July 2017
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The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”
Exodus 33:14

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Flickr Photo by Jeff Hollett, Public Domain


By Josh Friend

Rest is fleeting. Rest is fleeting not like a vapor or a memory, rest is fleeting like the next rung on the monkey bars—you know it, you can see it, but it seems never to be in grasp. Read More

Flickr Photo by Miss Bee, Creative Commons 2.0

The Power of Hymns

By Paul E. Detterman

The food and the fellowship alone would have made it a good event—but then the magic began. Read more

Flickr Photo by Predi, Creative Commons 2.0


By Katie Roelofs

Worship planning is a very intimate thing.. The liturgy flows out from our souls... It’s an intimate thing and reading all sorts of suggestions, corrections and sometimes hurtful comments stings. Worship evaluations = love/hate relationship. Read more

The Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus in a Shirt, Benson Ambrosius (1495-1550) / Wikimedia Commons

Singing the Psalms: Eternal and Yet Ever New

By Emily Brink

The psalms are once more receiving new life in the prayers of Christians of all traditions, and we are again at a peak of creative activity and practice…The web is breaking down even more boundaries. There is such a wonderful variety of psalms accessible to us that the issue now for churches and Christians is to put into practice praying the psalms regularly... Read more

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More than a Fiesta: Paying Attention to Latino Protestant Congregations

By Gerado Martí, Mark T. Mulder (in English, Spanish, and Korean)

Church leaders interested in learning more about LPCs should jettison racialized assumptions in favor of careful listening, sampling, and observation that will nurture far more nuanced understandings of these congregations. Read more


Give Us Peace Beyond Our Fear: Resources dealing with the pain of domestic violence

From RW 63

Worship resources designed to encourage pastors and worship teams to bring the issue of domestic violence before the faith community. Doing so in a worship setting can raise awareness, offer help and healing to those who are hurting, and affirm the biblical standard for loving relationships with one another....Read more


Standing on Holy Ground: Pastoral Prayer as Pastoral Care

By Ron Rienstra

Like the prayer modeled in so many psalms, good pastoral prayer is priestly and incarnational; it expresses the real stuff of life—discouragement and delight, despair and frustration, anxiety and relief—knowing that God accepts and welcomes and seeks by the power of the Holy Spirit to transform and heal our whole selves. Read more


Loosen Up: Organists need to recapture the old art of improvising

By Jan Overduin

Probably the most effective way for church organists to fight the increasing pressure to replace them with technology and machines is for them to develop the ability to improvise in ways that will bring life and excitement, meaning and beauty, into the worship services of the church. Read more


Joining Hands in Service: A commissioning service

From RW 36

Summer vacations are over. Ministries are finding their feet again after an extended break. The hands of God's people are readied to take up the callings and tasks that he has prepared for them. A service to commission all who serve in the church. Read more


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