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Weekly Bulletin
Issue: 24
Date:22nd March 2017
This week's topics:
  • GMLPC webinar - THIS MONDAY - 27th March 2017
  • Quality Payments Tip Guide - Dementia Friends
  • Judicial Review
  • Trafford Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment - Consultation
  • Pharmacy Voice to close
  • Clinical governance deadline
  • MUR/NMS quarterly submission
  • CPPE new learning campaign and e-learning programme
  • NUMSAS slides now available
  • SCR calculator to help with Quality Payments
  • Pharmacy technicians: your chance to shine in APTUK awards!
  • Wigan: Locality lead - Bruce Prentice
  • Wigan: Have your say on new sexual health proposals
  • Manchester news and alerts
  • North Manchester eRD Project - New training date
  • Salford: PharmOutcomes rollout
  • Salford opportunity: extension to public health services
  • Rochdale EPS Go Live Date
  • Pharmacy First Bury and HMR
Sign up for the Quality Payments webinar you can’t afford to miss! 
THIS MONDAY - 27th March 7.30pm

Join us at 7.30pm this Monday (27th Mar) for a webinar full of practical tips designed for busy contractors to help you make sure you get your Quality Payments (QP). GM LPC’s Sarah Wood and Fin Mc Caul will focus on what QP means and how you can embed it into your everyday practice, including activities that will make it as smooth as possible in your pharmacy. The content has been designed specifically for Greater Manchester pharmacies, and will complement the PSNC’s recent webinar (not duplicate it). We’ve designed it to cover key areas Greater Manchester pharmacies mentioned in our recent survey, including the difficulty of finding time for QP, asthma referrals etc.

You’ll learn:

  • The benefits of QP to you and your business
  • How to embed Quality Payments work into everyday practice
  • How to qualify for the points as smoothly as possible

Most pharmacies can’t afford to lose out on Quality Payments – join us for this webinar to learn how to do it as painlessly as possible! 

Sign up here.
The webinar will run from 7.30pm-8.30pm (Mon 27th Mar) and will include time for questions and discussion. 

If you missed the PSNC’s update webinar (16th Mar), which covered how to meet each of the Quality Payments criteria and the self-declaration process, then you can watch a recorded version here.

GMLPC Quality Payments Tip Guide
This weeks GMLPC Quality Payments tip guide is focussing on Dementia Friends. It is available on our website here.

Judicial Review

The Judicial Review hearing has now started and yesterday Alison Foster QC, representing PSNC, begun her opening, which is based on the skeleton argument available to read in full on the PSNC website:

Mr Justice Collins is hearing the case, in Court 2 of the High Court. Our case and the NPA's case will be heard as a rolled up hearing. The hearing will recommence at 10.30am today.

Trafford Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

Trafford Council have extended the 2017 Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) consultation period to 2nd May 2017 to ensure it meets the required 60-day period.

Trafford’s Health and Wellbeing Board has a legal duty to hold a consultation on its PNA (presented to the Board in January 2017) and Trafford Council is managing this consultation on behalf of the Board. The LPC will be providing comment on the draft PNA but as a contactor you too can submit your feedback. Please send all comments and amendments to Vimi Jhatakia at by 2nd May.

The consultation will run from 3rd March 2017 until 2nd May 2017 and the documents can be found here:

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment and Appendices:

All findings and comments will be summarised for the final Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment document.

Eleanor Roaf, Interim Director of Public Health, would like to thank you in advance for your views.

NOTE: The correct consultation dates are 3rd March to 2nd May. Please ignore any other dates listed for the consultation (e.g. on the draft PNA or SurveyMonkey.)

Pharmacy Voice to close

Pharmacy Voice has announced that it plans to close, following NPA’s decision to withdraw. It will hand its responsibilities back to its constituent members – NPA, CCA and AIMp – by April. This statement from Pharmacy Voice explains more.

Clinical governance deadline (31st March)

Don’t forget the 31st March is the deadline for completing the 2016/17 Information Governance Toolkit, publishing the results of the Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire, and carrying out your clinical audits. Pharmacies also need to publish a complaints report for the year as soon as possible after 31st March. Read more.

Medicines Use Review (MUR)/New Medicine Service (NMS) quarterly submission

NHS England is notifying contractors of the change to the way in which this data is to be submitted. The NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) will be managing the submission process for pharmacies in Greater Manchester effective of Jan 2017. Therefore your quarterly reports should no longer be submitted to

Pharmacies will have two electronic options for submitting the data, this new process will start with the third quarter (October – December) which you are expected to submit in January.   The NHS BSA will be contacting your pharmacy via email in the coming days/weeks to provide you with further details on the process.

Currently there is information on the changes and report templates on the BSA website. The link below contains all of the user guidance needed to submit the MUR/NMS information.

NHS England suggests that Contractors regularly access their emails for the information so that the specified deadlines are not missed.

