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26th June 2019

The Tameside and Glossop Neighbourhood PCN Pilot

Over the last few weeks we have been introducing Primary Care Networks (PCN) to you in the newsletter (see links below).
We are now pleased to confirm that we have been piloting our approach in Tameside and Glossop. Since January 2019 the LPC has been attending Neighbourhood meetings across the Tameside and Glossop locality. Testing our model on how to get Community Pharmacies involved in neighbourhoods The work we have done mirrors the national guidance issued.
Tameside and Glossop have 5 neighbourhoods led by GP Clinical Leads and supported by the CCG:

Ashton Neighbourhood
Clinical Lead :
Dr Naveed Riyaz


Denton Neighbourhood
Clinical Lead :
Dr Asad Ali

Glossop Neighbourhood
Clinical Lead :
Dr Guy Wilkinson 
Dr Ram Jha   

Hyde Neighbourhood
Clinical Leads:
Dr Lisa Gutteridge
Dr. Jane Harvey

Stalybridge Neighbourhood
Clinical Lead:
Dr Saif Ahmed

Each neighbourhood meet monthly and agenda items are tabled based on local population needs.
The LPC team has mapped the pharmacies within the area to each of these neighbourhoods, set up online email hubs for each neighbourhood to enable Community Pharmacy contractors to communicate with one another as a Neighbourhood Community Pharmacy Team.
GM LPC requested that a Pharmacist from each of these neighbourhood hubs steps forward to be the ‘Community Pharmacy Neighbourhood lead’. This individual would then attend neighbourhood meetings on behalf of the Community Pharmacy Neighbourhood team and report back.
Our Tameside and Glossop Locality Lead; Mubasher Ali has been attending the Neighbourhood meetings in all the 5 patches to lay the ground work and to ensure going forward we have a standing invite to meetings. Mubasher has fully briefed neighbourhood members on the importance of engaging with Community Pharmacy and has firmly outlined the missed opportunities there has been for collaborative working and making the most of pharmacy as a community asset. This has been warmly welcomed and neighbourhoods are all now considering ways in which they can interact and work with Community Pharmacy to improve patient care and streamline systems.
In three localities we have been able to identify a local practising Community Pharmacy lead. We have been fortunate enough to get them along to accompany Mubasher at these meetings. The feedback from the Neighbourhoods has been extremely positive and they have commented on the value this is adding to their local understanding of Community Pharmacy.  They are now seeking opportunities to create referral pathways to commissioned pharmacy services.
We will share more with you over the coming months We will be incorporating PCN with our AGM later this year, Click here and let us know if you prefer an evening or Sunday event.
To see parts 1-4 see links below:  

Additional PCN information and support:


With the emergence and ongoing development of Primary Care Networks, it is increasingly important for GP and community pharmacy teams to understand each other’s profession and the roles they undertake. To support both professions, PSNC has recently updated ‘The community pharmacy – A guide for general practitioners and practice staff’ and is working in collaborating with the British Medical Association’s General Practitioners Committee (BMA GPC) to promote this useful resource among the GP and pharmacy professions. So please do take the time to take a look.
PSNC have also reviewed and updated the Think Pharmacy prospectuses which provide introductions to specific pharmacy services, each one highlights a healthcare challenge and explains how community pharmacy can provide a solution.
Important Notifications


Here at GMLPC we are currently arranging our AGM and are looking at incorporating PCN information to ensure that our contractors are fully prepared. To ensure we do this effectively we would like you to express your preference on an evening or Sunday event. Please let us know which you would prefer by completing this quick survey.

