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CANADA - “Poverty-related crimes are becoming 'life-sentences' for aboriginal women, NWAC says.” Read this article from CBC/Radio-Canada to learn more about how racism influences treatment of aboriginal women in Canada’s court systems.

U.S. - In the U.S., the number of incarcerated women has drastically increased, and “most women are in prison for crimes directly related to social inequity — poverty, addiction, mental illness, domestic violence and trauma.”

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Listen to these Lady Lifers sing about their life in prison: fears, hopes, and family.


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Read these 10 facts from the perspective of corrections professionals (jail and prison guards, etc.) about the unique challenges of incarcerated women.

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Diane Sawyer’s 20/20 film documents some of the challenges faced by incarcerated women, prison guards, and wardens of women’s prison facilities. Watch the film here.

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The United States incarcerates more women than other nations. Share this graphic from Forbes to raise awareness about this disturbing trend.


January 22, 2016

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