Please note submission of the MUR/NMS activity data on a quarterly basis is an ongoing requirement of your Terms of Service (ToS).

CPPE launch new learning campaign and e-learning programme

Learning disabilities learning campaign
This learning campaign will challenge pharmacy professionals to ensure they are in a position to engage confidently in consultations with people with a learning disability.
Over the six weeks of the campaign there will be weekly challenges, including a new e-challenge and distance learning programme, which CPPE will post to every GPhC registered pharmacy professional in England this month. A Facebook Live chat with experts in the field will also take place on 11 April 2017 at:

CPPE’s website will have further information throughout the campaign, where pharmacy professionals can sign up to complete the challenges at:

Consulting with people with physical disabilities e-learning programme

The programme considers the key skills and behaviours pharmacy professionals can adopt to ensure a patient-centred approach when consulting with people with a physical disability.
There is a focus on sight loss, hearing loss and mobility problems, and the programme looks at ways learners can prepare for and conduct a successful consultation.
The e-learning looks at skills and behaviours following the Calgary-Cambridge guide and helps put the consultation into context by considering how these skills and behaviours should be adapted to make the consultation a success.
Access the e-learning now on the CPPE website:

GM Pharmacy Contact Sheet now available

GMLPC have created a GM Pharmacy contact sheet which is pre populated with GM specific contact information and has spaces for you to input your pharmacy specific information. It can be downloaded from our website:
GM Pharmacy contact sheet colour
GM Pharmacy contact sheet BW

NUMSAS Slides now available

The slides from the contractor briefing: NUMSAS & other service updates, which was held on Monday 6 March are now available on the GMLPC website.
SCR calculator to help with Quality Payments
NHS Digital has published the Summary Care Record (SCR) usage calculator tool, as referenced in NHS England's quality criteria guidance.

The SCR calculator has been created to assist community pharmacy contractors in monitoring and increasing their SCR usage to meet the SCR quality criterion, which requires contractors to be able to demonstrate on the day of the review, a total increase in access to SCR from period 1 (Monday 27th June 2016 to Sunday 27th November 2016) to period 2 (Monday 28th November 2016 to Sunday 30th April 2017). The calculator will show the number of times a pharmacy has viewed the SCR in period 1 and period 2.

Learn more about the calculator and how you can access it at:

Pharmacy technicians: your chance to shine in APTUK awards!

There are fantastic pharmacy technicians in Greater Manchester who really deserve awards and recognition. The APTUK/AAH awards are pharmacy techs’ chance to shine and there are four categories: Outstanding Contribution; Leadership; Innovation; and Patient Safety. The closing date is 24th April so if you’ve got stars in your pharmacy (or are a star technician yourself), don’t be shy! Get those entries in and find out more at

Useful Links
GMLPC Website


Pharmacy Voice



Public Health England

Devolution Manchester


EPS tracker guide

Specialist Pharmacy services

RA Team Contacts
If you need help regarding EPs / Smartcards please see here for a list of contacts.
Out of Stock Reporting Tool
If you have any out of stock please report via this link
Locality news: what's happening in individual areas

      Wigan : Locality Lead - Bruce Prentice 


Name: Bruce Prentice  
Role: Locality Lead for Wigan
Qualified: MRPharmS (Hons), Heriot Watt University, 2003
Represents: Independent
Contact: 0771 442 4343

About Bruce:

Bruce has more than 30 years’ experience as an independent contractor and superintendent, combining extensive grassroots experience with management skills developed as a senior project manager. He is a former LPC Secretary who represented contractors while developing innovative projects so contractors were fully-funded to provide enhanced services.

Bruce is also a Director of CHL (CPGM Healthcare Limited), the Greater Manchester pharmacy provider company established to develop and secure opportunities for all contractors. He enjoys working with commissioners to develop new models of care that offer community pharmacies opportunities to provide well-funded innovative services to improve patient care and has extensive experience in clinical leadership and project management, both within and outside of the NHS. Bruce is keen to ensure that individual localities, including Wigan (which he represents), are well supported within the new Greater Manchester LPC structure. He loves a challenge and says he has a positive, forward-thinking approach and outlook.

Areas of special interest / expertise:

  • Minor Ailment Service
  • Stop Smoking Service
  • Supervised Consumption
  • Emergency Hormonal Contraception
  • NHS Health Checks
  • Transfer of Care Schemes

Other relevant roles:

  • Clinical Advisor, NHS England
  • Project Manager, Cheshire and Merseyside
  • Director, Bruce Prentice Ltd
Wigan: Have your say on new sexual health proposals

Wigan Council is now seeking people’s views on a new model for sexual health services in the borough, and is keen to hear what local pharmacies think. The consultation runs until 19th April.
The proposed new model has been developed following feedback from the first phase of the consultation in December and January where people gave their views on existing services and opportunities for new ones.
Read about the new model and take part in the current consultation here until 19th April. Follow the link on the right-hand side of that page to complete the consultation survey.
You can read what people said in phase one here.
If you have any queries or would like to speak to someone about the consultation, contact Charlotte Bracher on or 01942 487957.