CPPE Primary care pharmacy education pathway information webinars

CPPE is repurposing the Clinical pharmacists in general practice education pathway to ensure it is fit for all pharmacy professionals working in roles in primary care networks. It has been renamed as the Primary care pharmacy education pathway (PCPEP). There is a PCPEP frequently asked questions for employers on the CPPE website, among other resources. This answers commonly asked questions about 'what happens to my practice pharmacist?'. 
CPPE is also running information webinars on the following dates. You only need to attend ONE webinar, as they will be repeated. Please make sure you register and log in early to minimise any technological difficulties. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
Topic: Primary care pharmacy education pathway webinar

1. When: Jul 15, 2019 01:00 PM London
Register in advance for this webinar

2. When: Jul 18, 2019 01:00 PM London
Register in advance for this webinar:

3. When: Jul 22, 2019 01:00 PM London
Register in advance for this webinar:
Email list
CPPE has also created a new email list that is specifically focussed on the primary care network training, updates and current news.
If you wish to join this email list then please subscribe following the steps below.
  1.            email  from the email address you want to subscribe from
  2.            put the words subscribe CPPE-PC-SUPERVISOR in the body of the email. Please note: if the email does not contain these words the automated subscription will fail.
  3.            wait for the confirmation email from CPPE to complete the process. This may take up to 3 days.

GMHSC Partnership: Newsletter

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership have published their latest newsletter. Please see here for full details.


New Applications

New application received for DSP by Medashealthcare Ltd at First Floor, 65 Canning Street, Bury, BL9 5AS, responses by 10th August 2019.
Application for DSP by Kamm Trading Ltd at 14a Whitelegge Street, Bury, BL8 1SW has been granted. 
Visit GM LPC website for more details


Wellbeing Workshops

Community pharmacy owners are under immense financial and workload pressure at the moment. There are numerous developments in the sector and increasing demands on Community Pharmacy. Recognising the stress that some contractors are experiencing, Greater Manchester Healthcare Academy has the opportunity to arrange a session with Pharmacist Support to offer its 'Wellbeing Workshops' free of charge to Pharmacists and their teams. If this would be of interest, please could you complete this short survey to register your interest.

GMHSCP Pharmacy Care Newsletter June 2019

See here for the June Pharmacy care newsletter.
Locality news: what's happening in your area

Manchester: Inhaler switch

Manchester Health and Care Commissioning has been looking at pricing and how interchangeable some inhalers could be.  Reluctantly there are therefore going to start switching the following
Seretide 500 and generic to Staplex 
Seretide/ Sidupla and generic to Sereflo (strengths 125 and 250 pMDI)
These changes will not start for at least four weeks and contractors should take the opportunity to review their stock-holding of these products.
GM LPC is pleased that as a result of discussions, MHCC has decided not to make an additional switch of a different inhaler.

Salford: Transfer of Care

A training event is being held on Tuesday 9th July around Transfer of Care please see here : Salford Transfer of Care Around Medicines Event for further details.

Salford:Eccles Gateway Medical Practice – Termination of contract.

Due to the recent termination of a GP contract Salford CCG has made some temporary changes for patient care at Eccles Gateway Medical practice.
Patients registered with Eccles Gateway Medical Practice are currently being looked after by staff from Salford Primary Care Together- Eccles, whose practice is also located within Eccles Gateway. Salford CCG are providing support for Salford Primary Care Together -Eccles to ensure they can provide quality care for patients.


Trafford: Gorse Hill Medical Centre and Ayres Road Surgery
(Limelight branch) update

Gorse Hill Medical Centre and Ayres Road Surgery (Limelight branch) permanently closed to patients last week, as planned.
Trafford CCG/Trafford Council has been working in partnership with local practices and NHS England, and together facilitated the transfer of patients to Brooks Bar @ Limelight (previously known as Brooks Bar Medical Centre) and North Trafford Group Practice, Chester Road. 

All patients should now have received a letter from Trafford CCG advising which practice they will be transferring to.
Trafford Co-ordination Centre patient support line is still available should patients have any queries relating to the move and can be contacted by telephoning: 0161 976 2555 or emailing:

External Training, Events and Information

CPPE: Greater Manchester events from April to September 2019

GMLPC actively supports and promotes CPPE’s events, please find details below. CPPE has published its events calendar for April to September 2019 so you can see what learning & development opportunities they are offering this year.


Community pharmacists:Postgraduate courses

Take advantage of fully funded postgraduate courses
PSNC have published a news story to highlight opportunities for pharmacy teams to access a number of funded postgraduate courses: Please view here.
Useful links
CCA / Multiples: Contractors from large or small multiples should always check with their line manager or head office before acting on advice or booking training.
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