Safe Church Ministry  |  May 2017
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Much of the work of safe church ministry happens at the congregational level, such as creating a safe church policy, implementing the Circle of Grace program, or walking alongside someone who has experienced abuse. Yet the support and encouragement of the classis and the coordinating efforts of a classis team can make all the difference. That’s why it’s a good idea to Invite Safe Church Ministry to Your Next Classis Meeting!

The Mistake Christians Made in Defending Bill O’Reilly

Part of preventing abuse is understanding the various factors in our culture that perpetuate abuse. We, as the church, often try to defend the leaders of our local communities and our national communities – too quickly. First is a gut reaction, “it couldn’t be – he couldn’t have.” After recognizing there may be truthfulness to the allegations, the next reaction is a quick move to forgiveness – without living into the tension of justice for the one victimized. We are called to live amid the tension in humility as the grace filled community of God. This article is an example of this often made mistake.

Teen Sexual Assault Survivors Become Young Activists Working to End Sexual Assault

Young survivors of sexual assault and harassment, as well as their parents, are not backing down.

They are taking on Congress and their local school districts - and winning! They have become young activists in their fight to protect themselves and others from sexual assault and are demanding that institutions follow the laws that are in place. Read this article about a group of teenagers in Oregon who forced their school district to change how it handles sexual violence.

Judge Forced to Resign After Outrage…

What happens when sexual abuse and harassment go public? Public Outrage can have the good effect of bringing justice to a situation and strengthening the often-silenced voices of those who have experienced abuse. And where is the Church in these situations? Hopefully, we will be found leading the way, with truth and understanding, seeking justice, and standing with those who have been hurt. May our outrage over sexual violence lead to justice, as in the case of this Canadian judge

Hope for the Sold

Safe Church Ministry is thrilled to know about, and to let you know about, Hope for the Sold, an organization that works to end sexual exploitation, in part by offering excellent web-based resources. The safe church team in British Columbia has partnered with Hope for the Sold in airing their documentary over 18, which provides a clear-eyed examination of pornography and its devastating effects. This is a reality that needs to be addressed even in our congregations.


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