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DMI 国際ろう者支援協会
Deaf Ministries International

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Pindaw Oo Deaf Church in Myanmar, 2019
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Myanmar: Situation not improving

(As of May 2021) The situation remains grim in Myanmar. Our director Pa-Lian has fled with his family - as many are doing - to the Chin state near the Indian border. However, the situation is no better there, so they have left for an even more remote area and are now temporarily out of contact. Before he left Yangon, he sent what little funds he had to the teachers at the school in Kalay, and the local YWAM donated 60 bags of rice, oil, eggs, and packages of noodles to the church. Pastor Naing Naing Kyaw has distributed these to church members remaining in the area. The banks are still closed, so our funds can no longer be withdrawn over there. We have temporarily suspended sending any more, though the need is great. We will resume support when the situation stabilises and the banks reopen.

The Muir School for the Deaf in Kalay did open again briefly in early March with 14 children (7 Deaf and 7 hearing (neighbourhood kids)). Saw Monday and the other teachers did a stellar job pressing on, but we believe school has now been suspended again because of the increasing social unrest. As far as we know, none of those under our care have been harmed by COVID or civil dangers, and we are profoundly grateful for that. Let’s continue to pray for the Deaf churches in Yangon and Pindaw Oo, and the students and staff attending the school in Kalay.

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