COAST Newsletter June 2014
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Displacement argument used against MPAs

COAST's Andrew Binnie asks who's really being displaced and why?

Under pressure from the Scottish Fishermen's Federation (SFF) and the Clyde Fishermen's Association (CFA) Marine Scotland looks tempted to water down management measures for the Clyde's 3 proposed Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) including the South Arran MPA. These MPAs have strong public backing, however mobile fishermen (dredgers and bottom trawlers) argue that displacement from MPAs will mean loss of earnings and changes to fishing operations. But who's really being displaced?

          InAnna Keen illustration fact decades of overfishing in the Clyde, compounded by poor leadership and the destructive actions of bottom trawlers and dredgers have already effectively displaced fin fish fishermen, sea anglers, scallop divers and creelers from much of our waters (not to mention dozens of marine-life excursion boats). These are potentially sustainable fishing methods with low impact on the seabed. which could be worth millions to Clyde coastal communities (an economic report commissioned by Marine Scotland last year on inshore fisheries options is expected soon).

           However, it appears there are some sectors of the fishing industry that do not to want to see the Clyde thrive again. It seems they would prefer to fish a risky and disease-prone monoculture of prawns rather than support MPAs which could help to revive fish stocks. Do they fear a recovery of bottom feeding species such as cod will prey upon prawns and hit their margins? If so this economic short sightedness could prevent the restoration of the Clyde to a healthy and fully productive ecosystem. As was recognised at the Clyde 2020 Summit in April we need a paradigm shift in the way we manage the Clyde to ensure benefits flow to all coastal communities. COAST (described by Richard Lochhead, MSP and Cab. Sec. as trailblazers) supports the 'Revive the Clyde' campaign (see below) and the designation of MPAs as an integral component of conservation and fisheries management in the Clyde. We welcome the Scottish Government's support and encourage it to deliver on the aspirations of coastal communities.  

Artist behind 'Lily's Driftwood Bay' starring Stephen Fry teams up with COAST

Joanne Carmichael, the artist behind the new children's TV animation 'Driftwood Bay' has joined forces with COAST to raise awareness of marine litter (COAST has removed 880kg of litter this year). Read more about the partnership in
The Scotsman.

Shark soup and other videos

FINconceivable  Short animation that shows what happens if all the sharks disappear.
Impact of fish farms on the seabed.
Plankton munching microplastics

Has anyone seen this stalked jellyfish?

Where better to look for Depastrum cyathiforme than on the Isle of Arran? When it was first recorded in the UK in 1846, it was described as being abundant here. It has not been recorded since 1951. If you see one let us know!
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Summer research

This summer, two MSc students from Edinburgh Napier and York universities will undertake research with COAST.
Sophie Elliot who is in her second year of her PhD at Glasgow University will also be coming back this summer.
Above photo of a Sea Hare 'Orgy' by Howard Wood.

Our new website!

You may have noticed that we launched our new website - Thanks to Zabdi Keen of Paragon Solutions and COAST volunteer Communications Officer Amy Fairbairn for their work on the new site. We look forward to hearing what you think! Many thanks also to our funders for helping to make all this possible.

Scotland behind on compliance

- Scotland’s coast is nearly double that of England’s (18,588km v 10,077 km)
- But Scotland's fishery officers have access to only 1 dedicated inshore compliance vessel, England's have 39!

COAST learning and sharing

In August COAST will display an 'Arran Seagrass Poster Paper' at the International Marine Conservation Congress in Glasgow. This builds on our presentations about our work to varied groups of audiences over the last few months - from scientists at a Marine Alliance for Science & Technology Scotland (MASTS) event to councillors in North Ayrshire and schools on Arran. Read More

COAST contests Scottish Salmon Company claims

Via an article on, the Scottish Salmon Company is claiming that its Lamlash Bay fish farm has no impact on the seabed and the No Take Zone in Lamlash Bay.
COAST disagrees

COAST supports 'Revive the Clyde' campaign

Join the Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust (SIFT) campaign for a rejuvenated Firth of Clyde with better management, diverse fisheries and marine tourism.  Watch the video and sign the Clyde Charter.

Lawyers go wild on Arran's shore

COAST hosted part of the UK Environmental Law Association’s Annual Wild Law Weekend from 24-25 May. "It's interesting to learn that groups like COAST have had to fight for the public's legal right to have our waters managed for everyone's benefit." said co-ordinator Ian Cowan.
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Pupil gets to work

Last week, Niall Wilkinson from Arran High School joined the COAST team for his work experience week. Niall undertook several shore surveys and produced a report on local species found on Arran's shores and how they will be affected by the South Arran MPA.

Our summer events bonanza!

With summer just around the corner, check out our list of events which include: 
a visit by the Cameroon Association, Kildonan seal colony joint event with NTS, Lamlash Heather Queen and Family Gala, and the ever popular Marine Craft workshop with Cicely Gill.
More info
In our August issue:
  • Up date on MPA designations
  • The economics of inshore fisheries
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