Manchester News and Alerts

Please be aware of 3 recent changes in Manchester’s Safeguarding Children’s process (March 2017):

  1. Safeguarding Children’s Referral Form: The children’s safeguarding referral form has been updated. Please ensure you delete the old one if you have saved a copy. This is the new one, along with guidance to support completion of this referral form.
  2. Early Help Hubs Referral Form: There is a now a new referral form to be used when referring families for Early Help in Manchester. This is designed mainly for GP practices but may be of relevance.
  3. Manchester’s Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) is now operating a consultation line for partner agencies to call – the new number is 0161 219 2895. This will enable agencies prior to considering making a referral to discuss any concerns they may have for a child with a senior social worker within the MASH . The social worker will reference the Levels of Need Framework and, where the threshold for social work intervention is not met, the social worker will be able to have an informed discussion with the referrer and, where appropriate, advise that an Early Help Assessment is undertaken or direct the professional to the local Early Help Hub.

Manchester Area Prescribing Committee Blood Glucose Meters: There has been a formulary update for type 2 diabetes patients only. This recommends that patients are switched to the following meters once they have used up their current

  • Ascensia – Contour Black Edition

Seven-day Prescriptions: The Manchester CCGs ‘7 day’ prescription policy is now available.

Kwells: As you’re probably aware there are supply issues with Kwells. Our mental health team often prescribe these for patients on Clozapine. If you have patients that you can’t supply to, please contact the prescriber who will prescribe an alternative.

North Manchester: Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) Project 
North Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Greater Manchester Local Pharmaceutical Committee (GM LPC) are working in collaboration to deliver an Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) Project across North Manchester.
The project proposes to support the wider health system through better use of the community pharmacy network using the Electronic Prescription Service as part of Repeat Dispensing. Increased use of electronic repeat dispensing can reduce waste; and save money and time for the CCG, GP practice and community pharmacy.
There are 36 GP practices in North Manchester which are all EPS live and they are surrounded by EPS live community pharmacies that are equipped to support the repeat prescribing process using this system. The 52 pharmacies in North Manchester are situated in high-street locations; in supermarkets; and in residential neighbourhoods that are easily accessible; many of which are open for extended hours up to seven days a week.
Two training events for community pharmacies have taken place already in February 2017 and we are putting on a final training event for Tuesday 18th April for those pharmacies that didn't and couldn't attend the previous events. 
The project will be rolled out in the next few weeks and we highly recommend those pharmacies who couldn't make the previous  events to make every effort to attend. We will be visiting all the GP practices in North Manchester over the next few months and need your support in identifying suitable, eligible patients to be switched to eRD. We believe this will be beneficial for everyone including the patients and will allow you better control of your repeat prescriptions; more opportunity to engage with your patients; and showcase your value in the management of repeat prescriptions.
For people who are responsible for looking after more than one branch, we would also encourage you to attend and welcome your support in disseminating the information and supporting the branches you look after. 
Please click here to book your place.
Salford: PharmOutcomes rollout in Salford

Salford City Council has announced it is introducing PharmOutcomes to support its locally-commissioned services. This letter from Salford City Council explains more. It follows work between Greater Manchester LPC and Salford City Council.

Salford opportunity: Extension to Public Health Services
Salford pharmacies have an opportunity to extend their contracts to deliver public health locally commissioned services in 2017/18. You can choose to provide the same services again, provide additional services.
If you want to provide these services, you need to respond to Salford City Council by 31st March 2017 confirming that you agree. The letter below explains how to do this.
The contract process is slightly different depending on whether you provided the services in 2016/17 or not, and whether you want to provide additional services in 2017/18.
Letter on Salford public health services
Rochdale EPS Go live dates

Please note that the Dawes Family Practice, 83 Spotland Road, Rochdale, OL12  6RX is planning to go live with EPS on 28th June 2017. 

If you require any further information please contact Rash Murphy, Project Manager. Tel: 0161 212 6810 Email:

Pharmacy First Bury and HMR

We would like to update you that the HMR and Bury CCG have now joined the Greater Manchester Minor Ailments Scheme known as Pharmacy First. The LPC has been engaged in this process as part of our work to bring standardisation and a consistent offer of pharmacy services across Greater Manchester.
You will receive a new service specification shortly. The LPC will also be hosting this information on our website alongside supporting material, so do keep a look out for this information.
Existing schemes that are currently in place will end on the 31st March 2017, therefore any claims relating to these service must be submitted by 1st April 2017 to receive payment, any claims after this point will not be authorised.
If you have any questions about this service and /or the process you can contact: Jill Edwards at Bury CCG on or Diane Murphy at NHS England on


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