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February 20 is World Social Justice day. The United Nations noted: social justice cannot be attained in the absence of peace and security.” Think about this statement for a moment. It is so relevant to us today. So many of us had hoped that 2021 would be better than 2020, but January alone proved that we all are far from living in a world of peace and security. So what now? How do we, as individuals, make a difference? At times it can feel overwhelming. However, we are never alone. We are part of a community in Christ. At Safe Church, this means coming together as a team to ensure that each day we work to support all our churches in the ongoing work of abuse prevention. We come together to pray, acknowledging that our strength rests in Christ. We come together to speak of hope for our church community.

While you journey through 2021, may you find moments of hope along the way.

—Becky Jones, Editor

Staff Update

New Director, Amanda Benckhuysen:
Why I Want to Work with Safe Church MInistry

On January 25, 2021 Amanda Benckhuysen joined Safe Church Ministry as the Director. In this article, Amanda shares with us a glimpse into her life and her career, but specifically how God led her to this role and she speaks about her passion for the work of Safe Church.

Learn More Here

abuse awareness sunday

Considering Trees, Mycorrhiza and Safe Church Ministry:
A Holistic Culture of Thriving Connections

As we look forward to Abuse Awareness Sunday in the Fall of 2021, Eric invites us to consider the communication system of the creator's trees. The image seen here was created by an artist inspired by the sprawling network of mycorrhiza which allows trees to talk with one another. The function of mycorrhiza inspired this blog too which invites us to consider how we as the church might learn to steward cultures of renewal, health, healing and wholeness.

Learn More Here

Find us online

Safe Church YouTube Channel

To stay connected throughout the pandemic, online meetings, webinars and events have been necessary. Safe Church increased our online presence a great deal this year, and as a result, we have a number of great resources available on our YouTube channel. Check us out! Subscribe to get notified when we post more online for your Safe Church team to access.

Check out our YouTube Channel!

The work of Social Justice

Do Justice Podcast: Gender Justice with
Julian Maturia and Cindy Stover

February 20th is World Social Justice day. Safe Church ministry is part of a collective justice team for the Christian Reformed Church. We work collaboratively to support each other in the work we do. Recently, members of our justice teams released a podcast: Do Justice. We invite you to listen today! One episode relevant to our work in Safe Church is episode 5 focused on Gender Based Violence.

Listen to the Podcast

Reminder: New Website

Our new website is now live! Not too much of the content has been revised, but there is a new aesthetic throughout. Do you have ideas about what should or shouldn’t be on our site? Send us a message at

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