OSJ Prayers

Tension in Egypt

Over the course of the past week the Egyptian pound dropped in value by almost 50 percent, causing skyrocketing prices throughout Egypt’s economy. This was a result of two recent events: Saudi Arabia decided to stop providing Egypt with subsidized oil/gas, and the Egyptian government has been forced to allow Egypt’s currency to float, in order to meet the conditions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and possibly receive a $12 billion loan. People are hoarding, and the cost of staples like gas, rice, oil, baby formula, and bread has become too high for people who are poor. Frustration and anger are leading to desperation, and November 11 will see mass protests that the government has not approved.

We lift in prayer the nation of Egyptwe pray for peace, for safety, for justice. We pray for those who are poor and hungry. We pray for those who are angry and feel powerless. We pray for those in government who will respond to the protests. Come, Lord Jesus.

Eastern Aleppo residents at risk of mass starvation

The United Nations has urged the Syrian government, Russia, and rebels groups to immediately allow food deliveries to besieged areas of eastern Aleppo, issuing a bleak warning that the 250,000 civilians still trapped in the divided city are are at risk of mass starvation as winter sets in. The last remaining food rations were handed out Thursday in rebel-held eastern Aleppo, leaving nothing to distribute next week if more supplies do not come in..

God, we pray fervently for the people of Aleppo. Intervene among the rebels and the government officials so that all who face starvation there may be spared. Give strength to those determined to help. Help us not to forget Aleppo, Lord.

Torture in Iraq

During the offensive launched last month to retake Mosul, alarming reports of torture have surfaced. Men dressed in Iraqi federal police uniforms are reported to have tortured and killed residents of villages south of Mosul. Evidence suggests up to six people were shot dead after being detained on suspicion of having ties to the so-called Islamic State.

Lord, in the fervor to end the tyranny of ISIS, we pray for protection for all who are innocent and for an upholding of the rule of law. Torture is always a violation of human dignity. We lament the ways in which fear compels us to sinto violate your image in others. May we stand for what is right, even when we are afraid.

IDOP Worship Resources

The last official Sunday to observe the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is this coming Sunday, Nov. 13. The CRC Office of Social Justice is pleased to offer a litany and a PowerPoint presentation to help your church remember the persecuted church this year. Click here for worship resources.

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