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With the opening of the borders between the United States and Canada, our Disability Concerns ministry staff, both CRCNA and RCA, are meeting to reconnect after a long time spent in isolation to discuss the trajectory of our ministry. Mark Stephenson, CRCNA director of Disability Concerns, will be stepping down after 15 years of service, and Lindsay Wieland Capel will be stepping into his role. Together as a team we will gather to pray for our disability community, to look forward to the year to come and to share about the joys and challenges we have navigated throughout the pandemic. Please hold us in prayer as we come together to discuss the year to come.

—Becky Jones, Editor

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Breaking Barriers newsletter has a print circulation of about 80,000 print copies per quarter, plus over 2,500 electronic subscriptions to Christian Reformed and Reformed Church in America churches and many individuals. Here’s what we are planning for the next issue, and we’d love to have your contributions

Winter 2021—Young people with disabilities
In Canada and the United States, about 13 percent of people ages 15–30 live with a disability. Are you one of them? Please tell us a story (up to 400 words) about living with a disability when nearly 90 percent of your peers do not. Send your submission by November 22, 2021.

Spring 2022Acquired disability
How has your disability—acquired through stroke, accident, illness, aging—affected you, your relationships, your work, your spiritual life? What have you lost and what have you gained? Please tell us a story (up to 400 words) about your acquired disability by February 7, 2022.

Fall 2021 Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers Fall 2021

Our fall issue of Breaking Barriers is available now! This issue of Breaking Barriers features articles on people living with speech differences and the challenges they face, adaptations they have made, and the power of listening and being heard.

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Creating Accessible Events

Learning Sign Language for the Church Setting

This past summer, Disability Concerns hosted our annual leadership training event. Due to the ongoing restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, we chose to host the event online. As we work to make all our events more accessible, this year the event included simultaneous ASL (American Sign Language) as a component of the event. Coreen Gruppuso led the ASL team and shares her story with us.

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Welcome Lindsay Wieland Capel

New Director Appointed for Disability Concerns

This month we welcome our new director, Lindsay Wieland Capel, to lead the CRC Disability Concerns ministry. Lindsay has been a part of our ministry for many years now, serving on our advisory board for a number of years, creating our presence on social media years ago and serving as her church disability advocate. Professionally, Wieland Capel has served as a social worker providing direct services to people with intellectual developmental disabilities and persistent mental illness.

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Thankful for Mark Stephenson

Reflections on Leading Disability Concerns Ministry

This December, Mark Stephenson will be stepping down from his role of Director of Disability Concerns. He will continue to work within the denomination as interim director for the Offices of Race Relations and Social Justice. As he leaves the role within Disability Concerns, Mark offers reflections on his time spent leading the Disability Concerns.

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Join our Book Club

Disability Concerns January 2022 Book Club

Have you made plans for the new year? How about joining Disability Concerns ministry as we come together for our next book club? This January we are going to dig into Kate Bowler's new book: No Cure for Being Human (And Other Truths I Need to Hear). The book club will take place January 13, 20, 27th at 7pm EDT. Register here.

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October Series Recap

Disability Concerns Canada Series 2021

This past October we hosted our annual Disability Concerns Canada Series online which focused on our newest resource Everybody Belongs, Serving Together. Over the four weeks we came together to discuss practical advice for developing relationships and encouraging everyone in the congregation to use their gifts for God’s glory. We dove into various sections of the book to explore ways of increasing accessibility and fostering belonging. Access the recordings now!

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Inspiring Gifts

Video gift catalogue

As we approach the holiday season, consider a unique gift for your family. The CRCNA has developed a gift-giving guide which you can use to further a ministry’s work. Disability Concerns is asking for a gift of $60 that will go directly towards equipping our regional disability advocates, offering them training and support to further their work with churches.

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Thank You for Your Support!

Without monetary support for Disability Concerns, we wouldn’t be able to share these stories. To help us ensure that “everybody belongs and everybody serves,” would you please consider praying for us and making a financial contribution? It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s a gracious and beautiful act of obedience.

You can donate to the ongoing work of Disability Concerns at the CRCNA here.

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You can donate to the ongoing work of Disability Concerns at the RCA here.

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