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ENERGY-EVENT: The Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum and CERES sponsor “The Business Case for Clean Energy.” Anderson Corporation and Walmart join MnCEF and CERES to share how energy innovation is reshaping business decisions. When: Wednesday October 26, 3-4 pm Where: O’Gara’s Grill; RSVP  (SPONSORED: Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum)
TAKE:  Twice in the last month, after sporting events at the Xcel Energy Center visitors to the Capitol city were greeted with construction when attempting to head West on 94. The first was the closure of the tunnel after a Lynx game, and then last night overnight construction on a 1-2 mile stretch of 94 greeted Wild fans as they tried to get home.  Of course, the work needs to be done, however, Commissioner Charlie Zelle needs to find the person responsible for scheduling, and introduce them to an events calendar.  In both cases, the work wasn’t a long-term project, but a one-night project.  A quick look at the Wild schedule shows that after last nights game they don’t have a game at Xcel for 8 nights.  Therefore MNDOT, your one night project that caused a usual 20 minute drive home to turn into a 75-minute drive home could have been delayed for another night if you would have simply looked at the schedule of the biggest draw to St. Paul at night. The simple act of better scheduling, would mean “A Better Minnesota”.
ELECTIONNIGHT:  DFLers are buzzing about Sen. Maj. Leader Tom Bakk’s election night party.  On Facebook, an invite shows that the Majority Leader is holding an event in St. Paul, away from the DFL’s main party.  Spurring speculation that he’s making sure people understand that he is likely to run for Governor in 2018.  INVITE:
NOV10:  The day the 2018 race for Governor starts.
SPECIAL: via David Montomery of the Pioneer Press, VERBATIM: “The most powerful Democrat in Minnesota’s Legislature disagreed Thursday with Gov. Mark Dayton’s critique of Obamacare’s affordability...Dayton, a Democrat, caused a stir last week when he said “the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable for an increasing number of people.”...Republicans ranging all the way up to presidential candidate Donald Trump cited the DFL governor’s words to critique the Affordable Care Act, while Dayton stood by his words and blamed Congressional Republicans for failing to act to fix the health care law...BAKK: On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk was asked about Dayton’s characterization....“Senator,” he was asked, “do you agree with Gov. Dayton’s statement that the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable?”...“No,” Bakk said when asked if he agreed, then continued:“It’s 5 percent of the marketplace. We’ve got some problems in the individual market for people that can’t access the federal tax credit, for people over 400 percent of the poverty line. That’s the cohort where we have a problem. For 95 percent of people and for the people that are able to access the tax credits in the exchange, you know, I think this system is working.”  READ:
TODAY:  Governor Mark Dayton is expected to address the special session at his press briefing today at 10:30 AM.
YESTERDAY:  Reporters are often sent background memo’s that are “off the record” from Governor Mark Dayton’s top communication aide Linden Zakula.  Sending of the memo’s provides context and perspective on key issues, this week there were two, one on Broadband and one on MNsure.  In most cases, they compare GOP and DFL positions, and are critical of the GOP.  Yesterday, House GOP Communication leader Susan Closmore sent out a different kind of memo.  A poke directly at Zakula the memo was labeled. “On the Record Foreground Memo: Democrats Must be honest with Minnesotans about health care tax increases”  EXCERPT: “House Republicans are pleased that after two weeks, Senate Democrats have recognized the seriousness of the situation. Skyrocketing health care costs are hurting thousands of families and—despite willfully misleading claims by the Governor—it's undeniable that hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans WILL see actual health insurance increases of 50 percent or more. ...At last week's press conference, Senator Lourey noted that "most" of their proposals came from recommendations of the Health Care Financing Task Force (HCFTF), which was created by the legislature and the Governor in 2015...Senator Lourey, Senator Sheran, and Senator Hayden all served as members of the Task Force....Conspicuously absent from Senate Democrats' press conference remarks and documents was any mention of the HCFTF recommendations to raise billions in higher health care taxes...Minnesotans deserve to know: do Democrats believe higher taxes are the answer to bringing down costs? If given single-party control, would Democrats raise taxes on health care in an effort to shore up MNsure and the individual insurance market? Do Democrats plan to extend taxes on individual health insurance plans, and repeal the sunset of the provider tax?”
