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logo Class News No. 43/2014

23 October, 2014
Machinery Alert: Update to turbocharger safety warning – NA and NR type turbochargers
Applicability: Owners, operators and personnel involved in maintaining vessels with MAN Diesel turbochargers, types NR12, NR14, NR15, NR17, NR20, NR24, NR26, NR29, NR34, NA29 NA34, NA40, NA48, NA57 and NA70

Further to Class News No. 05/2103, MAN Diesel & Turbo SE has released an update to Alert Service Bulletin ASB2013/02/18 containing important safety information related to NA and NR type grey cast iron turbochargers. You can view the update here

The update includes:

  • technical sequences and pre-requisites which may lead to a containment failure
  • the correction of a previously communicated risk reference level for single risks
  • enhanced safety instructions (intended to be distributed to vessel or plant crews)
  • the latest list of available upgrade solutions
  • the integration of turbocharger type NA29/S into ASB2013/02/18.    

All vessels that are potentially affected will have the three letter memo ‘MAN’ placed on Class Direct. The memo will contain the following text:

“Owners’ attention is drawn to Class News 43/2014 and MAN Alert Service Bulletin ASB2013/02/18  regarding potential safety issues with NA and NR type turbochargers. This memo may be deleted by the surveyor if an approved upgrade kit has been fitted or the turbocharger has been replaced”.

All personnel involved in operating and maintaining engines with these turbocharger types, or who work in the close vicinity of these turbocharger types, are advised to read the update and follow its recommendations.

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