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STANEK: via email last night from Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek, VERBATIM: “No sooner than the 2016 Election results came rolling in, friends, family, colleagues, employees, acquaintances, allies, media, and complete strangers began to ask me if I would run for Governor of the State of Minnesota in 2018. In the true Minnesota way, they almost always offer to help. I have thought about this a great deal and will continue to evaluate the race and my goals for the future. But honestly I can say the best way to help me prepare, if I do decide to run, is to help me right now with my Stanek for Sheriff campaign. A strong Sheriff campaign in 2017 will demonstrate that Minnesotans are ready to prioritize public safety and will help position our Volunteer Committee to take on this even greater challenge. Please will you make a contribution today to the Stanek Volunteer Committee?... As I think about the future, I am committed to making Hennepin County, and the entire State, a safer place for our families, businesses, schools and places of worship. This has been a lifelong mission since I first became a police officer in 1983.

GOP2018:  Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek has been waiting for years to run for Governor.  He’s possibly the most tested of the current list of likely GOP candidates.  From Public Safety Commissioner, to legislator – and don’t forget his presence during the 35W Bridge collapse.  He’s been laying the groundwork for years.   Now add to the list, Speaker Kurt Daudt, Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson and perhaps even Sen. Maj. Leader Paul Gazelka.  Ultimately the GOP will have an advantage, especially if the legislative sessions don’t end in a shut down.  The Trump Presidency will of course be a wild card, but if immigration, national security and straight talk stay popular – Stanek could be a front-runner.
JUSTICE: Hamline University's has launched a Center for Justice and Law. The goal of the Center is to advance justice by developing equitable solutions to legal issues and policy concerns. It is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of faculty members all dedicated to different facets of equity and justice. The Center hosts public symposia on critical issues, creates high impact learning experiences for students, and conducts transformative research on a spectrum of issues. It has already become active part of the community by collaborating with partners like Minnesota Innocence Project, Inside-Out Prison Exchange, World Without Genocide, and more.  MORE INFO: (SPONSOR:  Hamline University)

HEALTHRELIEF: via David Montgomery of the Pioneer Press, VERBATIM: “Gov. Mark Dayton signed health insurance premium relief into law Thursday night, mere hours after it passed the House of Representatives 108-19 and the Senate 47-19….Now as many as 120,000 Minnesotans could start seeing big drops on their health insurance premiums: around $310 million in taxpayer money will be spent throughout 2017 to give 25 percent discounts… It also includes several other provisions affecting health insurance. Some are uncontroversial, such as a $15 million provision helping people with serious medical conditions keep their doctors into 2017 even if they’ve lost their old plan’s network… Others are more controversial, such as a clause letting for-profit companies operate as HMOs in Minnesota. For decades Minnesota HMOs have been required to be nonprofits.”  READ:
PALLIATIVE:  Featured on Capitol Report, Sen. Karin Housley talks about her leadership on a bill to create a Palliative Care Advisory Committee. WATCH:  (SPONSOR: The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network )

DC: via Politico Pro, VERBATIM: “The Trump administration has pulled the plug on all Obamacare outreach and advertising in the crucial final days of the 2017 open enrollment season, according to sources at HHS and on Capitol Hill…Even ads that had already been placed and paid for have been pulled, the sources told POLITICO. Enrollment for 2017 ends next Tuesday…The decision sends another signal that President Donald Trump is determined to undermine his predecessor's signature domestic achievement. Hours after being sworn in, Trump issued his first executive order allowing federal officials to start unwinding parts of the law…In addition, the new administration is halting all media outreach designed to spur enrollment in the days leading up to the Jan. 31 deadline. Emails are no longer being sent out to individuals who visited, the enrollment website, to encourage them to finish signing up for coverage. Those emails had proven highly successful in getting stragglers to complete enrollment before the deadline.”
