September 2018

Meet Your Children’s Ministry Catalyzer

Hi, and welcome! If you have children’s ministry questions or challenges—and who doesn’t?—you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Mimi Larson and I’m the Children’s Ministry Catalyzer for Faith Formation Ministries. My job is to support children’s ministry leaders in the CRC. 

To share a little bit about me - I have been engaged in children’s ministry for over 25 years as a children’s ministry director in churches of all sizes, as a curriculum writer, and as a college and seminary professor in the field of Christian education.

One of my top priorities is to help establish relationships between those of you who work with children in the local church. Supporting and learning from each other is key!

If you are engaged in ministry with children in the CRC, whether you’re a paid staff person or a volunteer, I am available to have a conversation with you by phone, email, or video chat. I can support you in the areas of

  • faith formation and child-specific spiritual development.
  • children’s ministry program development and curriculum selection.
  • volunteer engagement and support.
  • family faith formation.

I look forward to meeting you! It is my heart’s desire to see children’s ministry deepened and strengthened in your church and other CRC congregations so that our children grow in their faith. 

You can contact me at

Let’s Connect and Chat

One way to connect with other children’s ministry directors is to join the bi-monthly CM Connect and Chat. Led by the Children’s Ministry Catalyzer, CM Connect and Chat is an online peer group that meets bi-monthly to discuss a variety of ministry issues such as recruitment, curriculum, training volunteers, etc. If you are interested in receiving notifications on CM Connect and Chat, email me at

Let’s Be Friends

The CRC Children’s Ministry Leaders Facebook page is a place for you to meet others involved in CRC children’s ministry. It’s a place to network, ask questions, share resources, and encourage one another as we seek to build strong ministries that nurture children in the faith. Join us!

A Simple Way to Include Children in Worship

There are many ways to include children in your worship services. Check out how Pullman CRC in Chicago is using the gifts of the children in their congregation on Sunday mornings. Continue reading »

Recruiting Volunteers

Looking for a new way to promote your children’s ministry and recruit some new team members? Check out this YouTube video on the importance of children’s ministry. Consider showing it in a “Minute for Ministry” presentation or at a recruitment event.

Family Faith Formation Bulletin Tips

Faith Formation Ministries has created a series of 52 great family faith formation tips for your church to use in your bulletin or other communications. And they’re free! Learn more here »

Heads Up!

Kat Barden posted this simple idea to the Hope4CE Facebook group, and I thought I would share it with you. If you are looking for a simple game to use with your kids, adapt the Heads Up game for your ministry.

You will need a spiral-bound deck of index cards. On each card, write a common biblical name, term, or story. Make sure to utilize terms that all the kids are familiar with, so not to leave out some children who are less familiar with the Bible than others.  Set a timer for two minutes and have one child hold the deck to their forehead without looking at it. The other children call out clues without saying anything that was used on the card. The first child guesses what is on their card until they are correct or they pass. This continues until the two minutes are up.

Faith Formation Resource Corner: The Ultimate Toolkit for Children’s Ministry Leaders

As children’s ministry leaders, our calling is to nurture faith in kids and to develop relationships with them as members of God’s family.
The Children’s Ministry Toolkit from Faith Formation Ministries contains hundreds of tools for building a strong, vibrant children’s ministry in your church and addressing challenges that arise. Open the toolkit online to access:

  • tips for finding (and keeping!) volunteers
  • ten questions you need to ask when choosing curriculum
  • options for churches with few children
  • materials for equipping leaders
  • ideas for supporting kids with learning and behavioral challenges
  • and more!

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