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In this issue we offer up an article that highlights the important distinction between the words Racial and Racialized. Also a discussion on the theologian Abraham Kuyper. And we introduce you to some ’Champions of Justice’ and one of the Race Relations Multiracial Student Scholarship recipients.


Racial Injustice or Racialized Injustice?

The new Race Relations mandate avoids the adjective “racial” to avoid giving credence to the false notion that humans actually comprise separate “races.” Read more about why this is an important distinction.

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Abraham Kuyper: Cancel or Celebrate?

Kuyper is an essential teacher for a world-engaging Christian discipleship and witness that arises from neither a conservative nor a liberal agenda. Yet his complexity persists because Kuyper was unhelpfully ambiguous on issues of race.

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Swords  to Plowshares

“Wheat and Tares”: Race Relations Advocate Rudy Gonzalez examines the challenge of finding the inspiration amid the depravity, of seeing the merits despite the demerits, and of weighing the harm against the good that grows from a broken creation.

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Seeing It Differently

“Boosting Ethnic Ministries in the CRC” - Learn more about how Viviana Cornejo came to work in the CRCs Office of Race Relations and get some insight into her personal story and why she fights as an anti racism advocate.

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Meet Scholarship  Recipients

We want to introduce you to Seunghwan Roh (“David”), one of the ten recipients of the 2021/22 Race Relations Multiracial Student Scholarship.

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Meet Michelle Loyd-Paige

Meet Michelle Loyd-Paige, one of the recipients of the Race Relations “Champions of Justice” recognition.

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Meet Sheila Holmes

Meet Sheila Holmes, one of the recipients of the Race Relations “Champions of Justice” recognition.

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Web Bytes

Read the personal story of Rudy Gonzalez and about how he became an anti racism advocate in the CRCs Office of Race Relations.

CRCNA Supports Investigation into Boarding Schools

Can Someone Please Turn on the Light?


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