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RELIEFGRAPHIC: from MN Senate Republicans via Instagram; LOOK:
SENATE: from MN Senate GOP via Twitter, VERBATIM: “Healthcare aid & access passes 47-19! Bipartisan compromise will provide premium relief & a first step to stabilize insurance market ‪#mnleg” READ:
HOUSE: from David Montgomery of Pioneer Press via Twitter, VERBATIM: “The ‪#mnleg Senate has passed premium relief 47-19. House expected to follow suit this afternoon, Dayton could sign today.” READ:
DAUDT: from David Montgomery of Pioneer Press via Twitter, VERBATIM: “GOP Speaker ‪@kdaudt on Democrats & health care reform: "They had the right goals, they just had the wrong idea about how to approach them." READ:
LOUREY: from David Gillette of TPT via Twitter, VERBATIM: “Sen. Lourey says "reckless" reforms were pushed though by "holding hostage" relief money. ‪#mnleg ‪#tptAlmanac”  READ:
MURPHY: from Rep. Erin Muprhy (DFL-St. Paul) via Minnesota House of Representatives press release, VERBATIM: “As the Minnesota House of Representatives prepares to vote on Senate File 1, Rep. Erin Murphy (DFL-St. Paul) released the following statement in opposition to the bill: QUOTE: “Minnesotans desperately need relief from rising premiums on the individual market. But the Republican solution is to allow big insurance companies to take even more money out of the pockets of struggling families. This bill guarantees that in the years to come, health insurance companies will put profits over people. There's a reason Minnesota has rejected this approach for over 40 years. Coupled with the national push to repeal the ACA, this would lead to more and more families going bankrupt to support their loved ones. Instead of making life a little easier for some Minnesotans, this change would make life harder for many more. My colleagues should join me in voting against this and insist on a clean bill that does what GOP leaders told Minnesotans they'd do: provide honest, short-term relief.”
WAGES: via Matt Sepic of MPR, VERBATIM: “A push to get a minimum wage hike in front of Minneapolis voters fizzled last year, but with mayoral and city council elections ahead this fall, backers say the time is right to act…Strong support remains among city leaders to raise the current $9.50 an hour state minimum to as much as $15 an hour. There's equally strong pushback from some business owners, especially restauranteurs who say it will drastically raise operating costs…But a higher wage is likely to pass the council this year, Mayor Betsy Hodges told the city's chamber of commerce this week.  HODGES: "The reality is Minneapolis is going to go it alone," said Hodges, who'd initially pushed for a regional minimum wage approach. "Like it or not, there is enough support on the City Council to raise a Minneapolis-only minimum wage."…Hodges' newfound support for the city-only measure comes as she prepares for what is shaping up to be a tough re-election bid this fall. The DFLer is facing challenges from at least four other candidates, including civil rights activist Nekima Levy-Pounds and City Council Member Jacob Frey… However, at a separate public comment meeting Wednesday, Dennis Curran, owner of a Nicollet Avenue restaurant popular with seniors, said he'd have to raise his menu prices 25 percent.  QUOTE: "The last time we had a minimum wage [increase], this elderly woman came in and she was in tears and she said, 'Dennis, I'm not going to be able to eat here anymore,' because I had to raise the price," Curran said, adding, "please consider the senior citizens. Don't leave them out."…Steve Vranicar, who manages a Kowalski's grocery store in far south Minneapolis, said higher city wages will mean higher prices, and that'll send customers over the border to Bloomington, Richfield and other suburbs that will have a competitive advantage.”  READ:
GRANDMA:  via Channel 12, VERBATIM: “There were many treats to pick up at the credit union vendor fair at North Memorial in Robbinsdale last week, but Darrin Maki took home the best prize of all. The 21-year-old won $1000 for saving money monthly in his Wincentive Savings account.  QUOTE: “I’m not really good at saving, but it helped with this because it was super convenient and easy,” says Maki…It also didn’t hurt that his grandmother, who works at North Memorial Federal Credit Union, encouraged him to enroll and start saving. “I know he’s a little tightwad,” sayd Linda Mankowski. “Instead of leaving it in his checking account, we decided to transfer it into the Wincentive because of all of the promotions going for it.”…Grandma knows best because Darrin has won money three times in the past year for saving at least $25 in his account each month.”  WATCH:  (SPONSORS: Minnesota’s Credit Unions

EARLYCHILDHOOD: via AP, VERBATIM: “Republican legislators aren't eager to expand the state's preschool program a year after it launched.
Gov. Mark Dayton is asking for $75 million in his budget proposal to expand his prized early education program…More than 100 school districts that requested startup funds didn't get them as the Legislature put up $25 million in the first year…But GOP lawmakers who control the Legislature say they want more evidence of the program's success before agreeing to a spending increase…Rep. Jenifer Loon, of Eden Prairie, and fellow Republicans favor a scholarship system they say allows parents to choose a school that best suits their families. Loon says she thinks Dayton's administration could better allocate the funds they already have to reach more schools.”
TRUMP: via Peter Passi at the Duluth News Tribune, VERBATIM: “Shortly after President Donald Trump's inauguration Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency received a directive to temporarily freeze its contracts and grants…As word of the freeze spread this week, officials have been scrambling to sort out what that move means for projects in Duluth and nationwide…State Rep. Rick Hansen, DFL-South St. Paul, said Wednesday afternoon that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency still is searching for answers… He shared an email response he received from MPCA staff Tuesday that said if the freeze is made permanent, the agency could lose nearly $10 million in anticipated funding that would affect Superfund and other grants…Furthermore, the email said that state staff does not know if Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funds may hang in the balance. Federal funds funneled through that program are expected to cover 65 percent of the anticipated $72 million cost of cleaning up contamination in the Duluth-Superior Harbor and St. Louis River estuary.”  READ:
PORTRAITS: via Brian Bakst at MPR, VERBATIM: “The portraits of all 38 former Minnesota governors are headed back to the state’s refurbished Capitol for display…Minnesota Historical Society Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elliott told lawmakers Thursday that a plan to rotate groups of portraits had been revisited. His announcement came as the Legislature was considering a bill to require all the portraits to be displayed; a House panel advanced the bill anyway…Elliott said it became clear the original display plan was unpopular.  QUOTE: “We’re bowing to that sentiment that folks from around the state would like to see all the governors represented in the Capitol,” he said.”  READ:
MURALS: via news advisory from the Dept. of Administration, VERBATIM: “Six murals that have been cleaned and repaired by conservators will be reinstalled in the Governor’s Reception Room and Anteroom this Friday and Saturday (January 27 and 28). The paintings were taken down, conserved, and stored offsite during the Minnesota State Building Capitol Restoration.”
TODAY:  At 10:30am, Governor Mark Dayton will provide remarks at the Town Hall Water Summit in Morris.
NOLAN: via the Brainerd Daily Dispatch, VERBATIM: “Applauding President Trump's announcement of his support for the use of exclusively American-made pipelines, U.S. Rep Rick Nolan on Tuesday reintroduced his American Pipeline Jobs & Safety Act. Nolan's bill would require that virtually all energy pipelines built and federally permitted in the United States contain 100 percent American steel — and iron ore that is mined, processed or reprocessed in America, a news release said.  QUOTE: "I applaud President Trump's support for the requirements in my American Pipeline Jobs & Safety Act," Nolan said. "Pipelines made with low-grade, foreign government subsidized iron ore and steel illegally dumped into the U.S. marketplace are costing us thousands of good jobs, threatening our environment with leaks and spills and jeopardizing our health and safety. When constructed with tough, top-quality American iron ore and steel, pipelines are the safest, most efficient way we transport oil and gas to meet our nation's growing energy needs. We cannot rebuild America's economy and infrastructure with foreign steel."
GREATERMN: via news release, VERBATIM: “A new report from the Minnesota Department of Administration’s State Demographic Center puts a powerful lens on the demographic and economic characteristics in areas often referred to as Greater Minnesota.  The report, Greater Minnesota: Refined & Revisited, presents an up-to-date portrait of residents who live outside of urban areas, using data from small building blocks (census tracts) to create a more nuanced understanding of these communities….   “We wanted to investigate beyond the typical Twin Cities versus Greater Minnesota dichotomy,” said State Demographer Susan Brower, “to help people understand how Minnesota is changing, especially for residents living outside of our urban areas.  We all know that Greater Minnesota has many storylines, but our report reveals this with data.” …  In the present decade (2010-2015), the counties that are non-urban (as a group) have seen population losses, while counties that were entirely or partially urban (as a group) saw gains.”  READ:
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SUPPLYCHAIN: from Kevin O’Marah via Forbes, VERBATIM: “Healthcare is a unique value chain. Its demand arises not from want, but from need. Orders come not from the customer (patient) but from an intermediary (a doctor). And willingness to pay is often infinite. How can the supply chain principles that drive CPG and hi-tech work here? … The answer is pretty darn well, but we’re just getting going…Hoping to understand the process of change, I interviewed Barry Blake, a colleague at SCM World who has dedicated the last ten years to helping manufacturers, distributors and providers work toward a better healthcare value chain.” (Interview enclosed) READ:
SMOKING: from Minnesotans for a Smoke-Free Generation via PR Newswire, VERBATIM: “Minnesotans for a Smoke-Free Generation, a coalition of 50 organizations working to prevent youth smoking in our state, responded to a new report called "Health Care Costs and Smoking in Minnesota," released by coalition co-chair Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MinnesotaQUOTE: "We all know the emotional and physical toll that smoking has on citizens of our state," said Molly Moilanen, Director of Public Affairs at ClearWay Minnesota and co-chair of the coalition. "Now we know the dollars and cents cost of tobacco use to Minnesota employers, taxpayers and citizens – billions of dollars spent combatting diseases such as cancer and emphysema." … Smoking continues to be the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the United States. This report from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota found: … Smoking is responsible for 6,312 deaths each year in Minnesota…Smoking costs $3.19 billion in excess health care costs.” READ:
TOBACCO: via American Lung Association in Minnesota release, VERBATIM: While Minnesota’s laws restricting smoking in most indoor workplaces once again earned the state an “A” grade in the annual State of Tobacco Control Report from the American Lung Association, the other grades are mixed. Minnesota earned a “B” for tobacco taxes and a “D” for access to cessation services. The cessation services grade dropped from an “A” mark last year, largely due to a changes in how the Lung Association quantified the state’s investment per smoker for the QUITPLAN telephone helpline. Like most other states, Minnesota earned an “F” for tobacco prevention and control program spending; and it earned an “F” in a new category on raising the minimum age to buy tobacco products to 21. Hawaii was the only state to earn an “A” grade in this new category…QUOTE: “Raising the age of purchase of tobacco to age 21 is an effective strategy to keep tobacco out of our high schools and reduce youth tobacco use,” said Pat McKone, senior regional director for tobacco control and advocacy for the American Lung Association in Minnesota.  “Minnesota has led the nation for decades in tobacco control policies and it’s time to lead again!” … The complete report and state scores can be found online at
PRISONS: as reported by Andy Mannix of Star Tribune, VERBATIM: “Gov. Mark Dayton is asking the Legislature to approve nearly $7 million to provide better mental health care to Minnesota prisoners and help reform the state’s practice of solitary confinement, known formally as “restrictive housing.” … The money, included in Dayton’s 2018-19 budget request, would allow the Minnesota Department of Corrections to hire 48 new positions over two years to increase security and behavioral health staff, and to provide more treatment and classes designed to reduce rearrests for inmates. It will also allow for more out-of-cell time and make the facilities safer, according to the proposal.” (Read more at Star Tribune) MORE:
OPTION: from Bill Catlin via MPR News, VERBATIM: “Gov. Mark Dayton is proposing a public option to address skyrocketing premiums for people who buy their own individual and family health insurance…The basic idea is that the state would sell health insurance to the general public. In Dayton's plan, anyone interested could buy coverage under the MinnesotaCare program, which currently offers subsidized insurance to qualified low- and moderate income Minnesotans…The MinnesotaCare public option would likely be another choice on the MNsure health insurance market where it would compete with plans sold by the state's big health insurers like Medica and HealthPartners For consumers: The Department of Human Services estimates the statewide average monthly premiums for the public option next year would be $469 per month, or, for the full year, $840 less than the average cost of commercial insurance this year… The Dayton administration says the public option can bring down premiums "because it leverages the buying power of more than 1 million Minnesotans enrolled in public plans." READ/LISTEN:
ENTEROMEDICS: from Sam Schaust via Twin Cities Business Magazine, VERBATIM: “Roseville-based EnteroMedics Inc., maker of obesity treatment devices, closed its latest public offering round on Monday after raising $19 million…Investors were also offered one warrant for each share purchased that would allow them to buy another share for $5.84 anytime in the next five years, no matter the share’s future value…The offering marked the latest effort by EnteroMedics to raise funds as it continues to hemorrhage money…What remains consistent across all of the company’s recent fundraising efforts is the new capital’s purpose. EnteroMedics has been ramping up commercialization and marketing efforts of its flagship vBloc System, which is implanted into a patient’s body. The device uses high-frequency impulses to block messages between the brain and gut, therefore reducing a patient’s hunger level…Despite proving to be clinically effective, the vBloc System has is covered by any of the major insurers…Without coverage, the device has struggled to take off among consumers, leading EnteroMedics to report an average annual loss of more than $26.8 million from 2007 to 2015.” READ:
FREEZE: from Quil Lawrence via NPR News, VERBATIM: “As promised, President Trump has moved to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. It's a concern for those who might be left without health insurance — and especially for the Department of Veterans Affairs, which may have to pick up some of the slack…Carrie Farmer, a health policy researcher at the Rand Corporation, says 3 million vets who are enrolled in VA usually get their health care elsewhere — from their employer, or maybe from Obamacare exchanges. If those options go away, she has no idea just how many of that 3 million veterans will move over to the VA…QUOTE: "I would expect the number of veterans using VA health care will increase, which will only provide a further challenge for VA to provide timely and accessible care," Farmer says…The VA has already seen a surge in usage in the past year, straining what's long been an overtaxed system.
That could get worse if the agency can't fill vacancies. Trump signed a federal hiring freeze this week, and while national security is supposed to be exempt, the VA is not. White House Spokesman Sean Spicer called a "broken" system…David Shulkin, Trump's nominee to lead the VA, in the past has stressed an urgent need to hire more caregivers. Shulkin has run the VA's health administration for the past two years, and told NPR this past fall that negative attention to VA caused a 78 percent drop in applications there…QUOTE: "We have 45,000 job openings. That's too many," Shulkin said. "I need to fill every one of those openings in order to make sure that we're doing the very best for our veterans." READ/LISTEN:
WOMEN: from Janel Klein via KARE 11, VERBATIM: “Minnesota women need birth control that's easy to get and covered by insurance, and a promise that information from their doctor is based in facts, not politics…That's the message behind two new bills from Minnesota House Democrats, who say they want better care for women and families statewide…The bills would make insurance companies cover all FDA-approved birth control for a year at a time, as well as cover emergency contraception. They'd also eliminate the counseling women get before abortions which the bill authors say is inaccurate and politically motivated…QUOTE: "Forcing a woman to listen to state-mandated counseling requiring her to wait for a procedure assumes women are not capable of making informed decision making," said Dr. Christy Borass of Whole Women's Health. "This should anger everyone." READ/WATCH:

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GREEN: via Phil Wahba at Fortune, VERBATIM: “Target is doubling down on its efforts to win over customers who insist on green products.  The discount chain on Wednesday announced major new guidelines around chemicals in products, a change likely to push hundreds of suppliers to list ingredients in all sorts of household goods from beauty items to cleaning products.  Target's new guidelines come at a time consumers are increasingly demanding so called "green goods," from natural beauty products to organic food.  In 2014, the retailer introduced a 17-product, multi-brand collection called "Made to Matter" that focuses on products with cleaner ingredients and expanded it in the following years.  Sales in the line of what Target calls "good-for-you brands, rose 30% last year….  By 2020, Targets wants full ingredient disclosure on items including major categories like beauty, baby, personal care and cleaning goods on the way to including all products eventually.  Some of Target's new guidelines include the removal of perfluorinated chemicals and flame retardants from textiles in the next five years, and eventually, listing ingredients in all products….  Target is hoping its clout leads other retailers to adopt similar practices.”  READ:  POLICY/INFOGRAPHIC:
OPTIMISM: via Matt M. Johnson at Finance & Commerce, VERBATIM: “Retiring U.S. Bancorp CEO Richard Davis says optimism in the economy has grown since President Donald Trump’s election in November, something he believes may line up Minnesota and the nation for success.  Success will not be guaranteed by the new administration, but by the willingness of financial institutions, companies and citizens to quickly adjust to changing conditions, Davis told the Economic Club of Minnesota on Wednesday….  So far, Davis said, the national business community has been receptive to Trump’s promises to curb banking regulations, cut corporate taxes, build infrastructure, and pursue a “pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda.” …  Davis acknowledged during his speech that Minnesotans may not find President Trump’s approach to the economy to be to their liking.  If that is the case, he said the state could go in its own direction.  He credited Minnesota as having “the strongest business environment in the country” and as full of people who will speak their minds if they don’t agree with the nation’s direction.  He said a women’s march that drew close to 100,000 people to the state Capitol last Saturday was a visible example.  “I don’t have any doubt that we have reasons to be concerned, and a lot of people have different views about what optimism looks like,” he said.”  READ:
MORE: via Bill Hudson at WCCO, VERBATIM: “[U.S. Bancorp CEO Richard] Davis made reference to things on the near horizon driving the economy and called robotics and artificial intelligence a “game changer.”  He told the crowd the looming industry has the potential to bring about our nation’s fourth economic revolution.  “We’ve been looking for the next revolution for a long time,” he said. “This could be it.”  The improving economy is now driven by rising wages, low unemployment and President Trump’s promise to remove what markets hate most — uncertainty.”  QUOTE: “But if the two biggest things were going to be health care and taxes, whether he does any of it, he’s taken the uncertainty out,” Davis said.  “He says he’s going to fix health care and lower taxes.”  WATCH:
