October 2018
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Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance.
Psalm 33:12

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In The Eye of the Beholder

By Paul E. Detterman

There is never “one right way” to lead the followers of Jesus in worship. Worship is a three-dimensional activity and needs to be viewed from all sides  Read more


Photo by Pixabay

6 Tips for Introducing Surprise in Worship

By Joy-Elizabeth Lawrence

Taking a well-tread path is good if you’re avoiding a bad surprise. But it is not good if you’re open to good surprises. This is true for worship planning, too.  Read More

Flickr Photo by horilyc, Creative Commons 2.0

The Use of Testimony as a Thick Worship Practice

By Sam Hamstra, Jr.

When we gather each week, we participate through thick and thin practices. We benefit from both and both play important parts in the liturgy. But given a choice between the two, choose thick.  Read More

Photo by Lightstock

Invitation to Lead: Enfolding Millennials in the Church through Leading Worship

By Paul Ryan

We all want to see more millennials active in the church. Throughout North America and indeed the world, churches are exploring traditional and innovative paths for ministering to and with millennials. One path that should be tried is worship leadership. Through worship leadership, millennials may receive the very grace, support, and community they seek in the midst of their journey.  Read more

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Patriotism and Politics in Worship

By John D. Witvliet

As Americans are heading toward the polling stations in the fall, how do churches address politics in worship? Read this Q&A column moderated by John Witvliet.  Read more

The Glory of Creation

By Fritz Pawelzik

A poem celebrating the harvest season.  Read more

Let All Things Now Living: A Thanksgiving Service with Scripture, Song, Poetry, and Slides

By Sharon Bandstra and Alisa Siebenga

This is a Thanksgiving service built around the contemporary confession Our World Belongs to God and the poetry of Gerhard Frost, with additional visual ideas.  Read more


  • A downloadable edition of Reformed Worship featuring Worship and Mental Illnesses (June 2018, issue 128) is available at Faith Alive Christian Resources. This is a single issue. No subscription or membership is needed.
  • 400th Anniversary of the Synod of Dort — 2018 is the 400th anniversary of the gathering of the Synod of Dort. Visit the website created by the Meeter Center for Calvin Studies to learn about the people, the debate, and the significance of the Synod of Dort on the Reformed faith.
  • Racial Reconciliation Resources for Congregations — Learning about diversity among Christians is a good way to embrace the ministry of reconciliation entrusted to us by God.
  • Updates Searches of Hymns in World Languages — is updating its search and listing capabilities on hymns in languages other than English (such as Spanish, German, French, Norwegian, Chinese, etc.). They welcome feedback and suggestions.
  • Role-Based Tips for Inclusive Congregations — No matter what part you play in your congregation, you can help to widen the welcome in your congregation for persons at all abilities.

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