Blessing Not Burden | December 27, 2016
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Tell your Senators that you support
actions to protect DREAMers!

Congress is moving to introduce legislation that would protect the approximately 750,000 young undocumented recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). The temporary relief program is at risk of being terminated under the incoming administration. Call your Senators today to demonstration your support for legislation that maintains protections for DACA recipients.

Since 2012, the DACA program has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of undocumented youth by freeing them to come out of the shadows and live up to their God-given potential. They are able to work and drive legally, and they do not have to live with the fear of deportation. DACA recipients are integral members of our country. They are our children’s teachers, our nurses, our news reporters. The termination of this program would have devastating impacts on our communities, the people we love, and our economy. We must speak up.

The BRIDGE Act, or Bar Removal of Individuals Who Dream of Growing Our Economy, is bipartisan legislation that would allow those that currently have DACA and those eligible for the program to continue living and working in the United States with permission from the US government.

Your Senators need to hear your support for this legislation. Call both of your Senators to share your support and ask them to cosponsor this bipartisan bill that will ensure DACA recipients will not lose their protections overnight.

To find who your Senators are and their contact information, click here.

Consider saying something like this:

"My name is _____ and I am from city, state. I would like the Senator to know my support for the Bridge Act, which would provide protections for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. These undocumented youth are already contributing to every sector of our society. It would be immoral to suddenly leave them without status and at risk of deportation. I ask the Senator to cosponsor the Bridge Act, to ensure protections for DACA recipients are maintained, regardless of the actions of the future administration. Thank you."

For more information about the BRIDGE Act, click here.