DLX: via Hasmir Abdula at Mideast Times, VERBATIM: “Deluxe Corporation (NYSE:DLX) posted its earnings results on Thursday.  The company reported $1.35 earnings per share for the quarter, meeting the Zacks’ consensus estimate of $1.35.  The business earned $480.20 million during the quarter, compared to analyst estimates of $480.92 million. Deluxe Corporation had a return on equity of 30.08% and a net margin of 12.79%.  The company’s quarterly revenue was up 3.6% compared to the same quarter last year.  During the same quarter in the previous year, the firm earned $1.26 EPS.  Deluxe Corporation updated its Q1 guidance to $1.12-1.17 EPS and its FY17 guidance to $5.10-5.30 EPS.”  EARNINGS:
WOODBURY: via Burl Gilyard at Twin Cities Business, VERBATIM: “The east metro suburb of Woodbury has become the most popular spot in town for new medical office development.  Twin Cities Orthopedics, Minnesota Eye Consultants, Summit Orthopedics and TRIA Orthopedic Center are all slated to anchor projects that are currently under construction in Woodbury.  Now the Minneapolis-based Davis Group and the Florida-based Elion Partners have formed a joint venture to develop a new two-story medical office building with at least 50,000 square feet of space at CityPlace in Woodbury.  Elion is the master developer for CityPlace on the 100-acre former State Farm Insurance campus in Woodbury.  The Davis Group is developer, broker and consultant focused on medical office real estate….  Davis said that he does not have any signed leases yet for the new project but has been in discussions with potential tenants….  CityPlace is being developed in stages.  The first phase of retail shops totaling 140,000 square feet is complete and a Residence Inn by Marriott hotel opened in September.  A Whole Foods grocery store and a Nordstrom Rack location are slated to open this year.”  READ:
DEVICES: via APVERBATIM: “Cardiovascular Systems Inc. (CSII) on Wednesday reported fiscal second-quarter net income of $1 million, after reporting a loss in the same period a year earlier.  On a per-share basis, the St. Paul, Minnesota-based company said it had profit of 3 cents.  The results surpassed Wall Street expectations.  The average estimate of five analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research was for a loss of 6 cents per share.  The medical device developer posted revenue of $50 million in the period, also exceeding Street forecasts.  Three analysts surveyed by Zacks expected $49.8 million.  For the current quarter ending in April, Cardiovascular Systems said it expects revenue in the range of $50.5 million to $51.5 million. 
Cardiovascular Systems shares have increased 9 percent since the beginning of the year. In the final minutes of trading on Wednesday, shares hit $26.38, nearly tripling in the last 12 months.”  FINANCIALS:
CONFCALL:  Here is the transcript from the Cardiovascular Systems earnings conference call with CEO Scott Ward.  READ:
MINING: via Jerry Burnes at Mesabi Daily News, VERBATIM: “St. Louis County Commissioners deadlocked on a resolution that would put the board on the record against a federal government move to withdraw more than 235,000 acres of land from mining development.  Commissioner Tom Rukavina of Pike Lake called the resolution “the most important” the county has taken up.  It opposed U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management decisions that circumvented previous federal process for permitting and approving mining projects.  In December, the feds took unilateral action to deny a mineral leases extension to Twin Metals for an underground copper-nickel mine near Ely, simultaneously proposing a massive land withdrawal from future mining leases for two years.  Debate among commissioners Tuesday, somewhat ironically, centered on Rukavina’s process to oppose federal action.  Duluth commissioners Beth OlsonPatrick Boyle and Frank Jewell felt Rukavina should pen a letter against the action, and have other board members sign on at will.  A resolution, they said, was the county taking official action on something it could not control….  Rukavina argued several economic benefits to Duluth and the Twin Ports, pointing to a University of Minnesota Duluth study that said 80 percent of the product moving through the ports was from mining, and 85 percent of the region’s gross national product came from the industry.”  READ:
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