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Edition: 11 May, 2011
5 Canned Seafoods To Try
Canned Seafoods

"A typical Sunday lunch at my house in Barcelona began with an aperitif of olives, canned seafood, and vermouth. "

- Chef Marc Vidal, Boqueria

Chefs have known for a long time that some of the highest quality seafood comes in a can. In Spain, canning seafood is considered gourmet. They take fresh seafood, add just a touch of sea salt and preserve them in their own juices or premium olive oil. The result is something you can keep in your pantry and serve for tapas.

Barcelona native Marc Vidal, who is the new executive chef at Boqueria in New York, shares 5 of his favorite canned seafoods and serving suggestions.


What: Angulas or baby eels cooked in olive oil.

Why: Super fresh and, since they're canned, they're available all season long. It's one of the only canned baby eel choices available in the U.S.

Serve: Sautéed in olive oil with slices of garlic.

Buy: From La Tienda, $65


What: Anchovies.

Why: Nice and big anchovies that are sourced from the Cantabrian Sea off the northern coast of Spain.

Serve: With pan con tomate.

Buy: From Despana Brand Foods, $59


What: Tuna belly.

Why: It's tender and not overcooked, like some canned tuna belly.

Serve: In a salad with fresh tomatoes, pickled onions, olives and a simple dressing of olive oil.

Buy: From Despana Brand Foods, $13.50


What: Canned tuna fish.

Why: The pieces of tuna are big and the taste is great - mild in flavor, not too fishy.

Serve: In a tuna salad with mayonnaise, potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Buy: From Amazon.com, from $4.99


What: Exquisite goose barnacles.

Why: A super high end product because they are so difficult to source - fishermen get them from the rocks off the coast.

Serve: Since these are such a treat, I like to eat them from the can because they have the flavor of the sea that I wouldn't want to hide.

Buy: From La Tienda, $79


Chef Marc Vidal gives restaurant and bar recommendations in the three cities he's lived in: Barcelona, Miami and New York.


Check out Marc's recipe for Almejas con Ajo y Perejil (Clams with Salsa Verde).

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