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Holiday Hugs: Supporting Yourself this Holiday Season
Holidays can be a stressful time for many people. Juggling schedules, finances, and expectations can be challenging and often leave many of us depleted. So instead of waiting for January 1st to make your New Year’s resolution, start taking care of yourself today. Check in with your body and listen to what it needs. Maybe it is to dance, to sing, to create something, to move or stretch, to take a moment to breathe a little deeper, or to just rest. Whatever it is that fuels your soul, take some time each day to honor it.  It can be as little as 10 minutes of intentional listening.  After all, when you are tuned in and attending to your needs, you are that much more available for those you love. 

I recently spent 3 marvelous days with parents and their babies in an infant massage education class. The parents learned to listen to their babies and offer gentle touch in response. The power was not in the massage, but in the intention behind the touch. By respecting the cues they were receiving from their baby, the bond that developed between parent and child deepened. As adults, we also crave this kind of loving attention, especially in today’s world of increased isolation that technology and jam packed schedules provides. So this December, hug a friend, hug a child, hug a loved one, and most importantly hug yourself by listening to the wisdom of your body as it tells you what it needs. 

For more information on deepening your bodymind connection, contact Brittiney George, BS, CSS
As a Rubenfeld Certified Somatic Synergist and Certified Pilates Instructor, Brittiney combines her knowledge of movement with Rubenfeld's method of talk and gentle touch to help you discover how amazing you and your body truly are!

For questions or to schedule a session please contact Brittiney George at 610-389-7866 or via e-mail at

Featured Events
Free Infant Massage Class Series
Sundays 1:30-3:00 pm: Dec 2, 9,16, Jan 6, 13
Wednesdays 1-2:30: Dec 5, 12,19, Jan 9, 16

Become a Certified Infant Massage Educator and help parents use nurturing touch and communications to feel closer to their babies, reduce colic and fussing, sleep better, and facilitate long-term, positive emotional development.

A 5-week infant massage class series will be offered starting in December. Infant Massage is a wonderful way to experience how your baby communicates with you.  Research shows that infant massage can help relieve discomfort from gas and colic, promote bonding, stimulate brain development, and possibly help the baby sleep deeper and longer. Parents massage their own baby and will learn new strokes each class.  Classes will be in small groups of 4 and is for babies up to one year of age. Brittiney George, a practitioner at the Center, and a Student Infant Massage Educator, will be running the classes.  Registration is required: For more information or to register contact Brittiney George @ 610-389-7866 or via e-mail at

Interstitial Cystitis & Pelvic Pain Support Group
Wednesdays, 7-9pm for 6 sessions

December 5 
Guest speaker topic: “Patient in Remission / Success Story”

December 19
Guest speaker topic: “Relationship and Intimacy Issues w/ IC/ Pelvic Pain”

This group is for connecting with others who have various pelvic pain conditions or chronic bladder pain, urgency and frequency. Group includes support, resources, speakers, relaxation and stress reduction techniques. To learn more and register for the group, contact Kathy Krol @

By Dean Solon

Sitting straight, without being rigid, allowing the body to be firmly...and lightly...planted on the earth, your eyes closing gently, your hands resting easily, your heart softening, your mind lightening.  sensing your body, allowing a softening of any tension(s).  letting go of any thoughts and any plans.

as much as is possible, let your natural breathing guide you into simple presence...maintaining gentle, nonjudgmental awareness, moment after moment...allowing, spontaneously, a shifting from doing to being...

there is no right or wrong here, no success or failure, just exploring...just being...allowing your presence to accommodate, to include, whatever is arising...

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Dean Solon began to meditate over 40 years ago, after a series of experiences—external and internal—had led him to question the assumptions underlying his life.  Since that time, he has continued with a meditation practice, sitting twice a day, every day.  He has studied many of the world wisdom traditions, with particular emphasis on the teachings of the Buddha and Jesus, and in the shamanic and Sufi traditions. For the past four years he has been leading free weekly morning and evening meditation groups at the Resiliency Center.  For more information on Dean and his meditation classes, please contact him at

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EMDR Training
Returns in 2013

Save the Dates!
April 24-26, 2013 & August 2-4, 2013
Join Barb Maiberger, an EMDRIA Approved Provider of the Basic EMDR Training, for this amazing, hands-on, comprehensive training and consultation experience. Learn more by contacting Elizabeth Venart, EMDRIA Regional Coordinator, at 215-542-5004 or

Upcoming Programs

Rumi Poetry Reading & Discussion
Wednesday, 12/19, 7 pm
Laughter Yoga, Mondays, 10 am

Healthcare Professionals Networking Breakfast
Wednesday 12/5, 9 – 10:30 am
The Creative Writer’s Group, 
2nd Wednesday 12/12, 7 – 9 pm
Please RSVP

Women’s Personal Growth Group, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 9:30am

For more info or to inquire about joining, contact Elizabeth Venart at 215-542-5004 or

Male Sexual Abuse Survivors Group
Thursdays at 1:30 pm
Pre-group interview required. 
> Contact Jeff Katowitz, LMFT at or Elizabeth Venart, LPC at to learn more

The Philadelphia Writer’s Workshop, Tuesdays, 7-10 pm
10-Week Winter workshop begins Jan 8
More Info

Morning Meditation
Mondays, 8:30 - 9:30 am

Evening Meditation
Thursdays, 7:30 - 8:30 pm

Qi Gong Classes
Thursdays, 2:00 and 6:15 pm

Knitting Circle
Second Saturday, 11/10

> Learn more about these programs and more on The Resiliency Center's events page and online calendar.

Quote of the Month

 “How far you go in life depends on you being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and the strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these.”

-George Washington Carver(1864-1943); Botanist, Agricultural Chemist, Inventor, Educator

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