What is Dyslexia?  What isn’t Dyslexia?

By Tracy Paskiewicz, Ph.D.

Do you know a Jordan?  Jordan is one of the brightest children in his second grade classroom.  He has an extensive vocabulary and knows many facts about science and hockey, his favorite sport.  He can even tell you about the last several Stanley Cup playoff games, and who won each year.  But when it comes to reading about hockey—or anything else—Jordan has a lot of trouble.  It takes him a long time to read each word, and even longer to read full sentences.  He often takes a guess about how to pronounce a word, and his guess is often wrong.  Reading out loud is very stressful for Jordan.  He gets embarrassed and may start to cry when his teacher calls on him to read.

Reading ability is often taken as a marker of one’s intelligence.  Most people assume that if someone is smart, motivated, and properly instructed, she or he will learn to read.  However, decades of research has shown that even some very smart people who do well at many things, have trouble learning to read.  This difficulty with reading is called dyslexia.

Contrary to popular belief, dyslexia is not a disorder of the visual system.  Traditionally, letter and word reversals were thought to be typical of dyslexic reading.  Eye training was often prescribed to overcome these alleged visual deficits.  But, modern research has shown that children with dyslexia are not unusually prone to reversing letters or words and that the cognitive deficit responsible for the disorder is related to the language system. 

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Lifestyle Changes for Everyone

by Tracey Smith

My name is Tracey Smith, and I am the owner of Wellness W.R.K.S. LLC. I have been a member of The Resiliency Center for five years. A Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, I provide group facilitation for teens, women, and behavioral healthcare professionals. Recreation is my therapy. With enthusiasm, creativity and passion, we at Wellness W.R.K.S. LLC are committed to promoting wellness, recreation and conflict transformation though the creative and healing arts. Our desire is to empower participants to make desired lifestyle changes. Our vision is to assist participants in increasing their awareness of healing strategies and techniques for different levels of burden. We do this through workshops, trainings and individual transformation sessions.

Wellness W.R.K.S. LLC was born out of the need to integrate strength based, interactive holistic programing into the behavioral health/healthcare healing processes, as well as providing wellness education to the community. As a Recreational Therapist, I have extensive experience in behavioral health and healthcare. In various settings there was an observable imbalance in the medical model treating ‘patients’ as their illness and not as a person with particular symptoms.

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Featured Events

Inspired Family: A Mindful Parenting Conference

Saturday, 3/22, 9am- 5:30pm

The Resiliency Center is proud to be one of the sponsors for the upcoming Inspired Family Parenting Conference at Temple University Student Center

At the conference, The Resiliency Center’s own Brittiney George will be presenting a workshop on “Using Touch to Help Reduce Stress for You and Your Baby”.  Research has shown that touch during periods of stress can slow down the heart, slow down blood pressure, slow down the release of stress hormones, and facilitate growth hormones and gastric mobility. Touch/massage can calm the nervous system and positively impact health while helping to deepen the bond between parent and child  In this workshop, Brittiney will be exploring different touch strokes and their effect on the nervous system (stimulating vs. soothing). She will explain what intentional touch means and the value of asking permission in touch. Brittiney will also discuss the long term impacts of healthy touch on the growing child. The conference is an opportunity for parents and families to take part in 48 different workshops while meeting other families and local vendors. 

» Visit www.inspiredfamily.us/ for tickets and information
Brittiney George, BS, CRS, CEIM, is a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist and Infant Massage Educator. At The Center, Brittiney offers Restorative Pilates classes, Infant Massage Education Courses, and individual Rubenfeld sessions. Her focus within her Rubenfeld practice is working with highly sensitive women who have been sidelined by chronic pain or reoccurring injuries. Brittiney helps her clients move past feelings of isolation and disconnection by helping them find ways to be empowered by their bodies. Contact her at 610-389-7866 or movebackintolife@gmail.com.

Offerings from Dr. Tetlow


A Free 20-Minute Consultation

We have a new offering for potential patients: A free 20-minute in-person consultation with Dr. Tetlow. Do you know anyone who may be intrigued by Integrative Medicine but doesn't know where to start? Now they can meet with Dr. Tetlow to discuss their health and wellness goals to decide their next step. We have a range of programs that include free and lower priced programs in order to remain accessible to all community members. As a conventionally trained doctor of physical medicine, fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine, Dr. Tetlow cares for a variety of chronic illnesses, including illness and pain related to autoimmune and gastrointestinal conditions.

Support Your Self-Care with Educational Events

At Philadelphia Integrative Medicine, we combine the best of conventional and alternative medicine to inspire and give you tools to care for yourself and be well. As part of our educational tools to inspire your self-care, we have an Integrative Medicine Self-Care Series coming up at Moyo-Yoga.

Walk the Path, Love Yourself Now - Finding lifestyle choices that don't just bring you health, but joy as well.

At Moya Yoga on Saturday, 3/8, 2-5pm

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» Call us at 888.702.7974 ext. 2 if you have any questions or suggestions. Let us know how we can best support you!
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Upcoming Events & Programs

Meditate and Create!

Sunday 3/2, 1-3 pm

Get grounded through guided meditation followed by art making. Focus in meditation, put your focus into form, and take your artwork home for continued reflection.  No art skills required! Some supplies provided, or you bring your own.

» To Register: 
Reach Bethany Stiltner, ATR-BC, at 610-247-7935 or

Register Online.

Vibration and Vision!

Saturdays (every other week) 3/1, 3/15, 3/29, 4/12, 4/26,
1:30 pm–3:00 pm.
$15 Suggested donation. 

Drum your vision for the “change you wish to see.”  Send out your vision through vibration and prepare for a powerful shift of energy. No music skills required!! Bring your drum, shaker, or other sound maker! (some provided). 

» To Register: 
Reach Bethany Stiltner, ATR-BC, at 610-247-7935 or

Register Online.

Healthcare Professionals Networking Breakfast

Wednesday, 3/5, 9-10:30 am, Cost: $10
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Group Tapping Session

Wednesday, 3/26, 7-8 pm
Cost: $10

Join Delia Nessim, MFT, as she shares EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), a powerful energy tool to release stress and emotions that get trapped in the body. Each participant will get an opportunity to work on a topic of their choosing (pain relief, resentment, anger, etc.).  The rest of the group can borrow benefits by tapping along. 

» RSVP by calling 610-416-7535, emailing Delia at delianessim@gmail.com or registering online

Philadelphia Writer’s Workshop

Tuesdays, 7-10 pm

2014 Workshop Sessions
10 Weeks for $400
Spring 2014 (9 weeks/$360) March 25; April 1, 8, 22, 29; May 6, 13, 20, 27. 
Sit in on a Tuesday-night workshop for FREE (by appointment).  
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Restorative Pilates

Tuesdays at 12pm
 No Class 3/4/2014
» Pre-registration required

Rumi and Hafiz:
Reading and Discussion

Wed. 3/19, 7:30-9:30 pm 
» Please RSVP

The Creative Writers Group

2nd Wednesday 3/12, 7-9pm
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Laughter Yoga

Mondays, 10 am 
» Pre-Registration Required

Morning Meditation

Mondays, 8:30-9:30 am

Evening Meditation

Thursdays, 7:30-8:30 pm

Qi Gong Classes 

Thursdays, 2:00 and 6:15 pm

Knitting Circle

Saturday, 3/8, 10-11:30am
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