August 2017
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Praise the Lord. Sing to the Lord a new song,
his praise in the assembly of his faithful people.
Psalm 149:1

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Credit: Flickr Photo by Allen Holt, Creative Commons 2.0

With Timbrels and Dancing

By Jill Friend

In a world that seeks to divide us, drumming and dance are one way to bind us together as a community. When we drum or dance together, it is not about the individual, but about the group; a community with a common purpose.
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Credit: Flickr Photo by J. Michel, Creative Commons 2.0

'No Regerts': The Blessings of a Mentoring Culture

By Syd Hielema

Imagine listening to a thirteen year old boy seated behind a drum kit as he adds just the right percussive touches and colors to a slow and reverent number, knowing that he served alongside seven others to invite the people of God as they sang into the heavenly throne-room.

Priceless.  Read more

Signs of the Kingdom: Changing Hearts

By Ron Rienstra

We wrestle with lots of conflict in the church. In our disputations, we seldom come up with exactly the right words to persuade people to see things differently. It may seem that we seldom see hearts and minds changed. But at worship we try to make space for the Holy Spirit to work in surprising ways.  Read more

Credit: Flickr Photo by TCDavls, Creative Commons 2.0

Singing the Reformation into the 21st Century

By Bruce Benedict

In 2017 we’ll commemorate the five hundredth anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the Ninety-five Theses to the front door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. In those five hundred years the church worldwide has produced an avalanche of songs, and in many ways there isn’t a song you can sing that hasn’t been shaped by the Reformation.  
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Celebrating a New Season of Nurture

By Jolanda Malburg

This kid-friendly litany is intended for use at the beginning of a new church school year. The two sections may stand alone or be used together as a prayer of illumination for learners and a commissioning for teachers and other leaders. The language is broad enough to include Sunday school, midweek programs, and small group ministries for children through adults.  Read more

Let Justice Roll: Worship Planning Resources with a Justice Theme

By Jay Blankespoor, Elizabeth Vander Haagen

How much justice in worship is enough justice? How can the whole of our worship service reflect God’s special love and passionate concern for those who are poor and excluded?  Read more

Pastors as Mentors and Coaches: Equipping Lay Leaders in Small Churches

By Christine O’Reilly, Peter Bush

Pastors are always called to be worshipers, to remember that their chief end is to “glorify God and enjoy him forever.” But pastors are not called to always lead worship; their call is also to teach and equip.  Read more

The Gospel's Conquest: Four sermon and song outlines from the book of Acts

By Andrew Kuyvenhoven

The perils that the early church faced are similar to those we face today. Racism, legalism, and all kinds of "exclusivism" threatened to split the church. The gospel, said Paul, is more powerful than all the forces and philosophies that threaten it.  Read more

Sing to the Lord of Harvest: A hymn festival for Thanksgiving

By Kevin Bylsma, Charlotte Larsen

A resource for planning the Canadian Thanksgiving in October.  Read more

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