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Building Community

Wouldn’t you know it! The week you make twenty-five popsicles as a treat for your kids (more than enough!), twenty-six children show up. The next week, just to be sure, you make thirty Rice Krispy bars and eight children get to share them. The kids are happy, but you are left scratching your head.

One of the facts of life, hard to accept but true nonetheless, is that coming to your group is optional for many children. Families these days are stressed and busy; parents don’t always understand the vital importance of their kids’ spiritual nurture; single parents may be sharing custody of their children. Sunday school is not the only game in town—sports events, birthday parties, and community celebrations are often scheduled for Sunday mornings too.

We may not like how this plays out, but deal with it we must. How do you cheerfully handle the unpredictable size of the group from week to week? How can you encourage children who come consistently to welcome those who come only occasionally? How can you stay in touch with kids whose attendance is sporadic?

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How to Create A Dream Team of Spectacular Volunteers

You, as a ministry leader, cannot do this job alone. First, you’re not paid enough to run yourself into the ground. Although, I’d advise not doing that no matter your paycheck. Second, you are fantastic. However, you aren’t gifted in every area. And you need others to fill the roles you can’t.  
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Blog from Illustrated Children’s Ministry.

Jill Benson, Your DWELL Curriculum Coordinator

In her position, Benson will build and equip a community of Dwell curriculum users, coordinating, developing, and participating in the curriculum-specific training of children’s ministry leaders and volunteers via workshops and other means.

She will also, among other responsibilities, curate and share helpful curriculum-specific resources, including those developed by Dwell users.  Read more »

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10 Tips for Sunday School Teacher Training

As September approaches, churches around the country are preparing to begin a new program year. Whether your church formation program has hundreds of participants, or just a few, well prepared teachers and leaders are essential. Providing training will help your volunteers lead children (and adults) in lived, loving relationships with God, others, and creation.
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Blog from Virginia Theological Seminary’s Building Faith ministry.


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