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Speech Differences

Our stories in this issue feature people living with speech differences and the challenges they face, adaptations they have made, and the power of listening and being heard.


A Countercultural Practice

Terry DeYoung examines the idea that non-disabled people can be surprised at the idea that someone living with a disability can be creative.

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Restored through My Eyes

Carma lives with spinal muscular atrophy. In recent years, it has affected her ability to speak. While initially praying to God to restore her capacity to speak, she has realized that God has provided other means for communication for which she is thankful.

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What? Is the Question

Elizabeth’s cerebral palsy affects her speech among other things. Although being asked “What?” can be frustrating, she interprets that question as a signal that someone cares enough to seek understanding of what she is saying, and that they value her as a person.

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Therapy Connects Speech Pathways

Born with severe childhood apraxia, Janna’s daughter Norah has been incredibly busy keeping up with a busy schedule of therapy and extra curricular activities that help develop her speech and gross motor skills. Her persistence is helping her make great strides in her overall health!

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Interrupted, Ignored and Isolated

Chris lives with athetoid cerebral palsy, which means his muscles never stop moving. He uses an alternative communication device (AAC) to communicate. Although Chris continues to accomplish many goals he has set for himself in his life, he often is ignored or minimized and feels isolated from community, including the church community.

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Winter 2022—Young people with disabilities. In Canada and the United States, about 13 percent of people ages 15–30 live with a disability.  Are you one of them? Comment start  By November 22, 2021, please tell us a story (up to 400 words) about living with a disability when nearly 90 percent of your peers do not. 

Spring 2022—Acquired disability. How has your disability—acquired through stroke, accident, illness, aging—affected you, your relationships, your work, your spiritual life? What have you lost and what have you gained? Please tell us a story (up to 400 words) about your acquired disability by February 7, 2022.

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