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Communities too dependant on shellfish: why we need to put the fish back into fisheries

Howarth image from York University.Leigh Howarth from the University of York has spent the last three summers conducting research in the Lamlash Bay No Take Zone. As part of his research he and his colleagues at York have considered the history and fate of the Clyde and similar fisheries worldwide. Their recently published paper describes why our increasing reliance on shellfish monocultures may be extremely risky for fishing communities. COAST has long-argued for restoration measures (such as the proposed south Arran MPA) supporting a properly managed and more resilient mixed-fishery. The current absence of good management in the Clyde effectively locks local communities into a dangerous dependency on a monoculture.
Illustration copyright University of York. Otters photo above copyright: Arthur Duncan, taken on Arran
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Support Arran COmmunity Marine ReserveArran MPA public meeting

Please join us on the 20th June Ormidale Pavilion at 7pm to learn more about the MPA and watch underwater film footage by Howard Wood
Visit MPA facebook page.
COAST annual report
Brodick beach with fishing boats

Marine video links

(COAST requires a Marine Video Editor (voluntary) for 1 or 2 months to edit and create short films in support of COAST's proposed marine protected area.)

Infographic by Ocean 2012
Ending Overfishing
Doug Anderson BBC1
Wild Cameramen at Work
Marine Conservation Society: make a video and share why you love Scotland's seas and support MPAs.
Save Scotland's Seas
Caring for Reef and Shore
Fisherman and Diver viewpoints
World Deepest Living FIsh
London Natural History Museum new exhibition.
Extinction Not the end of the world?

Scorpion Fish

Species of the month

The long-spined sea scorpion (Taurulus bubalis) is a common bottom-dweller in the shallow waters and rockpools of Northern Europe (down to 50m), but surprisingly hard to find! Possessing an impressive ability to adapt to the surrounding colours, this master of camouflage knows how to blend in to wait for its prey of small crustaceans and fish, which are swallowed whole with a single gulp.  Read more

COAST Summer events

- 20th May – 26th June: Workshops with Arran primary schools to trial the Marine Education Resource (MER) Pack
- 8-30th June (selected weekends): Lucky-draw winners take part in the British Ecological Society family discovery days
- 15th July: COAST/NTS Kildonan scramble
- 2nd August: COAST/NTS scramble at the No Take Zone
- 8-10th August: Tale of the Whale craft workshop in Lamlash with Cicely and Rosie
- 10th August: 5 year anniversary of the No Take Zone - Beach event
- 16th August: COAST/NTS Kildonan scramble

Look out for more details and additional events on upcoming COAST newsletters, social media and notices around Arran!
Fishy Facts

Fishy facts

COAST brings you a few topical statistics and factual nuggets from the marine news...
July: Scottish MPA network public consultation begins.
£29,000 fine for undersized scallops in the Clyde. Read More
52% decline in Prawn catch for the first 4 months of 2013. Read More
5 - Why not take 5 pieces of Rubbish off the beach every time you walk on it?
£110 Million a year - UK Prawn catches.
7 countries get marketing authorisation for fish anaesthetic.
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100,000  Recreational angling jobs in Europe Read More
Several billion euros - economic activity generated by recreational sea angling in Europe. Read More

Doug and Don

BBC wild about COAST Ambassador Doug Anderson

Doug Anderson, who made COAST film The Bay featured in Monday night's BBC Wild Camermen at Work series. Doug along with COAST co-founder Don MacNeish became COAST's first ambassadors last week.
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Watch on BBC iplayer
Diver collecting scallops

Realising the benefits of Arran's MPA

An increasing number of case studies from around the world are outlining the economic benefits that Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) can bring to local communities.
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The worth of recreational sea angling

Solway angling worth more than Wickerman festival

 In Dumfries and Galloway sea angling generates more revenue than the popular Wickerman rock festival. Story by Lewis Cowie of the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network.
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RIB around Holyisle

British Ecological Society Discovery Days

Names were picked out of a hat last week from the many Arran schools applicants wishing to go on a marine educational boat trip around Lamlash Bay and Holy Isle followed by a rock pool scramble on the shore. 
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Katie catches the early tides

Katie Thomson COASTS Marine Projects Assistant on placement from Glasgow University took advantage of the painfully early morning tides to begin an intertidal study on different beaches around the Island.
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Save Seil Sound

Campaign against proposed fish farm development at Seil Sound.
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Scottish Parliment

Arran MPA discussed at Holyrood

The committee for Rural Affairs Climate Change and the Environment invited COAST and other stakeholders to give evidence on the MPA process. The meeting which COAST’s Manager Andrew Binnie attended was held at Holyrood on 1 May.  Read More.
Holy Isle Walk

Holy Isle ramble

Andrew Binnie explained COAST's marine plans whilst the group enjoyed a walk over the summit and along the shore of Holy Isle as part of Arran Mountain Festival. Look at photos and text from co-leader Lucy Wallace from Wild on Arran.
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Quater cran herring measuring basket

Scottish fishing baskets project

The Quater Cran basket pictured above was used to weigh herring. Do you know of any traditional baskets used in Arran for fishing or other purposes? If so please let us know.
Read more about fishing basketry
Ocean 2012 Transforming European Fisheries

Ocean 2012 update on CFP.

A political agreement has been reached between the European Parliament, Council and Commission which will lead to a substantial reform of the Common Fisheries Policy.  Read More
Ann and Jo with Merpack

COAST class-tests marine pack

Ann Hume  with assistance from Jo Totty has been working hard to develop COAST’s Marine Education Resource pack (MERpack). We are now class testing it in Arran's Primary Schools . Read More
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Thank you for reading COAST’s 28th newsletter. We hope you are looking forward to the next edition - due in August!

Coming in the next newsletter:
- MPA public consultation
- More summer events and ways to support Arran's MPA

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