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Welcoming Prosperity, Welcoming Love
A Message from Elizabeth Venart, LPC, Resiliency Center Director
In preparing for the next series of practice-building workshops I’ll be offering this Spring, I found myself reflecting on the topic of prosperity and the internal blocks that so many skilled healthcare professionals encounter as they start, shift, expand, and grow their practices.

Working individually and in groups with practitioners, I hear a wide array of inner block experiences, and several themes emerge.
They include fears about scarcity and competition, guilt and confusion about whether or not it is okay to earn a comfortable living as a healer, and worries about whether it is possible to be prosperous doing work one truly LOVES.  While there are always practical considerations in growing a practice (location, startup costs, defining your specific niche, etc.), these details are rarely the places where people get stuck. Instead, the deepest blocks typically present as a crisis of faith. Here, faith can refer to faith in oneself, one’s skills, and one’s unique way of helping. It can also be understood as faith in God, the Universe, or one’s personal sense of spirituality or meaning.

Those in private practice need faith that when they offer their heart, skills, and deepest passion, the world will support and receive them well.
When we step forward out of fear, instead of love, we may move tentatively, creating only half of the life we envision or trusting our heads more than our hearts and designing a practice that “makes sense” but leaves us feeling bored, drained, uninspired, or burned out. Or, when listening to fear, we may not move at all.
Reflecting on this topic as I sat outside enjoying this warm Sunday, some words from the Sufi poet Hafiz came to mind. Hafiz challenges us to surrender to love, to see the divine in ourselves, and to engage our sense of play through dance, song, and laughter. Two poems in particular were moving through my mind as I enjoyed the flowering trees, sunshine, and light breeze today . . .
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Wishing you peace, joy, and prosperity,
Creating a Thriving Practice Program Series
Wednesdays, 9:00 am – 11:00 am

This six part series of two-hour group workshops provides practitioners with the ingredients necessary to build a successful private practice. Attend one program – or the entire series – and see the difference the right information, fresh perspectives, and community support make.

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Letting Your Passion Guide You
May 9th

Tapping into the aspects of your work where you feel the most passion provides a blueprint for how to grow your practice in a way you will find meaningful and energizing. In this first part of the six-part workshop series on building a prosperous practice, you'll have fun exploring what you love in your work and what makes you - and your approach - unique and memorable.

Reframing Marketing – and Breaking through Barriers to Prosperity
May 16th

Growing a business is difficult when we have associations for marketing that just don't fit with how we see ourselves as healers. We'll explore current misconceptions, spiritual understandings of prosperity, and some new perspectives on marketing that allow practitioners to be authentic and energized as they grow their practices.

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