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Introducing DWELL Flex: New Simple, Flexible Children’s Curriculum for Complex Times

Dwell Flex is a new edition of Dwell, built specifically for the challenges and changes many churches are navigating through right now. We’ve tailor-made 36 new Dwell sessions for use in a variety of situations and across multiple age groups to help make things a little easier.

Dwell Flex is...flexible! These are simple, single-page Dwell session plans that require no other materials and work within a wide range of ages and contexts, including:

  • By Video - Whether pre-recorded segment or live via video conference.
  • At Church - If lower attendance requires you to combine into a multi-age class.
  • At Home - Send these easy lessons for families to do at home.

These adaptable, stand-alone sessions allow a Children’s ministry to pivot and meet the diverse needs of their current church setting.

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Resources for Using DWELL in a COVID-19 World

As I’ve connected with Dwell leaders across the continent over the past few months, discussing their plans for the coming year, one thing is for sure: no two churches look the same right now. Each is set in a different geographic area with different infection rates and guidelines, and each is figuring out its own way to hold church in these unique circumstances.

As we considered how to resource our Dwell churches this fall, it became very clear that we needed to help churches adapt to a variety of situations. We hope these new resources will do just that:

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A Wonderful Way to Help Families Form Faith at Home This Fall

I love the ways in which virtual church gatherings have given us glimpses into the lives of our families with children. Watching families participate in worship as they sit around the kitchen table or side-by-side on slouchy couches; seeing parents pass out communion crackers and juice, wipe up spills, and settle sibling disputes; and catching sight of multiple heads bowed together in prayer provide us with us with real time reminders of the energy it requires to raise children and of how much nurturing their kid’s faith matters to parents.

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5 Terrific Tips for Telling God's Story with Children During Online Worship

Last Sunday, a chicken named Pearl attended our online worship service. Also in attendance: Anu’s stuffed bear, the Webers’ dog Ella, a photo of Linda’s cow, and a bunny (who hopped away before being properly introduced). We unmuted everyone’s mic and invited them to describe the ways in which they care for their beloved pets. Their stories helped worshipers of all ages connect to the children’s message that followed: the story about how a young shepherd boy named David cared for his sheep.

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How DWELL’s Simplified Session Plans Will Equip Churches this Fall

One thing I’m learning about our current season of life is that less is more. Parents, volunteers, and church leaders are overwhelmed, each taking on new tasks and responsibilities as a part of our new way of life. As our Dwell team thought through resourcing Dwell churches for this fall, we knew it was important to keep things as simple as possible. This important need is why I’m so excited to share our newest FREE resource with you: A Template for Leading a Simplified Dwell Session.

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