OSJ Prayers

Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti earlier this week as a category 4 hurricane, leaving death and destruction in its wake. Haiti is still recovering from other devastating disasters, such as the 2010 earthquake. Chronic poverty and a cholera outbreak mean that much of Haiti’s people are especially vulnerable.

God, we lift up the people of Haiti to you. We pray for those who are responding—World Renew, our CRC missionaries, and many other Christian ministries in Haiti. We pray for organization, coordination, and the ability to get help to those who need it most. We pray for systemic change in Haiti—government transparency, effective infrastructure, and real solutions to the chronic poverty that the Haitian people experience.

Bombings in Aleppo

The government of Bashar al-Assad is preparing a final assault on the Syrian city of Aleppo, with help from the Russian government. Since the failure of a ceasefire agreement in Syria, Aleppo has been the target of several bomb strikes in recent weeks and has seen 338 civilian deaths (100 of whom are children). Eighty percent of aid convoys have been blocked from delivering food and medical supplies to people trapped in the city.

God, we plead for relief and protection for the many innocent people in Aleppo who are experiencing this horror. We pray for those committed to finding a way to bring aid—give them courage, wisdom, and stamina. We pray for Russian, Syrian, and American military and political leaders—Lord, please move among them so that peace, compromise, and the sanctity of human life might be values shaping their decisions.

Colombia peace deal struck down by voters

A peace agreement aimed at ending 52 years of armed conflict between the Colombian government and the FARC was negotiated by political leaders and went to voters this week for ratificationand it was narrowly rejected by Colombians in a popular vote Sunday. Now Colombia’s president (who backed the deal) will meet with its former president (who was against it) to try to salvage the hope of ending the country’s long-standing civil war.

Lord, we lift up the conflict in Colombia, which has been so destructive for generations. We pray for restoration there. May there be opportunity for dialogue, understanding, and reconciliation so that a real and lasting peace might be possible in that country.

Global Agreement on Climate Change

In 2015, global leaders met in Paris and signed an agreement outlining a shift in the use of fossil fuels in the 21st century. In November 2016, their nations must ensure that they put the agreement into practice. With no legal enforcement of the nations’ pledges in place, however, the question remains as to how promises will be implemented to achieve the goal of limiting a rise in world temperatures to "well below" 2 degrees Celsius above those recorded in pre-industrial times.

God, we pray that nations will do what they have agreed to do, making good on their promises to shape policies that affect the whole world—for the common good of not just a nation’s own citizens but all the world’s citizens and the earth you created. We pray for agreement, commitment, and real change in policiesand for a measurable outcome that points toward a renewed, healthier future for your world.

Your support can make an impact in Haiti today through the work of World Renew. Please consider making a donation.

Concerned about recent events involving the death of black men killed by police in the U.S. and the killing of an Indigenous man in Canada, the Christian Reformed Church, through its Office of Race Relations together with other agencies and offices, has released a statement on the need for racial reconciliation.

Welcoming refugees is part of who we are as the CRCNA. OSJ and the Centre for Public Dialogue have been sharing stories of how CRC members have been blessed by welcoming refugees. Do you or your church have a story to share? Please send it to