OSJ Prayers

Dear friends,

The Climate Witness Project (CWP) continues in full swing. So far, the Climate Witness Project has:

  • recruited more than 200 Climate Witness Partners, who gave leadership to the CWP in 35 congregations.
  • shown the video Climate Conversation: Kenya to the 35 congregations.
  • arranged for the Climate Witness Partners to receive daily newsletters and to participate in a teleconference from the CRCNA delegation in Paris.
  • recruited 13 CRCNA members to write op-eds for either news outlets (including the Huffington Post, Des Moines Register, Newark Star Ledger, Grand Rapids Press, Holland Sentinel, Hamilton Spectator, and Albuquerque Journal) or CRCNA blogs about the importance of the Paris Agreement.
  • arranged for 12 visits with Members of Parliament and Members of Congress.

New Description

You may have been hearing about the Climate Witness Project, but are unclear on what it’s all about. The CWP leadership team has developed a new description that lays out where the project is, where it is headed, and the goals it seeks to accomplish. You can read the new description here. We hope you will find this information useful and encouraging!

News from the Field

New Mexico - Rick Kruis, Regional Organizer
CWP regional organizer Rick Kruis (Red Mesa region) was interviewed on local radio station KGLP to discuss his work on renewable energy projects in the area, and he gives a great shout out to the CWP! You can listen to his interview here.

Chicago - Philip Leo, Regional Organizer
A major component of Phase II of the Climate Witness Project is to assist local congregations in increasing their overall energy efficiency at their facility. What may come as a surprise to some is that a number of Christian Reformed congregations have already been working at this for years. For instance, the Creation Care Committee at Hope CRC in Oak Forest, IL has taken significant steps to conserve energy at their building beginning in 2013. Efforts have included putting on a new roof, replacing old insulation and the boiler, and switching over to LED bulbs. These cost-saving measures have resulted in a consistent Energy Star rating of about 70, which is just five points away from achieving Energy Star certification.

Since energy conservation always requires the long view, the leaders at Hope CRC have committed to improving the overall efficiency of their building for years to come. The next project on their “to-do” list is to replace the church’s front entry doors so that less conditioned air is lost to the outdoors during the cold and warm seasons. Obviously, achieving Energy Star certification would be something Hope CRC as in their sights; but what really drives their efforts has been a desire to be solid stewards of God’s good creation. Even with their building they want to hear their Lord say, “Well done, good and faithful servants.”

Support the Climate Witness Project

Because of the success of the Climate Witness Project, it is quickly outgrowing its original budget. We believe that this work is vital for the integrity of the church and for the health of God’s creation and our global neighbors affected by climate change.

If you are as excited about the progress and growth of the Climate Witness Project as we are, we would welcome the opportunity to partner with you financially in continuing to move it forward. Donations can be made online on the CWP giving page. If you are not able to give at this time, consider sharing the giving page with others who you think would be excited to partner with us in this way.

Advocacy Opportunity

Add Your Voice to Canada’s Climate Consultations
In early March 2016, Prime Minister Trudeau met with provincial, territorial and Indigenous leaders to begin work on a national climate action plan. At this First Ministers’ Meeting, four federal-provincial working groups were created to inform a national climate change framework: on clean technology, innovation and jobs; carbon pricing; mitigation; and adaptation and climate Resilience.

The government has since announced a national public consultation to seek input into the climate plan from Canadian citizens. Suggestions for the plan are requested before June 1, but will be collected throughout the summer. Recommended options will be presented to the Prime Minister and Premiers for consideration in October. The Canadian climate action plan will be implemented early in 2017.

Citizens for Public Justice, a partner of the CWP, is working to mobilize Canadian Christians to participate in these consultations – and to do so in a way that is both engaging and very easy. Please visit CPJ’s Climate Consultation page and submit your recommendations! A template containing proposed recommendations and an invitation to reflect on your connection to climate change is provided. You may also contact Karri Munn-Venn of Citizens for Public Justice:, 613-232-0275 x223.

Bangladesh Creation Care Tour

Do you want to learn more about the effects of climate change around the world? Do you want to increase your capacity and influence in environmental action here at home in North America? In a world where the climate continues to change and weather becomes more unpredictable, believers in Jesus Christ have a unique role to play as stewards of creation. Because we believe that “our world belongs to God,” we are called to proclaim Christ’s lordship over all creation, both in North America and Bangladesh.

Join World Renew, the Office of Social Justice, and World Missions on a creation care tour in Bangladesh, Oct. 22 – Nov. 5, 2016. Click here to apply and learn more. Application deadline is June 1, 2016.


Kyle Meyaard-Schaap,
Rev. Richard Killmer,
Co-coordinators, Climate Witness Project