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Featured Posts
Faith Nurture, Global Mission
Finding a New Rhythm
by Albert Chu

We don’t need to be convinced to realize that we live in a culture of hurry. But is this what it means to be a disciple of Jesus? Is this what God wants for me?

Community Engagement, Global Mission
Metrics in My Neighbourhood
by Rick Abma

Our neighbourhood loving started with being present—and then some gardening, and then some coffee, and it rolled on from there. No magic, just intentionality with what we did have.

Children's Ministry, Faith Nurture
Turning Children's Ministry Upside Down
by Mimi Larson

The pandemic has changed the way we do ministry. What might it look like for children’s ministry leaders to turn their focus on faith formation within the home this year?

Faith Nurture
Difficult Spaces and Good Growth
by Staci Devries

The reality is that even in difficult times, we continue to grow. And this begs the question: will it be good growth?

Safe Church, Sexual Abuse
Does My Church Need a Sexual Harassment Policy?
by Safe Church Ministry

As a community of believers, we need to recognize how vulnerable any church can be to the potential for sexual abuse or harm to happen.

Disability Concerns, Mental Health
On Hatred and Mental Illness
by Michèle Gyselinck

Since his behavior was not normal, some people assumed that it must have been mental illness.

Disability Concerns, Advocacy
One Response to Racism and Ableism
by Terry DeYoung

People of color and people with disabilities both are harmed by long-held parallel beliefs or practices that devalue, discriminate, and oppress them because of their identity.

Faith Nurture
What About Isaac?
by Sandra Griffith

Teaching this story to my students helped me attempt to see the story of Abraham's obedience from his son's point of view. Why did he stay so close to Rebekah? Why did he prefer Esau over Jacob?

Faith Nurture
Finding Strength and Support in Scripture
by Courtney Jacob

This new podcast series from Groundwork helps us find God's strength and support in the Bible.

Church Renewal, Global Mission
A First Step for Making the Missional Shift
by Amy Schenkel

How do churches move from a consumer to a missionary mentality? This missional shift is far from easy and will take a long time, but here's one important first step.

Faith Nurture
Faith Formation and Puppies
by Trudy Ash

As you do life with your kids, have those conversations about life and love and work and puppies. Let God steer your words and let your kids ask the hard questions as well as the easy and funny ones.

Elders, Pastors
Your Lament Sermon Was Great, A Therapy Session Might Be Even Better
by Sean Baker

Dear Pastor, in this moment of widespread loss and grief, could an hour of you talking honestly with your therapist help your congregation more than an hour of you refining your sermon on lament?

Global Mission
Grace Pools Up in the Lowest Places
by Sam Kamminga

It’s the low places where the water flows and we meet God’s grace.

Elders, Pastors
The Complaint and COVID: Just a Value Trying to Find a Voice
by Pastor Church Resources

Wise leaders understand that complaints are often values statements in disguise.

Global Mission, Youth Ministry
When Your Summer Mission Trip Is Cancelled
by Randy Bohl

While you can’t replace the opportunity to serve, here are a few ideas to connect your youth with ministry in another city, culture, or country.


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