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DWELL Digital Updates

We’re excited to announce our most recent DWELL Digital updates! Launched on June 15, our updated site is easier than ever to use, and allows us to constantly refresh our materials. You’ll find updated sessions, additional activities and a new look for DWELL Flex, our multi-age materials. Learn more and watch a video walkthrough of the new site on our What’s New page.

In the updated site, you can access the sessions in webpage format, making the content easier to navigate, and resources easier to access. The PDF of the hard-copy session remains easy to access as well. This updated format allows us to constantly update our DWELL materials. Look for “New” and “Updated” tags throughout DWELL Digital to see what we’ve added.

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Try This Fresh Idea for Helping Families Explore Faith Practices this Summer

After 18 months of mask wearing, homeschooling, work Zooming, hug missing and hand washing, the availability of vaccines has provided North American families with the opportunity to catch their breath before (yay!) life moves forward in the fall.

What if, this summer, instead of providing a variety of things for a family with children to do, we provided them with simple faith practices to help them be; encouraging and equipping them to explore each practice at their own pace?

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5 Ways to Wonder With Kids

Encouraging curiosity in kids helps them want to learn more. A sense of wonder is an important part of their faith development too! Here are 5 ways to promote curiosity and wonder in your family life. (See the attachment for a printable version.)

1. Slow down
Walk at your child's pace and try to physically get on their level when possible. See the world through their eyes and wonder together at the things they're experiencing.

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The Building Blocks of Faith: An Overview

Faith is a hard thing to describe and to talk about. Our conversations about faith are often very broad (“the faith”) or very specific (“my faith”)—and we can’t always easily articulate what helps faith grow and flourish.

The Building Blocks of Faith describe four spiritual needs everyone has that are met in Christ. Meeting these needs helps faith to flourish in people of all ages. The Building Blocks are helpful for assessing faith formation efforts of churches, Christian schools, and other faith communities.

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5 Intergenerational Ideas for Marking a Return to Worship After the Pandemic

Each Sunday after online worship during the first four months of the pandemic, I placed the story prop I’d just used for the children’s message in a large, leather-bound box. That box started filling with things like an origami boat for the wind and the waves, paper butterflies for Easter, a walking stick for the road to Emmaus, and so on. My plan was to open the box when we returned to in-person worship in a few weeks, holding up each prop as a way to remember the stories we’d shared and how God was faithful. 

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