HD49A: via WCCO’s Pat Kessler, VERBATIM: “ A Minnesota House re-match between a veteran lawmaker and his Republican rival is getting more heated...That’s because House Republicans are behind a campaign commercial aimed at the opponent’s past behavior. It’s seen as a key race as Republicans strive to hold on to their 12-seat majority...But what began as a lawmaker’s poor attempt at humor is no laughing matter. In House district 49A, incumbent DFL State Rep. Ron Erhardt might have the edge with yard signs dotting his Edina neighborhoods...But it’s a race where Republican leaders hope a simple television ad will tip the scale to their favor.”  READ/WATCH:
HD25B: via Heather Carlson at the Post Bulletin, VERBATIM: “Former Rep. Fran Bradley, R-Rochester, argues his experience sets him apart from his opponent. Bradley served in the Minnesota House from 1995 to 2006. During those years, he said he received awards from a wide range of groups including those representing people with disabilities, taxpayers and farm groups... His opponent, Rochester Democrat Daune Sauke, vows if he is elected, he will not just go along with politics as usual. Instead, he will go to St. Paul with an open mind looking to find solutions and areas of common ground. He said he has no interest in staking out positions on issues and refusing to budge...Both candidates say they are concerned about rising health insurance premiums, but they offer different approaches to solving the problem. To help reduce insurance costs in the individual market, Bradley said he would look at bringing back something Minnesota used to do — providing a high-risk pool for individuals with serious health issues. He also would support efforts to encourage consumers to use health savings accounts.”  READ:
SD21: via the Winona Daily News, VERBATIM: “Mike Goggin is running as a Republican for the District 21 Senate seat held by Sen. Matt Schmit, DFL-Red Wing, who was first elected in 2012...Goggin is a first-time candidate who said if elected he would help southeast Minnesota businesses and citizens save costs, and work for higher wages and job growth...He said he would be attempting to fix the past mistakes of the Legislature, specifically MNsure, which he said people have been bringing up to him consistently as a concern...Goggin also said he would be adamant in opposing any rail corridor along Hwy. 52.  GOGGIN: “I fix things … I don’t just talk,” Goggin said... SCHMIT: Schmit, who has taken on broadband funding and expansion, transportation and other initiatives as his key issues, is finishing his first term.”  READ:

CHILDCARE: In a new report from the Center for Rural Policy and DevelopmentVERBATIM: “A crisis has been quietly brewing throughout Minnesota and the nation for many years now. People have been getting out of the in-home family child care business at a disturbing rate, creating a severe shortage over most of the state. And while statewide data makes it appear that growth in child care centers is picking up the slack, that is not the case in much of Greater Minnesota...Decisions regarding child care—whether to stay home with the kids or find care for them outside the home—has always been considered a personal decision, part of the “family bubble,” as Frameworks Institute puts it in their ongoing study of American attitudes toward child care...This perspective, though, has perhaps been camouflaging the growing issue, keeping it out of the public eye. The reality is that the shortage is creating a ripple effect with very real impact, not just on families but on employers and entire communities, and the impact is being felt across the state.”  READ  (

CD8: via Forum News Service, VERBATIM: “With less than three weeks to go before Election Day, the race for Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District seat appeared to reach fever pitch with developments this week...The rematch between Democratic incumbent Rep. Rick Nolan and Republican challenger Stewart Mills will, rather suddenly, feature another debate on Sunday. The candidates will meet in St. Paul for a debate on KSTP-TV that also will air live in northeast Minnesota from 6-6:30 p.m. on sister station WDIO-TV...Additionally, the race that already was one of the most expensive in the country surpassed independent contributions of $8 million this week. A super PAC founded by former U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman of Minnesota was responsible for a large part of it, dealing out more than $688,000 to repeatedly air a television advertisement aimed at Nolan.”  READ:
DULUTH: via the Duluth News Tribune, VERBATIM: “Candidates vying to represent Duluth at the Minnesota Capitol spent Thursday evening opining on how to prevent gun violence in a debate that took place a few blocks away from where a fatal shooting happened last weekend... Two shootings in Duluth and Hermantown in the past month and a recent homicide in the Lincoln Park neighborhood spurred the questions regarding whether the state needs to take more preventative measures to curb gun violence.”  READ:
