Dear pastors and church staff,

Last fall, The Network didn't exist. This year we want everyone to know that, through The Network, they can connect with others across the CRC who are doing similar ministry.

Please forward this email to your entire congregation. Or at least to those who lead all the ministries of your church.

Imagine the potential of all our ministry leaders comparing notes with each other! Thanks for helping spread the word in your church.

Rev. Michael Bruinooge
Director, The Network: Connecting Churches for Ministry


September 15, 2010

The Network: Connecting Churches for Ministry


A new season of ministry is already underway. But this year, there's something new.

Network ScreenshotIt's called The Network - - and it's a new way to connect people across North America who are involved in local church ministries.

From deacons to Sunday school teachers, librarians to the sound system folks, leaders of worship, small groups, youth, and more. Name an area of ministry, and there are others doing it. The Network is about connecting us all with each other.

More than a thousand CRC'ers are already connecting on The Network. Here's what some of them have said:

  • "This is very worthwhile, and should be promoted more in the churches." (Ken)
  • "There's really no excuse not to connect." (Patricia)
  • "Very much liking the concept and the implementation." (Paul)
  • "I love to read the comments from churches across North America - a great way to connect us." (MJ)
  • "I'm a grandfather who is serving as an elder for the first time. The Network looks like a great place to get your feet wet...thanks." (John)

Some of our most popular online networks have 'Guides' who collect resources and write how-to articles. Their weekly blog posts keep you 'in the loop' with new resources, practical tips, and a good dose of encouragement throughout the year.

But the heart of every network is the discussion forum where anyone can post a question and get support from others who do that type of ministry. Across our denomination, there are so many people with knowledge and experience to share. Now we can connect with each other to talk about the nuts and bolts of church ministries.

The Network is easy to use. You can:

  • WATCH a video tour
  • SEE WHO is on The Network from your own church
  • SUBSCRIBE to get new items sent via email
  • LOG IN using your Facebook account (no extra passwords to remember!)
  • SEE TOP articles with the most views and comments
  • EMAIL links to others in your church

This is an exciting initiative to connect the CRC in new ways for ministry. But it only works if we all get in, participate, and start connecting with each other. Please join the conversation today at: