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DAILYAGENDA:   On the Daily Agenda, DFL candidates for HD44B running in a primary Jon Applebaum, Jon Tollefson and Tony Wagner will debate  LISTEN

TODAY: Rep. Phyllis Kahn will talk about her hotly contested primary in HD60B  LIVE at 10AM

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DEBATE:  Tonight's GOP Primary debate on WCCO Radio has been cancelled due to the withdrawal of Scott Honour and Kurt Zellers. 

THURSDAYTAKE:  Debates have always been risky for candidates, but in no year in memory has the concept of a debate elicited such fear in candidates of the two major parties.  First Sen. Al Franken bailed on MPR at the Fair, then Gov. Mark Dayton did the same.  This week, Gov. Mark Dayton avoided a candidate “panel” at FarmFest, but yesterday Sen. Al Franken and his likely challenger Mike McFadden sat side-by-side at Farmfest.  Then late yesterday afternoon, via email from a representative of Kurt Zellers campaign sent an email to WCCO Radio withdrawing from the debate for both the Zellers and Scott Honour’s campaign.  Yes, the two campaigns had coordinated the withdrawal, they say because GOP endorsed candidate Jeff Johnson wasn’t going to be there.  However, where else could candidates talk to more voters for free 5 days before the most hotly contested primary in modern GOP history?  The coordination suggests that the campaigns are all concerned about Johnson’s perceived momentum. But the trail of debate dismissals by candidates of both parties suggests something more troubling.  Candidates have become so handled and fearful of gaffe’s or tough questions that they hide behind ads and media statements.  In the age of viral videos, and Twitter blow-ups controlling everything possible is the major focus of the modern campaign.  The problem is that it doesn’t represent leadership, but rather a dangerous desire to be safe and scripted at every turn.  Who or what suffers?  Voters and democracy.  If authenticity was the most common trait of winning candidates for the last 15 years, the new winning for a winning candidate might be accessibility.   After all, if candidates are afraid of people or controversy to avoid a forum at the Minnesota State Fair, or a gaffe that goes viral on social media, then democracy is in major trouble, and so is the quality of the candidates and elected officials the major parties are producing. 
SENATE: via Doug Belden at the Pioneer Press, VERBATIM: “Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden took advantage of his first time sharing the stage with Al Franken on Wednesday to try to undercut the Democratic incumbent on energy and regulatory issues and paint him as a yes-man for President Obama…Franken, a first-termer who has a significant fundraising lead and is generally pegged by national analysts as likely to win re-election, hardly engaged McFadden, though he did chuckle during a few of the former investment banker's swipes at him…The two major-party endorsed candidates took questions for more than an hour at a Farmfest forum on agriculture and rural issues. They were joined on stage by GOP candidates Jim Abeler and David Carlson and the Independence Party's Kevin Terrell.”  READ:
GOVERNOR: via Tom Scheck at MPR, VERBATIM: “The anti-tax group Americans for Tax Reform is criticizing Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson for not signing the group’s pledge to not raise taxes if he’s elected governor. The group, which is run by Grover Norquist, said Johnson’s refusal to sign the pledge is a “’Read my lips’ problem on taxes.”  READ:
CD1: via Heather Carlson of the Post Bulletin, VERBATIM: “First District DFL Rep. Tim Walz and two Republicans fighting for the chance to take him on this November squared-off Wednesday during a candidate forum at Minnesota Farmfest…Republicans Jim Hagedorn, a Blue Earth businessman, and Aaron Miller, a Byron Army veteran, are both running in the Aug. 12 primary. The winner will take on the four-term DFL congressman from Mankato. They joined eight other congressional candidates on stage in a red machine shed for the forum, which drew hundreds of farmers…Sporting a camouflage baseball hat, T-shirt and jeans, Walz emphasized the need for members of Congress to work across the aisle and touted his efforts to get the bipartisan farm bill passed. He said farmers understand the need to work together.”  READ:
PIES: via the Duluth News Tribune, VERBATIM: “Betty Lessard is most famous for her pies...She started Betty’s Pies near Two Harbors in 1956 and spent decades perfecting her pie recipes, which now are incredibly popular. Lessard turns 90 on Tuesday and can look back on a lifetime elbow-deep in lard and flour… Her restaurant also was one of the first in the state to enforce a strict no-smoking policy, to the chagrin of some customers. Though Lessard was a smoker many decades ago, by 1978 she had no patience for those wishing to light up in her restaurant.  QUOTE: “Most people who own eating places are afraid if they don’t allow smoking, they’ll lose customers,” she told the Duluth News Tribune at the time. “But I have my standards.”  READ:  (SPONSORED: ClearWay Minnesota)
EARLYVOTING: via Tom Scheck of MPR, VERBATIM: “For years, Minnesotans could only vote early if they could provide a legally valid excuse, such as being outside of the district on Election Day….Dropping that requirement is one of the biggest changes to Minnesota's election system in years -- and the candidates and political parties are trying to capitalize on it.  QUOTE: "We have it right on our voter card," said former House Minority Leader Marty Seifert said. "We put our thumb on there and say you can vote early at the courthouse."…Seifert, one of four Republicans seeking the party's nomination for governor, is quick to tell voters they can cast their ballots before the Aug. 12 primary. As he greeted voters at the Anoka County Fair, Seifert tried to persuade potential supporters to take advantage of the new law.” READ:
TODAY: GOP gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson will hold a news conference and mock ground breaking this morning at 8:45 criticizing the new Senate Office Building.
TODAY: Governor Mark Dayton will travel to Redwood Falls and Morgan, Minnesota.  Dayton will attend Farmfest at 11:30 including remarks at 1:15 and a media availability immediately following his remarks.  At 10:30, Gov. Dayton will provide remarks at the Yellow Ribbon Ceremony at the Redwood Falls City Hall. 
TODAY: U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden (R-MN) will bring his “Growth & Prosperity Tour” to Willmar, Litchfield, Hutchinson, and Waconia.
TODAY: via news advisory, DEED’s Diversity Career Fair, VERBATIM: “DEED Commissioner Katie Clark Sieben and Human Rights Commissioner Kevin Lindsey will be among the speakers at this event aimed at connecting workers with employers that are seeking to recruit diverse workforces…While the overall state unemployment rate for 2013 was 4.9 percent, African American Minnesotans faced an unemployment rate of 15 percent – an increase from 13.8 percent in 2012. Hispanic and American Indian Minnesotans also face unemployment rates that are significantly higher than average. Communities of color were hit harder by the Great Recession.”
FLOODS: via news release from Minnesota Revenue, VERBATIM: “Local governments located in additional Minnesota counties can request their state aid payments early due to financial hardships caused by the recent severe weather and flooding, the Minnesota Department of Revenue announced today. In mid-July, eight counties were officially recognized as disaster areas by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and last week FEMA declared 24 more counties disaster areas. The counties, and the cities and townships within these counties, are also eligible for early aid payment. There are six counties still under review by FEMA that could become eligible for early aid payments.”
AG: via news release, from the McFadden campaign VERBATIM: “Promising to be a voice Minnesota’s agriculture community can rely on, U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden pledged to seek a seat on the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee if elected to the U.S. Senate. In 2008, Franken made a similar pledge to Minnesota farmers, a promise that remains broken fives years into the Senator's term.”
MILLIONS: via news release, “Credit unions have surpassed 100 million memberships nationwide – equating to one in every three Americans – Minnesota Credit Union Network President & CEO Mark D. Cummins announced today… Nationally, 2.85 million consumers joined credit unions over the past year…Minnesota credit unions have experienced positive membership gains since 2011, serving more than 1.6 million consumers as of the end of the first quarter of this year. Nationally, credit unions added a total of 2.85 million memberships from June 2013 to June 2014 – the largest reported increase in more than a quarter century. This 2.5 percent increase was the fastest growth since 2000, according to CUNA.” READ: (SPONSORED: Minnesota Credit Union News)
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DEVICES: via Globe Newswire, VERBATIM: “According to a new report series by iData Research … the U.S. Neuromodulation Device Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 10% from 2013 to 2020. This market represents the largest and fastest growing segments within the overall U.S. neurological device market. The most prominent market within neuromodulation is spinal cord stimulation (SCS). SCS consists of implantation procedures that are done initially as a trial to examine the patient's response and suitability for treatment. Growth in the SCS market is driven by the increased use of the device and favorable reimbursement, which has attracted significant investments in new technology development… Public awareness campaigns put forth by the three key competitors within this market, St. Jude MedicalBoston Scientific and Medtronic, have also contributed to penetration within this market.”  READ:
TODAY: conference calls, presentations and/or earnings announcements fromStratasys, IMRIS, EnteroMedics, Northern Oil and Gas and Tornier.  Annual meetings forArctic CatNVE Corp. and Hawkins, Inc.
STRATASYS: via Beth McKenna at The Motley FoolVERBATIM: “Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) is slated to report its second-quarter 2014 earnings before the market opens on Thursday, Aug. 7. The 3-D printing company's report follows on the heels of that of fellow industry leader, 3D Systems, which reported disappointing results last Thursday… The consensus earnings per share estimate is unchanged from Stratasys' EPS for the year-ago quarter. That's because Stratasys upped its growth game earlier this year, announcing it was planning on sacrificing short-term profits for spending on activities aimed at fueling long-term growth and capturing market share… There seems a good possibility that Stratasys will raise revenue guidance, though raising earnings guidance is likely considerably less of a possibility. Companies like to play it conservatively on their projections, as they know the market will punish their stocks for missing guidance. That said, if Stratasys' momentum from last quarter continued into the second quarter, it does seem possible the company will raise EPS guidance sometime this year.”  READ:
MONSTERS: via Lynne Morioka at A Taste of General MillsVERBATIM: “Every year around this time, the heavy steel door to the cereal vault creaks open and we reveal which of our Monster Cereals stay put and who gets to come out for Halloween. This year, the news is frighteningly fantastic. We’re excited to announce that the Monster Cereal team has partnered with DC Comics for exclusive illustrations on the front and back of each box of Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Franken Berry cereal – it’s the Monsters like you’ve never seen them before!”  SEE/READ:
TECH: via news release, VERBATIM: “Continuing on its steady growth trajectory, Magnet 360– Minneapolis based partner – today announces its acquisition ofiRGONOMIC of New York City to expand the company’s East Coast coverage and delivery capabilities. The addition of iRGONOMIC means increased headcount and market leadership for Magnet 360 in the areas of business intelligence, mobile application development, marketing, and strategy. “We’re especially excited about iRGONOMIC’s expertise in marketing technology and business intelligence, which are respectively our greatest areas of growth and opportunity,” said Dan Mallin, Magnet 360 co-founder and Managing Partner. Founded in 2012, iRGONOMIC is a full service, design-driven marketing and information technology agency that has been delivering solutions in Marketing Automation, business intelligence, and system integration with big data. iRGONOMIC has a strong history working with Advertising Agencies, Health Care/Pharmaceuticals and Media companies.”  WATCH/READ:

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RIGHTTOFARM: via Kristofor Husted at Iowa Public RadioVERBATIM: “The agriculture industry is a cornerstone of the Midwest economy. In some states, it may even become a right. In Missouri, the so-called “right to farm” is on the ballot in the form of an amendment to the state Constitution. And the controversial provision could be a model for Constitutional additions on other ag-heavy states. Though the “right to farm” provision is focused on agriculture, it has pitted farmer against farmer with some worried that the results could change the face of farming in the Midwest… The Missouri measure essentially attempts to protect farmers and ranchers from any new laws that would change or outlaw practices they currently use… The amendment has become a hot button issue. On one side: commodity groups, like theMissouri Farm Bureau, the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association and the Poultry Federation. On the other: animal rights groups, like the Humane Society of the United States and some small farmers.”  LISTEN/READ:
PATENTS: via Bryan J. Vogel at New York Law JournalVERBATIM: “The Gartner analyst group has projected that, by 2018, 3D printing will result in global annual IP losses of approximately $100 billion.1 Patent disputes will certainly make up a significant portion of those controversies. In the last decade, the Patent and Trademark Office has received more than 6,800 3D printing/additive manufacturing patent applications,2 and many key 3D printing industry patents have or will expire in 20143—meaning battles for patent rights cannot be far behind. But the IP issues in 3D printing will not be limited to patent disputes. Changing patent laws as well as renewed interest in trade secret law benefits and rights from copyright, trade dress and design patent law will all play a role in 3D printing IP disputes. Staying ahead of 3D printing's financial impact on IP rights requires an understanding of both the multiple technologies at stake as well as the IP issues 3D printing innovations raise… Patent litigation involving 3D printing machines, methodologies, and materials is inevitable. While patent validity will always depend on specific circumstances, certain themes are likely to occur that may make some future 3D printing patent disputes more difficult.”  READ:  (SPONSORED:  Minnesota CLE’s Midwest IP Institute, Sept 18-19)
CYBERSECURITY: via Bloomberg BNAVERBATIM: “Introducing a unique collaboration between the private sector and government, the National Association of Corporate Directors and the Department of Homeland Security took steps July 29 to improve cybersecurity governance. The NACD, DHS, American International Group (AIG) and the Internet Security Alliance announced that NACD's “Directors' Handbook on Cyber-Risk Oversight” will be the first private sector resource to be featured on DHS's US-CERT C3 Voluntary Program website.”  READ:  HANDBOOK:  (SPONSOREDLarson Security)
