October 2016
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Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness!

In this issue you will find:

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Credit: Flickr Photo:Dustin Bryson, CC 2.0

Why Jesus Just Might Be Our Boyfriend

By Zac Hicks

It has perhaps become THE criticism of modern worship songs: replace all references to God with the name of your boyfriend (or girlfriend), and you have a song virtually indistinguishable from the love songs of top 40 radio. Read more

Credit: Flickr Photo by Waiting for the Word, CC 2.0

Christ the King NOW

By Joy-Elizabeth Lawrence

I can’t wait until November. I’m American, and if you haven’t heard, we are preparing for a general presidential election. Read more

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BBQ, Preaching, and A Little Handbook

By Chris Schoon

Early in my training for ministry, one of my mentors told me that good preaching was like a good BBQ. You’ve got to take your time on the prep work. You can’t rush through it or skip over parts ...Read more

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Honest Thanksgiving:
A Service Plan

By Stanley J. Groothof

What if I’m not in a particularly thankful mood? What if my congregation is facing or enduring a tough situation? Manufacturing thankfulness for an hour of worship sounds trite and inappropriate. Read more

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Helping Your Congregation Sing!

By Steven Brooks

Throughout Scripture, the command to sing is given to God’s people more than four hundred times. It is not an option, nor is it a recommendation... Read more


Praise and Thanksgiving: LIfting Up the Reasons for Our Gratitude

By Ron Klimp

A service of thanksgiving. Read more


An Advent Journey: A Series with Candle Readings

By Michael Borgert, Martin Dam, Andrew De Gelder, Ken Vanderhorst

Four ministers in the Christian Reformed Church met in Strathroy, Ontario, to come up with ideas for an Advent series.Throughout the Advent journey, Isaiah 9:6-8 was read as well as various texts from the gospel of John. Read more


For more resources go to and search for a term or scripture reference or click the Christian Year tab.

Advent Resources and more, from Faith Alive Christian Resources.

Children’s Audio Theater Bible series, new for children from Christianity Today.

Worshiping the Triune God, a study on worship offering vision and spiritual renewal, available in 14 languages, free download available, offered by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.

Cantor Training, a new series of Virtual Workshops™ specially designed for those who lead congregational song.

Essential Worship: A Handbook for Leaders, a concise, easy-to-read primer on the basics of worship technology and practice by Greg Scheer. Brand new!

Faith Formation in Children, Teens and Emerging Adults, helpful information for parents, pastors, and ministry leaders.

2017 Calvin Symposium on Worship, video highlights and tweets from the 2016 Symposium on Worship, plus an invitation to attend the 2017 Worship Symposium.

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Connecting to the Lectionary


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