HIGHERED: via Brian Bakst at MPR News, VERBATIM: “Minnesota tuition data show why Smith, and parents like her, have a right to be worried...For undergraduates at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, the resident sticker price for tuition and fees runs about $14,000 a year, triple what it was in 2000. At the current rate, it will cost this fall's freshman class at least $56,000 if students can finish in four years...Private schools can cost considerably more. Posted tuition costs at Carleton College in Northfield, Minn., and Macalester College in St. Paul are nearly four times higher than the U, according to cost estimates published by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. Books, lodging and other expenses only add to the bill...For many, scholarships and grants will defray expenses. Others, though, will turn to loans and amass big debts by the time they earn a degree...The scenario is playing out around the country. It's why candidates seeking the White House and other offices are talking about rising college costs and student debt, although many voters remain skeptical that any of the grand plans are achievable...Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has made free college for some students and lower debt payments for others key planks in her economic platform... Republican Donald Trump has questioned whether such an approach is fiscally sustainable. He doesn't have a bullet-point plan like Clinton, but he used a recent campaign speech to criticize universities for sitting on multi-billion dollar endowments while students rack up debt. He said he'd explore revoking federal tax exemptions for universities that don't change course.” READ:
TODAY: Lt. Governor Tina Smith will meet with commissioners and staff throughout the day
COMMUNITY: via Minnesota Credit Union Pulse, on Monday VERBATIM: “Together, an estimated 1,200 credit-union volunteers assisted nearly 22,000 people in 65 communities statewide by building and repairing; cleaning and organizing; cooking and serving; thanking and sharing small gifts.  QUOTE: “Plus It Forward Day is simple: We are intentional about doing good for other people,” said Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union president/CEO Dave Larson. “Each year we step away from our day-to-day routines and engage the community beyond the walls of our credit unions. As we do, we remind ourselves that being kind is a simple, but profound, act. Kindness can change someone’s day. It can change a life.”...“Affinity Plus founded Plus It Forward Day in 2013, timed to the federal Columbus Day holiday,” Larson said. Instead of a day off, Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union employees spent eight hours volunteering in their communities across Minnesota.” READ:  (SPONSORED: Minnesota’s Credit Unions)

NEXTWK: via news advisory from Secretary of State, VERBATIM “This year, 281 high schools throughout the state are signed up to participate in Minnesota Students Vote 2016, the first ever statewide mock election for high school students...‘Mock Election Day’ is next week on Tuesday, October 25. To view the full list of participating schools, click here. Please note, schools have the option to hold the election before or after Oct. 25, depending what works best for each school.”  DETAILS:
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JOBS: via news release, VERBATIM: “Minnesota employers added 1,900 jobs in September, according to seasonally adjusted figures released today by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).  Those numbers, combined with figures from August that were revised from 1,500 jobs lost to 500 jobs gained, brought total job growth in Minnesota to 40,899 in the past year. State jobs are up 1.4 percent from the same month a year ago. The U.S. rate of job growth was 1.7 percent over the past year.  The state unemployment rate held steady in September at a seasonally adjusted 4 percent. The U.S. unemployment rate was 5 percent in September….  Professional and business services led all sectors in September with a record monthly gain of 10,500 new jobs. Other sectors adding jobs were government (up 1,600), manufacturing (up 700), information (up 300), logging and mining (up 100), and other services (up 100).  The following industries lost jobs in September: education and health services (down 3,800), leisure and hospitality (down 3,700), trade, transportation and utilities (down 2,900), construction (down 600) and financial activities (down 400)….  In the Metropolitan Statistical Areas, the following regions gained jobs in the past 12 months: Minneapolis-St. PaulMSA (up 2 percent), Rochester MSA (up 3.7 percent) and St. Cloud MSA (up 2.8 percent). TheDuluth-Superior MSA was unchanged, while the Mankato MSA was down 0.2 percent.”  READ:
MAINSTREET: via Creighton University, the Rural Mainstreet Index for October is scheduled for release today.  WEBPAGE:
SOLAR: via news release, VERBATIM: “Target has grabbed the top spot among American businesses that are going solar.  The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) revealed Target’s ascension to the top of the list in its 2016 Solar Means Business report, issued today, which found that more American businesses are installing solar than ever before.  Adding more solar this year than any other U.S. retailer, Target now has 147.5 megawatts (MW) of installed solar capacity. This is the first time Target has ranked No.1 in the report’s five-year history.”  FULLREPORT:
BESTEXECS: via Mark Reilly at MSPBJ, VERBATIM: “When it comes to delivering long-term corporate growth, Minnesota is home to some of the world's best chief executives, according to a ranking by the Harvard Business Review.  Three Minnesota CEOs made the HBR list, which focuses on chief executives who have been on the job a long time (CEOs with fewer than two years aren't eligible) and consistently generated strong stock returns, rather than chasing short-term gains….  The Minnesota CEOs are:  Douglas Baker of Ecolab Inc., (No. 21 overall, CEO since 2004)  |  Jeffrey Ettinger of Hormel Foods Corp. (No. 84, CEO since 2006)  |  Ken Powell of General Mills Inc. (No. 71, CEO since 2007).”  LIST:
GENDEREQUITY: via Samuel Stebbins and Michael B. Sauter at 24/7 Wall St., a new ranking of gender equity ranks Minnesota as the 12th best state in the nation.  VERBATIM: “One third of Minnesota’s state legislature and a fifth of its congressional delegation are female, including the state’s senior senator, Amy Klobuchar.  While women have a larger than typical role in Minnesota politics, they are notably underrepresented in management jobs.  Only 37.9% of management roles in the state are held by women, one of the smaller percentages in the country.  As is true nationwide, women earn less than men in Minnesota, despite higher high school diploma and bachelor’s degree attainment rates.”  WATCH/READ:
BBY: via news release, VERBATIM: “Canadian shoppers are getting a new way to shop for the latest Google tech and it will be interactive, educational and exciting. Best Buy Canadaannounced Thursday a new collaboration with Google Canada, the first of its kind in North America that will bring 14 Google shops to their newly renovated “Experience Stores” by the end of 2016….  Google shops are exploratory spaces that bring Google’s family of hardware to life and provide immersive experiences that help users get the most out of their devices. Customers will be able to touch and try Google products, like Pixel (available now), Daydream View and Chromecast Ultra (both available later this year).”  READ:
MATTRESSES: via APVERBATIM: “Select Comfort Corp. (SCSS) on Wednesday reported third-quarter earnings of $25.7 million.  On a per-share basis, the Minneapolis-based company said it had net income of 56 cents.  The results missed Wall Street expectations.  The average estimate of seven analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research was for earnings of 57 cents per share.  The seller of beds, mattresses and bedding products posted revenue of $368 million in the period, which also missed Street forecasts. Five analysts surveyed by Zacks expected $392.7 million.  Select Comfort expects full-year earnings to be $1.15 to $1.25 per share.  Select Comfort shares have climbed almost 1 percent since the beginning of the year.  In the final minutes of trading on Wednesday, shares hit $21.58, a decline of almost 5 percent in the last 12 months.”  RESULTS:
CONFCALL:  Here is the transcript from the Select Comfort Corporation earnings conference call with President & CEO Shelly Ibach.  READ:
FLUIDS: via Alphonse Anthony at Zolmax News, VERBATIM: “Graco Inc. (NYSE:GGG) posted its quarterly earnings data on Wednesday.  The company reported $0.95 earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter, topping analysts’ consensus estimates of $0.89 by $0.06.  The company had revenue of $327.20 million for the quarter, compared to the consensus estimate of $331.66 million.  Graco had a net margin of 15.01% and a return on equity of 30.04%.  The firm’s revenue was up 2.6% compared to the same quarter last year. During the same quarter last year, the firm posted $0.86 earnings per share.”  FINANCIALS:
TODAY: via American Banking and Market NewsVERBATIM: “TCF Financial Corp.(NYSE:TCB) will issue its Q316 quarterly earnings data on Friday, October 21st.  Analysts expect the company to announce earnings of $0.30 per share and revenue of $215.20 million for the quarter….  On average, analysts expect TCF Financial Corp. to post $1.18 EPS for the current fiscal year and $1.24 EPS for the next fiscal year.”  READ:
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