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Christian Hope in Response to the UN Climate Change Report

Jesus’ return is not a reason to do nothing about the climate crisis. In fact, the opposite is true: God will call us to give an account of what we did here in this life, in this world. Read more »

Theological Malpractice

There is enormous pressure in the church today to build a curriculum that is contemporary and to produce young leaders who will draw a crowd. Read more »

Ontario Church Opens Community Fridge

The new community fridge at Covenant CRC in St. Catharines, Ont., is a neighborhood connection point. Read more »

New Mexico Church Slow to Recover From March Break-in

Five months after their church building was burglarized, members of Crownpoint (N.M.) CRC are able to gather again for worship and have replaced the front doors. Read more »

Book Review: White Lies

Pastor Daniel Hill offers a practical guide for dismantling white supremacy in a healthy, effective way. Read more »

Children’s Book Review: Go and Do Likewise!

The parables and teachings of Jesus are brought to life in this stunning picture book from award-winning author and illustrator John Hendrix. Read more »

In Search of Shalom: Changing Stories of Violence and Hunger Where We Are

What does shalom look like, and how can it be found in the midst of the pandemic, conflict, injustice, and uncertainty we often find ourselves living in? Read more »

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