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October is Fire Safety Month. In preparation, here are a few basic fire precautions to know and use on your jobs.
  • Make sure you know:
    • The location of the fire extinguisher nearest to your work area;
    • The location of emergency exits from buildings and/or the emergency evacuation meeting/muster point(s).
  • In case of fire:
    • Warn others, call for help if required.
    • You’re probably not a firefighter, so please don’t try to fight or put out the fire.Use the extinguisher to help you get away from the fire.
    • Know how to use a fire extinguisher.Remember the PASSword.
      • P = PULL the pin to unlock the extinguishers.
      • A = AIM at the base of the fire and stand 6’ – 10’ away, if possible. 
      • S = SQUEEZE the handle to shoot the extinguisher.
      • S = SWEEP from side to side.
    • If you’re trained in the use of fire extinguishers only use them to put out small fires. If the fire is, or could become, too large to control call 911 and/or pull the fire alarm.
  • Remember, the best protection from fires is prevention.
    • Store flammable chemicals/materials properly and away from ignition sources.
    • When doing work that creates sparks or flames (hot work) make sure flammable/combustible chemicals/materials are removed from the area or protected if they can’t be moved.
Check extinguishers monthly [1926.150(c)(1)(viii)].  Make sure the gauge is in the green and that the extinguisher is in good condition.  Replace any damaged or discharged extinguishers.

Most importantly, you are more important than any building, materials or equipment.  Never put your life at risk trying to fight a fire.  Use that extinguisher as a way to escape from the fire and to get yourself and your co-workers to safety.

CLICK HERE to download the optional Safety Talk form for your workplace.
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