Safe Church Ministry  |  November 2018
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Safe Church Ministry in the Places Where You Are

Safe Church is an equipping ministry. We know that from our small offices, we can’t develop abuse prevention policies in over 1100 churches; or offer safe church training to every church member across the U.S. and Canada who works with children and youth; or walk alongside the many people in our congregations who have suffered abuse and who are hurting; or consult with all the church leaders who request assistance in dealing with complex situations of abuse… this list could go on and on. Therefore, we seek to put resources where they are needed most - with you, those who are committed to safe church ministry in the places where you are. And we want to encourage you to partner with others, perhaps with local resources in your area. One of the ways we do this is by offering our mini-grant program. Safe Church classis coordinators and team members may apply for grant funds of up to $1,000 to host an event or complete a project that fits with our mission to equip congregations in abuse awareness, prevention, and response. Find out how to apply for a Safe Church Mini-Grant for 2019 - bring safe church ministry to the place where you are.

Updates from Classis Coordinators

Safe Church classis coordinators use various means for effective ministry - here’s an example from Classis Hamilton. What can we learn from our Safe Church classis coordinators? Can you add to this series of posts on The Network - what has worked well in your own classis? We also have an example from Classis Muskegon, and we’d love to hear from you too! Stay tuned to The Network for future updates.

Partnership View of Power

The way power is used or misused is a key dynamic in abuse. Jesus is our example of how to use power, in humble loving service to others - empowering them, and sharing power though the gift of the Holy Spirit. By contrast, in abuse power is used for self gain - to control, manipulate, or harm. How do our leadership models reflect use of power?  What can we learn about the difference between a dominant power-over model of leadership and a partnership power-with and through leadership model. 

Considerations About Sexual Assault Allegations

What are we, as the church, to make of so many allegations of sexual assault? Here is a helpful tool from the Men’s Resource Center in Grand Rapids that can help us in our thinking.

Partners in Prevention: Dove’s Nest

We are so thankful for partners in ministry who share our passion for abuse prevention. Dove’s Nest is one of our valuable ministry partners, offering the Circle of Grace program to CRC congregations, as well as many other wonderful resources.


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