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EMDR Training Coming in 2011!
New Dates! Sign Up Now!
Weekend 1: March 25-27
Weekend 2: July 15-17
**The 10 required hours of consultation are provided by Trainer Barb Maiberger between weekends one and two.

Transform your practice by bringing the deep healing work of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to your client sessions.
EMDRIA-Certified Trainer Barb Maiberger will be coming from Boulder, Colorado to The Resiliency Center in 2011 to provide the two-part EMDR training. She published the valuable resource, EMDR Essentials: A Guide for Therapists and Clients, to offer support and insight for those entering EMDR therapy. Her trainings integrate mindfulness and somatic awareness with EMDR for maximum impact.

Complete Training Package for only $1400, including all 10 required consultation hours!
In addition to the many benefits you’ll receive by participating in this creative, small group, hands-on training, trainer Barb Maiberger provides both training weekends and all ten required consultation hours as part of her complete training package – for only $1400! In contrast, the EMDR Institute training in Philadelphia in April 2011 costs nearly $1600 – and their training does NOT include the cost for the ten hours of required consultation! This adds up to a discount of up to $1500 less than the EMDR Institute's training this Spring!

Only 12 spaces available, so reserve your space today!
Register online through Barb’s website. Call or email Elizabeth Venart, Training Coordinator at The Resiliency Center, with questions at 215-542-5004 or

Featured Practitioner Linda Baker
Classical homeopathy is a safe, effective system of natural medicine that is used by millions of people worldwide. It was developed over 200 years ago by the German physician, Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathy follows certain established principles of natural healing and has hundreds of years of homeopathic research (called "provings"). Recent controlled trials have also shown it to be effective for a number of conditions. Classical homeopathy is both scientifically validated and intuitively coherent.

Homeopathy is based on the principle that "like cures like." That is, if a substance can cause symptoms of disease in a healthy person, then it can cure a sick person suffering from similar symptoms. Homeopathy regards symptoms as the body's attempt to restore itself to balance (or homeostasis). A homeopath will choose a remedy that supports the symptoms — rather than opposing them or suppressing them as in conventional medicine. For example, Allium cepa, a homeopathic remedy prepared from onions is very effective for allergies when the symptoms include watery eyes and nose.

Homeopathy recognizes that each person manifests illness in a unique and slightly different way, so two people with the same illness will not necessarily receive the same treatment. A homeopath chooses a remedy that matches a person's unique symptom profile — including physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

According to a second law of homeopathy, the medicines are given in extremely dilute amounts, just enough to stimulate a healing response without producing any side effects.  It’s not difficult to learn enough basics about homeopathy to treat yourself and family members for acute illnesses and injuries.  Treatment of chronic disease is much more complicated and it’s best to consult with a professional homeopath.

Linda Baker MD CCH is a board certified pediatrician and certified classical homeopath who practices in Flourtown.  She sees both children and adults for homeopathic treatment.  She also offers holistic pediatric consultations, combining her experience in pediatrics with knowledge of homeopathy, herbs, nutrition and other holistic therapies to help children with developmental problems and chronic disease.  She is committed to educating families to help themselves to better health naturally. 

To learn more or to schedule an appointment call her at 215-247-4400 or E-mail her at  See her website at
Letting Your Passion Guide You: A Practice Building Workshop
Wed., 1/19, 7-8:30 pm
In this interactive, strength-building workshop, you’ll learn how your passion offers the best guide for building a prosperous and rewarding business. Through visualization, writing, and discussion, you will create a road map and goals for getting your practice from where it is now to where you dream it to be. Creating a Thriving Practice Program Series led by Resiliency Center Founder and Director Elizabeth Venart. Contact Elizabeth at 215-542-5004 or to register for the program today! More information available at

Creating the 2011 Strategic Plan for your Business
Sat., 2/5, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
The only surefire way to grow your business is to have a clear vision for prosperity and then create goals and a plan that advances it in that direction. Learn concrete strategies for creating a thriving practice – and thriving in the process of creating it. Creating a Thriving Practice Program Series led by Resiliency Center Founder and Director Elizabeth Venart. This program includes interactive activities, practical resources, and an opportunity to connect with colleagues in healthcare and healing arts professions. Space is limited, so register early! Contact Elizabeth with questions and to sign up at 215-542-5004 or Learn more at

Professional Networking Breakfasts
Wednesday, 1/5, 9:00 am
Mark your calendar and plan to join us every 1st Wednesday of the month for our free networking breakfasts. They provide a relaxed and enjoyable opportunity to connect with healthcare and healing arts practitioners from a variety of professional backgrounds, to share your expertise and passion for the work, and to make meaningful contacts in growing your practice.
> Learn more or RSVP
> Or call Elizabeth Venart at 215-542-5004.

Join our Online Community!
While we love connecting in person, our online community forum provides an opportunity to discuss topics and share resources from the convenience of our individual offices or homes. Join us and tell us about your practice, discuss what keeps you resilient in the work, and share favorite resources. It is a wonderful way to continue the dialogues begun at the monthly networking breakfasts, to announce new groups and workshops, and to share news about exciting new ventures in your practice. We look forward to seeing you there!

Featured Practitioners & Resources for Healing
Each month we highlight a practitioner and provide information about their approach – so that you can learn more about the resources available for yourself and your clients.  The practitioners may be someone in the counseling field or an allied professional. If you are interested in being featured in our monthly newsletter, please send a short profile along with your interests, areas of specialization, and contact information to Elizabeth Venart, Resiliency Center Director, at
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