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WHISTLEBLOWER: via Seth Leventhal at Minnesota LitigatorVERBATIM: “The BNSFrailroad terminated an employee, Paul Gunderson, in 2009. The railroad claimed to be firing Gunderson because he allegedly threatened and harassed a fellow employee. Gunderson, however, argues that he was fired for reporting safety violations and the like –that is, Gunderson said he was fired because he was a whistleblower. Gunderson made this claim before an administrative law judge, undertook discovery, and had a trial over several days, with witnesses and trial exhibits. And Gunderson lost. So he sued BNSF all over again in U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota. Can he get away with that? Apparently he can. The railroad sought to dismiss Gunderson’s lawsuit saying that he waived his right to bring the lawsuit when he went along as far as he did with the administrative proceeding. The railroad lost in that effort and, this week, the railroad lost in a follow-up effort to halt the district court case and get an “interlocutory appeal” (that is, to get appellate review before the case reaches final judgment at the trial court level). U.S. District Court Judge Patrick J. Schiltz expressed sympathy for the railroad’s predicament. But, he reasoned, the court looks to the legislation, the statute, and it appears to allow the plaintiff to have another bite at the proverbial apple and that is the end of that.”  READ:  (SPONSOREDHeartland Investigative Group)
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HOMEGROWN: via The LineVERBATIM: “In 2013, 14 new craft breweries opened in theTwin Cities. So did Minneapolis’ first micro-distillery, Norseman Distillery. Many of the startups take pride in incorporating local ingredients into their creations. While crafting its first batch of Strawberry Rhubarb Gin this spring, Scott Ervin, Norseman’s founder and head distiller, put out a call on Facebook for more local rhubarb. Summit Brewing Company, which has been crafting beer since 1986 and is often credited with introducing microbrewing to the Twin Cities, has long been crafting seasonal and specialty brews with homegrown ingredients. Last summer, Summit’s State Fair IPA, available only in its booth at the Minnesota State Fair, incorporated corn and wild rice from Minnestalgia Foods, raw wildflower honey from Bare Honey, and Cascade hops from Hippity Hops Farms. Back in 2010, Summit brewed an Imperial Pumpkin Porter with organic pumpkins grown on the Wisconsin farm of a packaging line employee. This year’s brew in Summit’s ongoing Unchained Series, Herkulean Woods, is being made with maple syrup from Wild Country in Lutsen, Minnesota, and spruce tips from Iowa. Summit has also “worked with Rahr Malting in Shakopee as our primary maltster since the early days of our brewery,” explains Carey Matthews, Summit’s marketing coordinator. “They are using malt from North America and doing the malting on site at their Minnesota facility.” The reason for sourcing locally is simple: “We try to partner with Minnesota companies as much as possible,” Matthews says. “We value working with our neighbors and contributing even more to the local economy!” Matthews regrets, however, that there aren’t “barley or hops farms in Minnesota that can support large scale commercial brewing needs” like Summit’s.” READ:
WISCONSIN: via Barry Adams at Wisconsin State JournalVERBATIM: “Wisconsin-grown hops are all the rage among state craft beer makers. Gorst Valley Hops in Mazomanie has been growing hops since 2008 and the Midwest Hops and Barley Cooperative grows hops in central Wisconsin for five state breweries. Along Highway 69 in northern Green County,New Glarus Brewing Co. provides visitors an up-close view of the hop-growing process with hop trellises near its entrance. But barley, another important beer ingredient, is beginning to be grown specifically for the state’s craft beer industry. And if it can reach its potential, it could be a boon for farmers, craft breweries and those who crave more local ingredients in their glass of beer. “The quality has to be super premium. It needs to be the best quality,” said Dan Carey, brewmaster and co-founder of New Glarus Brewing Co., the state’s largest craft brewery. “Hops are sexy and hops are hot right now. Barley’s not something people think about.” But the wheels are turning.”  WATCH/READ:
RURALMN: via the Center for Rural Policy and Development, “The State of Rural Minnesota” Each year, the Center assembles the latest demographic and economic data to create the State of Rural Minnesota report. SEE   (SPONSORED:Center for Rural Policy and Development)
TRANSPORT: via news release, VERBATIM: “National Farmers Union (NFU) PresidentRoger Johnson warned the Surface Transportation Board (STB) that BNSF Railway(BNSF) and Canadian Pacific (CP)’s ability to deliver grain and ethanol at harvest are “substantially inadequate” and are resulting in farmers piling grain on the ground because of lack of transportation options. “We are especially concerned regarding wheat, since harvest has already started and grain remains in the bin from last year’s harvest,” noted Johnson in a letter today to the STB chairman and vice chairman.  “While BNSF claims that the total number of late shipments of wheat has declined nationwide, 95.42 percent of all past due cars are concentrated in MontanaNorth DakotaSouth Dakota and Minnesota. BNSF has promised to improve their performance, but we are still subject to delays and Average Train Speed at year-long lows,” the letter notes.”  READ:  LETTER:
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