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This has been a very busy season for our ministry. We eagerly anticipate our leadership training event next month, we are releasing an updated resource: Everybody Belongs, Serving Together. We are planning for a brand new disability advocacy training for young adults! While there has been a significant amount of work that has been poured into these projects, it is your ongoing support and encouragement that continues to provide us with the momentum needed to continue!

As we look forward to all the upcoming events and new resources that we will be sharing with you, Disability Concerns Ministry staff want to pause and offer our gratitude.

  • The events that we are hosting are bringing together a number of speakers and participants that are gifting us with their creativity and their passion. Thank you to all of you!
  • Everybody Belongs, Serving Together features voices of people with disabilities and was made possible by a relentless team of supporters who worked tirelessly as this project grew tenfold from its original concept. Thank you to all of you who contributed and worked behind the scenes!

Looking at all our work lately, it is very clear that it has been possible to dream and create within our ministry because of a significant number of people that come alongside us to further the work of Disability Concerns.  It is with deep gratitude we thank you for your work!

Yet, in the midst of great sadness and loss, our ministry has watched with full hearts as our advocates have worked to mitigate the ongoing challenges our elderly population has been up against. Disability Concerns is incredibly thankful for our network of advocates. Throughout the pandemic as we connected with our volunteers, consistently we heard that the role of an advocate has shifted well outside of the church building to supporting those living in isolation. This was a year of phone calls, window visits and working with churches to ensure seniors were being connected to online services whenever possible. Advocacy looked much different this year than it has in other years.

To our valued volunteers - thank you! You have been the example of Christ to others throughout this challenging time.

—Becky Jones, Editor

Have you considered writing for Breaking Barriers?

Breaking Barriers newsletter has a print circulation of about 80,000 print copies per quarter plus over 2500 electronic subscriptions to Christian Reformed and Reformed Church in America churches and many individuals. Here’s what we are planning for the next issue, and we’d love to have your contributions.

Fall 2021—Speech differences.
People living with speech differences, such as stuttering and cerebral palsy that affects speech, face various challenges such as avoidance of interacting with others, not being allowed to finish their thoughts, and even assumptions others make about their intelligence. If you live with a speech difference, please tell us a story or give us your advice in no more than 400 words. Send your submission by August 2, 2021.

discussion on #WhosMissingInMyChurch

Save the Date! Disability Concerns
Leadership Training 2021

Are you interested in a conversation on becoming a more inclusive church? What would it take to be a church that not only gives space for your people with disabilities to participate, but to lead and become the future of your church? Join us on August 11th and 12th when we hear from young adults living with disabilities and working to create spaces for their peers that are inclusive. This training event is being hosted online and is open to everyone interested in this conversation - for free! Register today!

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Do you have a passion for justice and advocacy?

Calling All Young People:
Join the Disability Advocacy Journey!

Are you between the ages of 18 and 30? Do you have a passion for justice and advocacy work? In an exciting collaboration, CRC and RCA Disability Concerns and RCA Next Generation Engagement want to help you turn your passion into action. Our focus will be specifically on disability advocacy. Young adults from west Michigan, northwest Iowa, and central and capital regions of New York can apply to join a cohort in your specific region. Do you know someone who would benefit from this experience? Nominate them!

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Introducing our newest resource

Our Newest Resource is Released:
Everybody Belongs, Serving Together

We are excited to announce that the third edition of our resource on disability advocacy has been released with a new name: Everybody Belongs, Serving Together. Not only has this resource been updated significantly, but it is now available in print, as an audiobook, and an online resource (including interactive content!). Explore this new resource with others at a webinar series in October. (See below.)

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Disability Concerns Canada October Series 2021

Everybody Belongs, Serving Together:
Launching the Newest Resource for Supporting People with Disabilities in Faith Communities

Interested in diving in and engaging in conversations that are key to Everybody Belongs, Serving Together? Great! Join us in October when we host a series focused on unpacking material from this book with key people engaged in the work of disability advocacy. As we launch this new resource, we invite you to to participate in conversations that are key to this resource. Every Thursday evening at 8pm Eastern we we look forward to having you join us!

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Saying Goodbye to our friend and leader

Reflection on Mark Stephenson's leadership
as Director of Disability Concerns

Chair of Disability Concerns Canada, Len Bakelaar, reflects on the leadership of Mark Stephenson in his role of Director of Disability Concerns for nearly 15 years. Included in this article is information on the job posting that is available on the CRCNA job openings page. Please pray for discernment in this process.

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