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Primavera 2020 | Tema: La ceguera y los impedimentos visuales
2020년 봄호: 시각장애와 실명


Traveling with a Disability

Traveling with a disability can be challenging, if not difficult, and the memories of those adventures can be instructive, hurtful, hilarious, and more. People with various disabilities share some of their experiences in this issue.


Planning, Patience, Flexibility

Mark shares about his family trips and the planning that was involved in order to make sure that his daughter who lives with multiple disabilities was properly cared for and accommodated so that all family members could participate in the vacation. While it can often mean a great deal more time is invested in orchestrating adventures, what a blessing it can be to see other parts of our world.

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A Preaching, Traveling Quadriplegic

Traveling when you depend on a ventilator to breathe means that there is a great deal of planning that is required for travel. Caregivers are also a part of the travel plans, which means considerable scheduling to coordinate plans. However, in spite of the many details that went into the  planning process, how wonderful that Pastor Joel had the opportunity to share God's word with communities outside of his own city.

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Lovely Cruise, Sprinkled with Disappointment

Syl and his wife embarked on an exciting cruise to see many famous historical locations globally. While some locations could accommodate his limited mobility, others, sadly, have not addressed the important issue of creating accessible cities. Regardless, Syd encourages all those in the disability community to consider traveling and experiencing new places if you can!

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The Challenges of Motion Sickness

Traveling has its challenges for Michele as she deals with significant motion sickness. She is limited as to what medications she can take for this due to the regular regime of medication she is on to manage her disability. Yet, in spite of all this, she perseveres and explores new places and has new experiences in life outside of the city she calls home.

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Traveling Blind

Living with blindness means relying on the support of others to guide you through life at times. Traveling is one of those times. When you are navigating environments such as airports that are unfamiliar to you, the assistance of others is very helpful. A community of support can help make traveling more successful.

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Winter 2021—Unexpected access.
The coronavirus pandemic actually has removed barriers for some people with disabilities, allowing access to communities and spaces that were inaccessible before.

Spring 2021—Race and disability.
Among others, Daniel Prude and Walter Wallace Jr. might still be alive if they had not been black or disabled. If you are Black, Indigenous, or a person of color and live with a disability, please tell us your story  (400 words) by January 29, 2021.

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