The Magic of Connection to Create a Happy Life

by Katie K. May

Do you believe that you have the power to make life magical?
The truth is, you have infinite possibilities to create the life you really want and even YOU can create a life of happiness and success, no matter what your starting point.  The first step is believing that you have it within your power to make this change.  
A few weeks ago, I took my family on a vacation to Orlando with big plans to visit Universal Studios and Harry Potter Wizarding World.  With magic on my mind, we hustled through the airport to our gate, all the while expressing gratitude and excitement for the trip we were about to take.  
Upon arriving at our departure gate, we were told that our tickets had been upgraded to first class! (Insert celebration selfie immediately posted to Instagram here!)  We chatted the whole plane ride, enjoying lots of leg room while eating blueberry breakfast cakes and drinking our beverages out of actual glasses.  Imagine my surprise when my 8-year-old wanted to talk the whole time instead of burying his head in a video game!  (Yay connection!). . . . 

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Katie K. May is a Licensed Therapist with a passion for fostering connection, empowerment and skill-building in her therapy groups.  Katie offers a Teen Therapy Group, a Teen DBT Group and a Teen Girls Self-Love & Empowerment Group at The Resiliency Center.  

For more information on Katie’s services, please visit her website at

The importance of connection

By Anjana Deshpande

“I am so happy when I am in my yard” my neighbor across the street yelled.  She was in her element: dirt on her hands, saplings by her side, and the sun pouring all around her. She looked rooted, connected.  
Connection tells us where we belong, where our place in the world is. Strong connections lead to strong roots. But the most profound connection is the one we have with our self.  Not being in touch with who we are, changes our relationship to almost everything that we are trying to engage with. We may be surrounded by family, friends, work but still feel a sense being ungrounded, of not being rooted.  Sometimes the disconnect with self is a way of numbing pain, of not dealing with something from our past, or sometimes it is simply a  lack of access to our inner reserves.  Not being connected to ourselves may lead to issues like depression, but when we try to numb our feelings, we also shut down a creative and joyful part of ourselves. Life becomes flat, boring and devoid of joy.  As we constantly put ourselves on the back burner and cater to the world outside, we forget that we have a tremendous capacity to nurture ourselves.  
How does one reconnect then?  Many people instinctively take to writing to reflect on what is going on, to literally “hear themselves think”. The pages of a journal are a great way to recharge and reconnect.  If you don’t know where to begin, here is a simple exercise. . . .

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Anjana Deshpande is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in working with Adolescents, Adults and Older Adults.

Please contact Anjana Deshpande, LCSW at or 267-422-2861

Featured Programs on Connection

Teen DBT Summer Camp

June 27 - 30, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Do you have a teen with anxiety, depression, or self-harm behaviors?  This week-long summer camp will provide teens with actionable coping skills to help them manage difficult emotions.  Camp will include a daily group, along with activities like yoga, meditation, drumming, nature walks and a health and wellness seminar.  Camp will showcase a variety of practitioners and is a truly unique a retreat for teens!  And, it’s the only one of its kind in the area.  

Enrollment is by application only. Three spaces remain, and enrollment closes May 4th.  

» Apply here

Connecting to Self-Compassion (A CEM Workshop)

Monday 5/23, 7-8:30 pm
Join Brittiney George and Alix Amar for the last CEM workshop before summer break on connecting to self-compassion.  Connection, Expression and Movement Workshops (CEM) are monthly bodymind integration workshops that include elements of movement, art, and/or various forms of meditation. For questions contact Brittiney George at or visit

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Most Radiant You- A Self Expression and Empowerment Group for Teens

Now Enrolling. Begins July 11, 2016
This 8 week program will teach tools to manage stress, build self-worth, and gain skills for self-expression and communication. Utilizing the chakra energy system and yogic traditions we will build awareness of the mind, body, and spirit connection to enhance the development of these skills.

» For more information, visit this website or contact John Muraco and Elizabeth Campbell at 315-329-9838.

Cancellations for May

  • No Qigong on May 5
  • No Meditation on May 12 or May 16

Book Recommendations on Connection

Leveraging the Universe

by Mike Dooley

Are you ready to go from fear to freedom?  Best selling author, Mike Dooley shares exactly how - in spite of DOUBT, UNCERTAINTY and NO LIGHT at the end of the tunnel - he prevailed (and he lays out how anyone else can do the same). It includes in-depth visualization guidelines, easy belief-alignment techniques, and the 7 steps you can follow to get unstuck.  

This is THE book to help you reconnect to yourself, your purpose and your inner power that’s just waiting to emerge!
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Your Health: A Support Circle

Thursdays, 12-1:15 pm
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Becoming Your Own Best Friend
Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Therapy Group

Mondays, 11-12 noon
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The Greater Philadelphia Holistic Parents Meetup

2nd Saturday of the month, 1-3pm
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Sound Meditation and Relaxation Experience

Every other Sunday at 7 pm
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DBT Skills Group

Tuesdays at 7:30 pm
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Rumi and Hafiz Poetry Evening

Monthly on Wednesdays, 7:30 pm
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Rest, Restore, and Move Class

Every other Tuesday at 12 pm
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EMDR Consultation Group for Therapists

Monthly on Friday at 8:30 am
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EMDR International Association Regional Network Meetings

Every other month on Fridays
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LPC Supervision Group for Therapists

2 Wednesdays per month at 5:30 pm
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Interstitial Cystitis/Pelvic Pain Support Group

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Teen Group Therapy Circle

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Philadelphia Writers Workshop

Tuesdays, 7-10 pm
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Morning Meditation

Mondays at 8:30 am
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Evening Meditation

Thursdays at 7:30 pm
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Qi Gong Classes

Thursdays at 2:00 and 6:15 pm
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Knitting Circle

Monthly on Saturdays
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