OSJ Advocacy Alert

Act Now! Support Refugee
Resettlement in Michigan!

Michigan advocates, we need your voice NOW! A bill attempting to halt refugee resettlement in the state of Michigan will soon be introduced to the Committee on Local Government in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Urge Michigan Representatives to reject HCR 28 today.

The House Concurrent Resolution 28 (HCR 28) urges the President and Congress of the United States to comply with the Refugee Resettlement Act of 1980 and to halt further refugee placements until the Federal government is able to comply with the appropriate screening and security checks, and consult with local governments in future placements.

Michigan is better because of the contributions that refugees are making here. They are opening businesses, joining our churches, and participating in our communities. The stories they bring of courage and fortitude inspire us. Any attempt to stall our refugee resettlement participation in Michigan is a threat to the lives and dignity of refugees, and we must stand firmly against it.

Urge Michigan Representatives to shut down House Concurrent Resolution 28. It creates unfounded and unnecessary fear among a group of people who are already vulnerable, and would be a moral failure for Michigan.


Image Credit: Flickr user Ilias Bartolini

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