Dear <<First Name>>

Here is a Happy Thanksgiving greeting to you and your family from mine!  It's that time of the year to celebrate life, our blessings and to express our love & gratitudes.  

I have been truly blessed with wonderful and amazing clients and my deep gratitude goes to all of my clients, past and present who have made it possible to 
pursue my passion to keep moving forward towards creating heaven here on Earth.  Thank you!

Life is truly miraculous when one is able to recognize the divine spirit that is present in all that is around us.

However, it is difficult to recognize the divine spirit when our minds are dense with thoughts, especially focusing on all that is wrong with the world.  
I understand, I have been there and that is why I have created Holistic Healing Meditation Program to help one heal all that is in the way of recognizing the divine spirit present in all that is around us.  Check out the recent testimonials on the program here.

If you or someone you know are finding it hard to celebrate life or to express love & gratitudes due to excessive thinking, it is sure sign that one is in need of healing.  And this may be due to trauma or grief experienced in the past that did not get a chance to heal completely. 
So if you or someone you know are ready to take the next step on Our Healing Journey in creating heaven here on Earth, you are invited to sign up for the 6 week Online Holistic Healing Meditation program starting anytime you are ready.   Click here to sign up online now!. 

Kindly share the email invitation with others who may benefit from the program.

Wishing you a healthy, happy & peaceful holiday season!
Much love, gratitude & blessings,

Kyung Sun Yi-O'Kelly
Your Partner in Our Healing Journey
Holistic Healing & Yoga, Uniting Mind Body & Spirit
"Recognizing the Spirit within me and you!"
T/M (469) 878-9441

Author of forthcoming book "Seven Holistic Practices for Harmonious Living! For Women (& Men) who chooses to experience Heaven here on Earth"
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