater Manchester events from April to September 2019

GMLPC actively supports and promotes CPPE’s events, please find details below. CPPE has published its events calendar for April to September 2019 so you can see what learning & development opportunities they are offering this year.

PSNC: Schedule of Payments webinar

PSNC and the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) will be holding a Schedule of Payments webinar on Tuesday 11th June at 7.30pm. Book your place here now.

Stockport: Osteoarthritis Workshop

There is an Osteoarthritis workshop at Heatons Sports Club on Wednesday 10th July at 2pm. For more information please see this poster.
Please display this in your pharmacy if you feel it may benefit your patients.


Community pharmacists: take advantage of fully funded postgraduate courses

PSNC have published a news story to highlight opportunities for pharmacy teams to access a number of funded postgraduate courses: Please view here.

The Independent Pharmacy Awards

The Independent Pharmacy Awards rewards the best in UK independent pharmacy, and requires entrants to submit their information online on this dedicated page:


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CCA / Multiples: Contractors from large or small multiples should always check with their line manager or head office before acting on advice or booking training.
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