Creation Care Update | August 09, 2016
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New CWP Website and Branding

The Climate Witness Project (CWP) has achieved some significant milestones to date:

  • engaging over 200 CRC members in the work of climate education and advocacy
  • having a robust presence at the 2015 Paris climate talks
  • placing 14 op-eds in local newspapers and CRC blogs
  • holding 17 advocacy visits with legislators

Now it can add another milestone to the list: new branding and a new web presence! Because of all of your incredible work, the CWP is expanding into more and more congregations all the time. The CWP planning team has developed a new set of webpages and branding to help congregations easily get involved in the CWP and to help reach out to other congregations not yet involved.

Head over to to check it out! You can learn more about the CWP, find helpful resources, learn about how the CWP is doing advocacy, find helpful tips for reducing energy use, and donate to the ongoing work of the CWP. Be sure to share all this with your friends, family, and social media contacts!

News from our Congregations

West Michigan: As Hope CRC in the Chicago region continues to work toward becoming the first CRC congregation to achieve ENERGY STAR certification, Church of the Servant CRC in Grand Rapids, Mich., is on track to become the second to receive this designation. Both congregations have received energy scores that place them above the 75th percentile of all houses of worship in the U.S., and both are working with professional engineers to have their data verified and submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Could your church be the next ENERGY STAR certified congregation?

Have a success story you want us to share in an upcoming newsletter? Send it to us at and, and we’ll be sure to highlight your good work!

Legislative Updates

In our July newsletter, we shared an update on the Senate appropriations process for the Green Climate Fund (GCF)—a critical mechanism in ensuring that developing nations are assisted in transitioning toward a low carbon economy and in adapting to the impacts of climate change. While the Senate subcommittee voted to appropriate $500 million to the GCF, the House subcommittee has decided not to appropriate anything to the GCF. While it is still possible to reconcile these differences when the House and Senate bills are sent to conference, it is disappointing that the House has chosen to be antagonistic toward the GCF.

Past newsletters have also referenced the Gibson Resolution—the Republican-led resolution meant to name the reality of climate change and to call for conservative solutions. While the resolution has not yet been voted out of committee, it continues to build momentum. It recently received another co-sponsorship from Rep. Katko on July 14, bringing the total number of co-sponsors to 13.

Finally, a new bipartisan group of U.S. Representatives has recently formed, calling itself the Climate Solutions Caucus. It is a group of like-minded legislators, made up of eight Republicans and eight Democrats, seeking to collaborate together to build political will toward climate policy. This is an exciting development, and it bodes well for the future of federal climate policy in the U.S.

New Resources

The CWP planning team is hard at work developing a new educational resource for congregations to use this coming fall. It explores the outcomes of the Paris Agreement through the lens of Scripture and invites congregations to think through what the commitments of the Paris Agreement might mean for their life of worship and discipleship. Be on the lookout in upcoming newsletters for a link to the resource when it is ready!

Another exciting resource was recently released by a group of renowned U.S. organizations, including NASA and NOAA, called The Climate Explorer. It is intended to help bring the vastness of the climate change discussion down to the local level. Explore national, regional, and local data to help communicate the ways in which a warming world will affect your own community.



Tell the Canadian Government You Support Strong Climate Policy


Tell Your U.S. Legislator to Support Policy Consistent with the Paris Agreement



The Climate Witness Project has made tremendous progress so far, and it has logged some serious successes. In order to continue this important work, we need your help.

We are grateful for the many ways you have contributed to the success of the Climate Witness Project. Will you consider also becoming a financial partner? (Click the button below.) Your gift can be any amount, from $5 to as much as you wish. Whatever you can give, we would welcome the opportunity to partner with you in a new way in this work!


A Beautiful Planet

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See earth’s changes from space as “never seen before” in this 49-minute feature by IMAX Entertainment and filmmaker Toni Myers, narrated by Jennifer Lawrence, in 3-D! A single showing is scheduled on Thursday, August 25, 7:00 p.m., at the IMAX North Celebration Cinema, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
This is a special showing at a very special price, only $6.00! Tickets are available only through Eventbrite. Seating is strictly limited, so get your tickets today!

View the trailer here.


For the Love Of

Join us at the Wealthy Theater in Grand Rapids on August 13 at 7:30 p.m. for a free screening of For the Love Of and a live show by Songs of Water! The film explores the journey of worship artists John Mark McMillan, Sarah McMillan, William Matthews, and Stephen Roach (from Songs of Water) to Paris for COP 21 to learn about how climate change is affecting the world's most impoverished people. This short film dives into what they learned as they engaged with activists, scientists, and people directly affected by climate change.

There will be a Q&A discussion after the film with several of the artists and filmmakers. No need to RSVP—just show up, and bring a friend!