October 2017
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Praise the Lord. Sing to the Lord a new song,
his praise in the assembly of his faithful people.
Psalm 149:1

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Credit: StockSnap/Pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons

Cultivating Reverence in Worship

By Phil Majorins

Reverence is a way of life that takes practice. We are called to remind our congregations of this truth, not only with words, but in the ways that we model this in worship and Christ-like relationships.  Read more

Credit: StockSnap/Pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons

Steady Worship in Unsteady Times

By Katie Roelofs

While the world around us . . . is turning, the cross is our steady. That cross which calls us to worship and praise each week . . . is our steady. Entering into the dialogue of worship, appreciating the ease and familiarity of the conversation and knowing that no matter what is said in that space, grace abounds. . . . that is our steady.  Read more

Photo by Frank Gutbrod

Hamilton and Jesus

By Kevin Adams

I’m convinced the Church’s captivating, timeless gospel song plays most memorably in the classic liturgy, offering much-loved lyrics and phrases and its own kind of choreography.  Read More


Credit: Wikipedia photo by w:Drboisclair (w:Image:Luther's Ein Feste Burg.jpg, enwiki) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Luther’s Musical Reformation

By Jonathan Landry Cruse

Music was of utmost importance to Luther, and there were a number of goals that governed his reforms and spurred him in his endeavors. These were to give a singing voice back to the congregation, to deepen knowledge of Scripture and theology through song, and to inspire true and meaningful worship of God. . . . To him, a primary goal of the Reformation was to reform worship, and that’s precisely what he did.  Read more

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Hungering for Righteousness

By Chandra Pasma

Food nourishes and sustains God’s creatures. Its richness and diversity brings joy to many who delight in the bounty of gardens and grocery stores. But when access to nourishing food is lacking, justice is also lacking. A series of six worship services beginning with the Canadian Thanksgiving (the second Monday in October and ends on the Sunday after World Hunger Sunday.  Read more

Honest Thanksgiving

By Stanley J. Groothof

The idea of meditating on a psalm of lament on Thanksgiving Day . . . sounded about as appropriate as singing through the Lenten section of the hymnal on Christmas Eve! But soon we discovered something very appropriate in connecting lament with thanksgiving, and it led to a service characterized by a more authentic spirit of thankfulness.  Read more

From Protest to Praise: A "Psalm-Sing" Service

By Paul LaMaire

A service that is focused in the three main types of Psalms: “hymns of orientation”—hymns that celebrate the history of God’s redemptive work as Creator and Redeemer; “psalms of dis-orientation”—songs of lament; “psalms of re-orientation”—songs expressing joy and gratitude for God’s deliverance.  Read more

Prayers for Justice, Reconciliation, and Peace

A compilation of twelve prayers for justice, unity, immigration, human trafficking, Christians facing persecution, hospitality, reconciliation, peace, and more.  Read more

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