Leadership Development: Women's Ministry  |  November 2019

You will be like a well-watered garden,
like a spring whose waters never fail.

—Isaiah 58:11

Witness for Women Gathering in Edmonton

 "I believe we still need to continue this work until we really come to a place where this idea needs no more discussion...We wish to support, encourage, and train women to become aware of the use of their abilities in building up the body of Christ."

We will continue this work… Read more

Ministry Highlights

Introducing three new Women’s Ministry Advisory Members

Women’s Ministry affirms and supports women in all levels of leadership. To accomplish that a Women’s Ministry Advisory team meets monthly. We welcome new members, Violetta Diamond from Washington D.C., Cynthia Fair from Sacramento, CA, and Lesli van Milligen from Ontario, Canada. Read more.

Women’s Ministry Clusters

Is it possible to create a hospitable, caring space for women leaders - of all kinds - to engage in building relationships by sharing leadership challenges and growth experiences with each other? Can you imagine these sacred spaces via videoconferencing? On page 4 of Living the Call, Director Denise Posie shares how this is being done. Sign up to Join a WMC here.

Shared Leadership in Sacred Spaces

This is a free webinar for church and ministry leaders, November 15, 2019, 1:00 pm EST. Shared leadership between women and men is a Kingdom value that takes great commitment, humility, and honesty, but the church has long struggled in this area. How do we face the challenges? Sign up here.

Role Models and Legacy

We appreciate the significant life changing experiences in mother and daughter relationships as God shapes us for leadership. We share these stories with you and hope you will reflect on your own story of role models and legacy. Read more

Prayer Requests

Do you have a prayer request? We will pray for you. Fill out this form with your request and the Women’s Ministry Prayer Team will lift your request to the God who hears and answers us.

Women in Ministry - Being Who God Called Me to Be

100 years ago, Johanna Veenstra took a giant leap of faith. Together with you, Resonate Global Mission is continuing her work of answering God’s call to join him in mission, equipping young adults to serve, and raising up female ministry leaders. Read more

Supporting Women and Ethnic Minority Leaders in the Pastoral Call Process

What could be done to improve our support for women and ethnic minority leaders when they are seeking a pastoral or ministerial call? If you have examples of churches and ministries that have been intentional about seeking out women and ethnic minority clergy in the search process, we need to hear from you. Read more

The Gospel According to Eve, a History of Women’s Interpretation

Congratulations to Dr. Amanda W. Benckhuysen of Calvin Theological Seminary on this new book publication by IVP Academic. What does it mean to be male and female? Do women and men have different intellectual, spiritual, moral, or emotional capacities? Are women especially suited for serving and men for leading? Are women and men equal? Read more

Events Calendar

Are you investing in the future of women by offering an event to grow as leaders in your region? We want to hear from you! We would like to post your event on the events calendar. Send an email with information to

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Women's Ministry Clusters - WMC. We are exploring the idea of virtual regional clusters to support leadership training events, hold discussions for planning women’s celebrations, share resources, have times for prayer, and more. The WMC’s are for all women and vital for diverse learning and conversations. Join WMC Now

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