OSJ Prayers

Fighting Erupts in Uganda

A CRC member who is living in Uganda is asking for prayer—on Sunday, over 50 people were killed in fighting between Ugandan forces and tribal militia in Kasese, near the Congolese border. State forces battled armed men protecting a tribal king accused of leading rebels. At least 55 people, including 41 rebels and 14 police officers, have been killed. The violence is an escalation of a long-standing ethnic conflict between Ugandan security forces and rebels.

We offer prayers for peace, Lordnot just for the immediate situation in Kasese, but also for the conflicts that lay at its foundation. We pray for a peace that lasts, asking that people in this region might find a way to exist together without violence.

Malawi Feels Effects of Climate Change

Malawi is one of seven southern African countries on the brink of starvation—5.7 million people need food there, and the number is rapidly growing. The country has been hit by a combination of climate change and a long drought caused by a strong El Nino weather cycle. Successive maize harvests have failed, leaving communities desperate for food. Above-average rains are predicted in the coming months, which could support harvests and replenish water sources but could also bring the threat of flooding.

God of creation, we pray to you for the people of Malawi. We pray for rain that sustains life but does not bring destruction. We pray that desperate people may find the nourishment they need without resorting to migration or to conflict. We pray that the world’s nations will commit to addressing the climate crisis.

OSU Attack

On Monday, a student at Ohio State University drove his car into pedestrians, then got out and attacked 11 people with a butcher knife. The suspect, Abdul Artan, was shot and killed by the police. The police are currently searching for a motive behind the attack. Artan was a Somali refugee who had been living as a legal permanent resident for a few years in the United States. The FBI is investigating comments on Facebook indicating that Artan may have felt that Muslims were being persecuted. Many from the Muslim and Somali communities are fearful of a potential backlash after the attack.

We grieve along with the victims of this attackhow long, O Lord? Violence seems too common in our world, both nearby and far away. We pray for refugees, Muslims, and Somalis who feel anxious in the wake of this eventmay we as your church never falter in our commitment to speak truth in the face of false witness, to welcome people who are vulnerable, and to see all people as bearers of your image.

Action Alert: Share Your Support for Refugees!

We need your voice! The Christian Reformed Church has a strong legacy of welcoming refugees into our communities and congregations. We can continue the kingdom work of resettling refugees only if we have a strong, ongoing refugee resettlement program. Click here to tell your government officials that you support welcoming refugees in your community!

Advent Devotional Series

It’s not too late to sign up for Advent devotions! Last week, World Renew and the CRC Office of Social Justice began sharing a devotional series for Advent 2016 called The Things That Make for Peace to help orient your Christmas season.

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