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Arran Marine Reserve Gathers Pace

Curly Octopus Logo Gravel sea cucumber COAST’s proposal for a South Arran Marine Protected Area (MPA) to be known as the Arran Community Marine Reserve gathered more pace over Easter. At the first of a series of spring and summer events over 100 children and family groups attended a beach fun day. This was aimed at increasing awareness of our fragile marine environment and the need for an MPA. Our new MPA mascot, the curled octopus was also on show. Further outdoor events, talks and drop in sessions will be held over the summer. These will complement MPA information leaflets, marine habitat posters to be placed around the island, a new MPA facebook page and a new MPA web page. The posters, events and forums will give Arran residents and visitors lots of opportunities to give us their feedback on the proposal. Read more about COAST's concerns about the MPA process below and recent damage to the gravel sea cucumber beds pictured above
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Marine video links

Marine video links

The Arran Outdoor Education Centre webcam overlooks Lamlash Bay No Take Zone

The Secret Life of Plankton.  New videography techniques have opened up the oceans' microscopic ecosystem, revealing it to be both mesmerizingly beautiful and astoundingly complex.

Wierd Fish Marine Reserve  by National Geographic

Investigating Lamlash Bay Marine Reserve
Dramatic drop down video camera surveys
Squid Eggs

Squid eggs

This issue's species of the month is the common squid (Alloteuthis subulata). Perhaps more often seen on the dinner plate than in the sea, squid are actually a common visitor to UK shores where they come to breed in the summer. Nonetheless, egg cases belonging to the common squid made for a surprising find by researchers from the University of York after analysing thousands of photos of the seafloor here in Lamlash Bay. 
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Tuna Fisheries

Tuna farming

Zabdi Keen, COAST's newsletter editor recently met a tuna fisherman from South Australia where tuna are caught and farmed in vast purse seine nets, a practice which prevents them reproducing. The links below shed some light on this industry.
Australian Gov Bluefin Tuna
Changing Tuna - Greenpeace
Do draft regulations on dolphin-safe tuna labeling go far enough?
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If you buy Tuna please ensure it is caught by rod and line.

Fishy Facts

Fishy facts

COAST brings you a few topical statistics and factual nuggets from the marine news....
1st July: Scottish MPA network public consultation begins.
Feb to June: Socio- economic impact studies of proposed MPAs.
£8 million: Taxpayers money has resulted in just 31 out of a proposed 127 Marine conservation zones in England going ahead. Read More
1,172 % leap in three years. Record salmon exports to far East. Read More
50 million: number of doses of Norvax® Compact PD vaccine supplied to salmon farmers. Read More
1 Sperm Whale: in Oban bay.
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50,000 king prawns: sold in the UK annually. Supermarkets challenged on possible use of unsustainable feed.
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3 Sea loch surveys: funded by Marine Scotland to investigate flame shell beds.
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Arran Mountain Festival

COAST's Holy Isle mountain walk

Book now and join COAST's walk on Holy Isle. Walk leaders will give you a fascinating insight into Arran's pioneering No Take Zone and it's amazing underwater life.
Coast Office Crew

Team COAST expands

COAST announces changes and appoitments to our dynamic team of marine activists.
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COAST's summer of science

COAST is gearing up for another busy summer of research with students visiting from the University of York, Glasgow and Western England as well as on-going survey work to be conducted by Seasearch divers.  (Diver's lead donations welcome).
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Easter COASTScavenger hunt

Easter scavenger hunt

Kids had great fun hunting for objects washed up on the shore (including chocolate eggs) as part of our Easter MPA awareness raising event. See our gallery of photos here!
Hermit Crab

The analysis after the dive

PhD researcher Leigh Howarth describes the scientific analysis behind each dive.  New species discovered in Lamlash Bay makes the hours of video and photo analysis worthwhile (Pic shows hermit crab with rag worm circled).
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Arran in the snow

Arran in the snow

A late spring blizzard cut electric supplies and blocked roads marooning some villages for several days. View COAST's snow gallery.
Diver lead weights wanted

COAST needs your lead!

Do you have diver lead weights (or just lead) you would like to donate to COAST? With a doubling of research divers arriving on Arran this summer, we need to increase our stock of lead weights. if you can help please e-mail Howard.
Lowri Evans in boat

Promising results from the NTZ

MSc student Lowri Evans's research provides evidence for healthier benthic communities inside the Lamlash Bay No Take Zone compared to unprotected sites, following four years of protection.
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Sea angling past and present

Angling then and now

How has sea angling changed around the coast of Arran? Marine groups campaign for better management of the Clyde and bigger catches for anglers.
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Fishing ground closure

Cod spawning grounds

Every year from 14th Feb - 30th April the Sea Fish (Prohibited Methods of Fishing) (Firth of Clyde)
Order prohibits fishing for sea fish by any method. This is to protect cod spawning grounds in the Clyde.
However the prohibition does not apply to scallop dredging or bottom trawling. Both types of gear damage nursery and feeding grounds for cod. This highlights the need for coherent area management of Clyde fisheries. Read the 2012 order below.

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If you have enjoyed reading this newsletter and feel supportive of COAST, please get in touch. Our work to date has been made possible by charitable funding, government grants, individual donations and a lot of voluntary time and effort. If you would like to offer any financial support, you can donate via the website. Alternatively feel free to contact us at Thanks to David from for his fantastic fish Kite photo used in this months newsletter.

Thank you for reading COAST’s 27th newsletter. We hope you are looking forward to the next edition - due in June!

Coming in next month's newsletter:
- More ways you can help the proposed South Arran MPA
- Find out about our marine worksheets for schools

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