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PAWLENTY:  via BusinessWeek, a profile on fmr. Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s new job as a bank lobbyist.  QUOTE: “"I've had my full run" in public life, says Pawlenty VERBATIM:  “Tim Pawlenty has got to regret what he calls “the now-infamous ‘snout out of the trough’ line.” Not that he’ll admit it. The former governor of Minnesota and failed Republican presidential candidate is sitting in a Washington corner office still decorated with the grip-and-grin photographs of his predecessor. His black travel roller bag rests nearby. He’s a man in transition, discussing his move through the revolving door from public service to corporate influence…Seeking his party’s nomination last year, Pawlenty tried to shed a competent-but-bland conservative profile. He engaged in Tea Party-lite attacks on Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. He opposed raising the national debt ceiling, even if that meant a government default and possible economic calamity. And he went on CNN (TWX), CNBC, and Fox (NWSA) to deliver “a truth message” to Wall Street: “Get your snout out of the trough.”…Today that’s a tad awkward. As chief executive officer of the Financial Services Roundtable (FSR), he now works on behalf of JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Citigroup (C), Bank of America (BAC), Wells Fargo (WFC), and the 96 other members of the Roundtable, which has 50 employees and spent $7.7 million on lobbying in 2011, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. A look of annoyance briefly clouds Pawlenty’s placid face when this is noted. No, he says, he sees no inconsistency. Taxpayer-funded bailouts—the trough he railed against—are history: “We have a mechanism in place for the orderly wind-down of systematically important institutions.” Wall Street itself, he adds, will have to pay for any future bailouts.”  READ:
DAYTON:  This morning at 8A M, Gov. Mark Dayton will be presented the 2012 Community Health Center Champion Award at the Many Faces of Community Health Conference in Bloomington. The Minnesota Association of Community Health Centers has commended Governor Dayton on the many years that he has worked to expand access to affordable health care throughout Minnesota.  At 9 AM, Dayton will continue “Working for Minnesota Jobs,” hosting a roundtable discussion with information technology leaders in Minnesota’s retail sector. Governor Dayton will be joined by top CIOs and industry leaders from Best Buy, Gander Mountain, Supervalu, and other major Minnesota retailers. Meeting at North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park, the group will discuss new strategies to connect Minnesota workers with the skills and training they need to keep good-paying IT jobs here in Minnesota.  At noon Gov. Mark Dayton will join Zach Dorholt (HD14B) and Jerry McCarter (SD14) at a rally with students and other supporters at St. Cloud State University. 
WEBER:  via Politico in a story about Bush insiders in a Romney administration, VERBATIM: “Former Minnesota Rep. Vin Weber, another economic adviser to the Romney campaign, served as the plains states regional chairman for Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign. A former member of the secretary of Defense's Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee, Weber could fill a Defense Department leadership spot under a Romney administration, Defense News reported last month.”  READ:
SENATE: Last night, GOP Senate candidate Kurt Bills ran his first ad on TV of the campaign.  The ad connects Sen. Amy Klobuchar to convicted Ponzi schemer Tom PettersWATCH:
EXPECT:  Media outlets to analyze the ad today for accuracy.
PRESIDENTIAL: via AP, VERBATIM:  “Republican Mitt Romney is placing television ads in Minnesota, a move that pushes his presidential campaign into a state Democrats have held for more than three decades…Republicans and Democrats who track campaign spending confirmed late Thursday that Romney will begin running ads in Minnesota over the weekend. The investment is described as a small buy that Democrats suggest is simply intended to generate media coverage and force President Barack Obama's campaign to invest there as well.”
CD8:  The Cravaack campaign finally posted an attack ad that they have been running for days against Rick Nolan.  WATCH:
CD1:  via news advisory, VERBATIM: “candidate for Congress Allen Quist has scheduled press conferences in Rochester and Mankato calling on Tim Walz to disavow and repudiate the brazenly false accusations  mailed out to First District residents by the Minnesota DFL party on Walz' behalf regarding Medicare.”
MARRIAGE:  Minnesotans for Marriage released their 4th television ad. Via MN for Marriage fact check:  “The commercial features David and Tonia Parker,  who were Massachusetts parents when the school attended by their young son began teaching second graders about gay marriage. The teacher read students a book called King & King, the story of a prince who ‘marries’ another prince and lives ‘happily ever  after. Several parents, including Mr. and Mrs. Parker, objected and approached local school administrators to ask that they be notified in advance so they could opt their children out of class for this instruction. School officials refused. The Parkers and other parents sued to assert their parental rights. In the case of Parker v. Hurley (Case 07-1528) the first District Court of Appeals ruled that parents were not entitled to notification.  WATCH:

POHLADS:  via email fundraising appeal from Bob Pohlad, VERBATIM “We all have priorities – like getting to work on time, and feeding and clothing our families.This year, I know that you and I share another priority: defeating the hurtful constitutional amendment that seeks to limit the freedom of same-sex couples to marry in Minnesota.That’s why I’m proud to announce that my brothers and I are prepared to match all donations made to Minnesotans United for All Families before midnight October 31, dollar-for-dollar, up to $250,000! This is something we strongly believe in.”

ALMANAC:  Tonight on TPT’s Almanac, GOP Sen. candidate Kurt Bills and David Wellstone.

MEDICAID:  via news release from the MN Budget Project, “Minnesota can save $1.0 billion, improve access to health insurance for more than 140,000 Minnesotans and reduce health care costs for everyone Ω if the 2013 Legislature makes just one decision…Policymakers should cover more Minnesotans who need affordable and comprehensive health insurance through Medicaid to take advantage of this bargain…This opportunity is available because of a provision in the federal health care law that allows states to expand Medicaid to more low-income people, mostly adults without children, who currently don’t qualify”  REPORT:
SHIP:  via Politico, VERBATIM: “NAVY TO CHRISTEN NEWEST ATTACK SUBMARINE — The Minnesota, the 10th ship of the Virginia class, will be welcomed to the fleet on Saturday at 10 a.m. during a ceremony at Newport News Shipbuilding, according to a DoD press release. Keynote speaker: Adm. Kirk Donald, director of naval nuclear propulsion. Breaking the champagne bottle: Ellen Roughead, wife of former Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead (and a Minnesota native).”

BIRTHDAYS: TODAY: College Nannies and Tutors Laura Davis, MPR’s Hart Van Denburg, PA pro Mark Schiffman, Izzy’s Ice Cream’s Lara Hammel, social networker Lanae PaaverudSATURDAY: Rep. Bev Scalze, attorney Ahn Le Kramer, Women Winning’s Lauren Beachem, Tunheim’s Noelle Hawton, DFLer Daniel Fanning, fmr. State treasurer Mike McGrath SUNDAY:  media personality Colleen Burns, Shoreview Mayor Sandy Martin, KMSP’s Randy Meier, KMSP’s Keith Marler, Star Tribune’s Chip Scoggins,

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