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Refugees in Michigan Still Need Your Voice.
Start Making Phone Calls Today!

Last week, Michiganders came together to stand up for refugees in numbers we have never seen before. Thank you! Unfortunately, the anti-refugee resolution (HCR 28) passed through the committee with a 6-5 vote last Wednesday. The resolution urges the Federal government to halt resettlement until “security processes adequately” screen refugees & until they consult with local governments. Our work is not yet complete—we need to keep raising our voice here in Michigan. We need to start making phone calls today.

This resolution cannot make it to the House Floor. If it does, there is a good chance it will pass, setting an unacceptable precedent in the state of Michigan. Thankfully, your representatives have heard from you—loud and clear. But, there are few other people that need to hear from you as well to make sure this bill does not come to a full vote.

Here’s the next step:

  1. Call Speaker Cotter's office (517-373-1789) and Floor Leader Nesbitt's office
    (517-373-0839) to let them know that you welcome refugees in Michigan
    and reject HCR 28.

  1. Tell them you're very familiar with the robust refugee security screening process and that it has been proven to be highly effective.

Here is an example of what you could say:

“Hi. My name is __________ and I live in __________, Michigan. I am calling to ask that you prevent HCR 28 from coming to a vote. This resolution is mean spirited and would set a dangerous precedent in our state. As a Christian, I believe we are called to care for the vulnerable and welcome the stranger. I also know that my community is better because of the gifts and contributions of refugees.

It is a myth that refugees are not adequately screened before coming here. In fact, refugees are the best-screened group of immigrants that the U.S. admits. The process is long and robust, and has a long track record of keeping Americans safe. All refugees are fleeing extreme violence and persecution—not perpetuating it. The United States, including Michigan, must continue to welcome this vulnerable population.

I am asking you to prevent HCR 28 from coming to a vote. Thank you for your time.

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